Video: The Responsiblities of American Citizenship


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I discovered this video on YouTube and found it so interesting that I felt it was post worthy. Professor Clifton L. Ganus lectures on the responsibilities of American citizenship and explains what is required of each citizen to preserve the republic.  This video is a bit dated, but it’s extremely relevant to the current national conversation we’re having today about socialism and communism,.  As we witness firsthand the failures of socialism in Europe and South America now more than ever we need to have a national conversation on the merits of these flawed ideologies.   Back in 1955 they appeared to have pretty good handle on the threat they were facing,  How then can we go from treating socialism and communism as the threat they represent to America and our principles to embracing modified forms of both in just 65 years?  How have we strayed this far off the constitutional republic path?  Take some time to watch the the below video.  It’s about ten minutes long but definitely worth it.

The strength is the individual not the collective.  In the next days I’m going to layout why I believe we have so many useful idiots running around promoting socialistic concepts. Perhaps it will help us understand why so many good people have been duped by a corrupt and flawed ideology.

Liberty forever, freedom for all!

  • How have we strayed this far off the constitutional republic path?

    It’s a good video, but its lessons are of a bygone era. We don’t have the same form of government anymore. This is why it is not responsive. This is why left or right, nobody is happy. It’s also why “participating in government” is a fool’s errand, because real change will only come once “We the People” withdraw our consent.

    Who? Tell me who consents to spending over half their annual income on various taxes, to support what exactly, nobody can really say? Who consents to the increased police violence, airport molestations, and endless corporate bailouts?

    The land of our Founders is long gone. Sure, we can gain it back, but not until we fess up to the fact it’s not there anymore. We don’t live in the “land of the free.” Not even close!

    A mere half century ago, the American conservative was proud to declare himself anti-state. Today however, he wimps out to political correctness while wandering the collectivist path of needing a “leader.” Conservatives love the state today, albeit in different ways, every bit as much as the progressive left! Government has become America’s beloved aristocracy. We “honor” a mere office, and cheer for whatever “truth” our “team” declares.

    It’s sad what America has become. A nation built by pioneers now too scared to stand against government. Literally, we’re too scared to criticize, let alone withdraw consent, a government far more tyrannical by any measure, than King George III himself.

    Oh, we’ll criticize “Democrats” or “Republicans,” but the Leviathan itself? That’s crazy. We love our Overlords.

    America is not defined by her government today, anymore than she was defined by King George III in 1776. Government has nothing to do with what made America great. What made America great was a LACK of government …

    FDR and the neocons changed that. They convinced us to love the Leviathan … somehow turning theft, counterfeiting, subsidies, bribes, debt, and war into “virtues.” Think about it … the very essence of government is violence, and it funds itself via theft.

    Thomas Jefferson was right all along. Maybe one of these days we’ll start listening to him:

    The two enemies of the people are criminals and government.

    • Well said CL and I agree with most of what you said here. How we as a people can just roll over and allow this government to trample our rights is beyond me. We have lost our way big time.

  • “Freedom and responsibility”… they are two sides of the same coin, and it’s no coincidence that leftist loathe both.

    And just imagine– a time in which socialism was recognized, identified, and called evil.

    • Indeed Karen. They did have the socialists number. Thanks for the comment.