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Sunday Links: Rocky Edition


Well, we’ve fought the rhetorical battle of Tucson over the last week, and from the polling data, it looks like we have won.  However, the left isn’t going away, so as usual, our victories only lead to the next battle.  No rest for the weary, I guess. As you might guess, my rhetoric has not changed.

At any rate, here are a great set of links for the CH 2.0’s list of friends.  Kindly visit them, and enjoy the Rocky videos.  I know it’s not classic cinema, but it does show an underdog facing impossible odds.

ScratcherMMBI takes issue with Erick Erickson.

The Robot has been short on time, but has left us some Rule 5.

Motor City Times has China’s Economic Bubble.

The Classic Liberal has a post on violence and corruption in politics.

The Daley Gator has a great idea. He also has that Chrissy “Tingles” Matthews, is a racist.

Wyblog shows us what the DHS is doing to protect us. (LOL)

A Conservative Teacher explains why the lefties want him fired.

America’s Watchtower discusses our divisions.

Ol’ Broad has a video that will make you laugh, or cry.

Always on Watch has a take on the memorial services.

Atlas is covering the comments of the new NY Mosque Imam.

Bunkerville has the video that states that the Tea Parties are all about the SEX! That ought to be a great recruiting point, dontcha think?

Harrison is discussing his VW Bus.

Conservatives on Fire has a great guest post.

MK is showing us what government meddling gets you.

Karen has an outstanding post; The Gloves are off.

Fleece Me has a post that confirms what many of us have know all along.

Observation Deck has a great security system sign.

The Observatorium has a great post on civility.

The Blogway Boys have a post about the Dems and GOP sit together during the State of the Union.

The Frugal Cafe Blogger has a post on the continuing improvements in Rep. Gifford’s condition.

Fuzzy has Obama’s midterm report card.

Global Warming: A Worn Out Hoax, urges us to prepare for Global Cooling. They’ll just say that it’s due to the warming.

Innominatus has a post on priorities, and the new liberal product, vitriol.

King Shamus has a post on the apparent stupidity of Rep. King.

Opus has a post about possible “blogger intimidation.”

Labor Union Report has a post on attempts to improve the image of public workers.

Libertarian Advocate has a image that shows that the Dems are about “All Deficit, All the time.”

Liberty at Stake has his agenda.

Lonely Conservative has that Michael Reagan in 1000% smarter than his brother.

Manhattan Infidel interviews Mayor Bloomberg.

Nice Deb is discussing the Palin blamer that was arrested for making death threats.

No Sheeples Here has the Awkward Situation Room.

NoOneOfAnyImport has a post about her life.

Over at Nuke’s place, swampie has posted great videos.

Political Realities has a post on the end of Michael Steele’s tenure at the RNC.

Chillguy33 has some lefty hypocrisy.

Randy has a great weather alert (offensive language alert). Guess they could use some AGW up there. Wonder where it is?

Reaganite Republican has one of his “Gipper’s Greatest Hits.”

Republican Redefined has Loughner’s first person video.

Right Klik has the fact that insurance execs like ObamaCare

Rjjdqs has a post on Jeb Bush and pandering.

Cmonster has a musical announcement.

Want Cuteness overload? Bunni has it.

The CH was mentioned in the Augur’s picks. Thanks!

Bob Belvedere from TCOTS has some Rule 5, his spot on quote of the week is very spot on. I strongly recommend that you read it.

The Conservative Cloakroom has the latest on Lebanon.

The Conservative Lady has a post on the left’s desire to exploit the Tucson crisis.

The Other McCain is covering the massive irony. He also has a post on Herman Cain.

The Right Opinions has a link post of his own.

The Sentry Journal has a great video from the 50’s, as well as the Anniversary of the Ratification of the Treaty of Paris.

To Be Right has a post on the politicization of the Tucson shootings.

Totus has some improbable pics.

Trestin has a new contributor.

Washington Rebel discusses “Socialist Delusion.”

What Would the Founders Think has an interesting question.

Angel has a post on the Ground Zero Mosque Imam.

Woodsterman has some more Demotivators.

Zilla has an open thread.

The Steelers have already won, so good luck to the others.  Have a great Sunday,  and keep up the good fight, when we take a shot, or even get knocked down.

H/T For the Rocky Theme: Steve at America’s Watchtower.

  • Thanks for the link, Matt. I do appreciate it and the effort you put into these posts.

    I was just trying to watch the videos and the only two that are working are the bottom two. The rest of them say embedding has been disabled. Thought you should know.

    • Thank you Larry, Sorry about the vids, Youtube is infuriating at times.

  • Thank you for the link, Matt.

    I’m so disgusted with how the Left is using the Tucson shootings to further their agenda and to demonize the Right.

    • You’re welcome AOW. It is beyond disgusting. It is yet another lesson on how the left really is.

  • Thanks Matt for the link. It is a lot of work to scour that many great posts.

    • It takes the better part of a day, on and off. Thanks for your post. I needed a good laugh, and you supplied it.

  • Thank you, Matt!

    • Thanks Karen, your post was fantastic.

  • I have always loved Rocky movies. When I was about 10 I had the entire dialog of Rocky IV memorized.

    Thank you for the link.

    • Rocky IV-good choice. My favorite.

  • Thanks for the link and the hat tip. Just like Rocky, we must continue to fight and push forwad, never accepting defeat and we will prevail!

    • It was a great idea. So, thank you.

  • I like the Rocky theme.

    Thanks for the linkage!

    • You’re welcome Steve.

  • I would have to disagree with the Rocky movies not being classic cinema, well at least the first one is in my opinion. Gritty, well written, one of the better boxing movies (which is a classic genre) – I think “Rocky” is a treasure of American cinema.

    Thank you for the link and the effort behind such a long list. One technical note – my link is actually going to Karen Howes link directly above me. Sorry to give you more work, lmao.

    • I can admit that the first movie was a serious film. But, I think that was overlooked since the 3rd and 4th film, in particular, were like live action cartoons. That being said, I liked them.

      I’ll fix your link. With these posts, I do it is spurts, I’ll visit a few, record the links, go do stuff with family, come back to it for a few more, and so on. I think I must have got messed up when I came back to it.

      • Its all good my friend, I was not complaining. Link lists are tough, I almost always forget a blog I wanted to put in the list, or something else goes wrong. I appreciate the effort you put in on yours. =)

  • Jim

    Like Rocky, we have to have a lot of heart. Thanks for the link. You must have found a way to get more than 24 hours out of a day. You’ll have to let us mear mortals in on your secret some day.


    • It’s called sleep deprivation…don’t tell anyone! 😛

  • Matt, you da man.

    But I gotta say…”Aaaaaaaaaaadriennnnnnnnnnne!!!!!!!!”

    • Thanks man…it was a matter of time.

  • Thanks for the link. This must have taken you forever!

    • It takes a while, but it’s well worth it.

  • Hi Matt!

    WOW, just WOW! You sure have a great list of must reads on here.

    I thank you kindly for linking me!
    Enjoy your Long Weekend!

    • Thanks Bunni, but I have no long weekend.

  • Rocky movies were awesome! Thanks for the link Matt. Greatly appreciated.

    • No problem John.

  • Now there are some classic movies right there…
    Thanks for the link man…

    • You’re welcome Mark.

  • Thank you, Matt, for the kind words and the links.

    I don’t know how you find the time to compile them, but I’m thankful you do.

    • I use child labor from an Asian country.

  • Thanks for the link! I’m busy checking out sites I haven’t been to before.

    • Kool Martin. That’s the whole idea.

  • Thanks from a rusty robot to one of the hardest working bloggers I know.

    • Rusty again? Have your forgotten your special medicated oil again?

      Thanks man!