Sunday Links: UHF Edition


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It’s been another tough week, with lots of extra time spent at work.  So, blogging has been a bit more difficult.  However, the Sunday Link post will get done no matter what.  As for the theme, UHF is one of my favorite movies, and after a tough week, it’s good to have a laugh. So, enjoy the videos, and click on some links.

King Shamus wonders where all the antiwar protests went.

Political Realities is asking of economic recovery is right around the corner.

Manhattan Infidel has an interesting award presentation.

A Conservative Teacher has a post on who might be Sec. of Defense.

The Sentry Journal has the Power of the Moment.

Conservatives on Fire has a guest post.

The Camp of the Saints comments on the political mental illness known as liberalism.

Bunkerville has a video of Van Jones.

America’s Watchtower has a post on Obama doing military tribunal at Gitmo. Where is the rent-a-mob?

Atlas Shrugs has a post on how British children are threatened at school.

Reaganite Republican one of his patented “Gipper’s Greatest Hits” posts.

Bunni has some more from our pal, Foamy the Squirrel.

Present Discontent has a post about virtual economies.

Angel has the info on a Israeli “buycott.”

Trestin’s contributor,Parnell, has a great dialogue.

Harrison explains why he’ll miss Keith Olbermann.

Rjjdqs discusses Congressman’s Issa’s request for help.

MK is discussing that the libs might fund next.

Karen has a great parody video.

ScratcherMMBI has a post about Obama’s weight loss.

The Robot has some great Rule 5.

Motor City Times has a great on increasing domestic energy production.

That’s Right has a post about the abortion/murder doctor.

Forgotten Liberty is back in action, and has a post on the new Tea Party group, and also asks about the rent-a-mob.

Always on Watch has some observations on the left’s ignorance of the Constitution.

Opus has a great cartoon.

Fleece Me raises a great point about belief and fact.

Innominatus has a test that you must take.

Labor Union Report has a post on suing politicians that aren’t bought off.

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Legal Insurrection is pondering the use of race in attacking the Tea Parties.

Jack Wiley Dithers has the scoop on the SOTU.

Lonely Conservative explains the relationship between globull warming and us freezing.

Maggie is discussing Jim Demint’s boycott of CPAC.

Nice Deb has the hypocrisy of the left when it comes to Francis Fox Piven.

No Sheeples Here has an in-depth post on the murder factory in Philadelphia.

NoOneOf AnyImport has a fantastic post on keeping the faith. Really, get over there and read it!

Nuke has the definition, and examples of, “trickeration.”

Political Policy has a book review.

ChillGuy33 has Reagan vs. Obama. I think we all know who wins that one.

Randy has a possible job or Olbermann.

Right Klik has some of the horrendous details from the Philadelphia murder mill.

“After playing with the baby, Williams slit its neck.”

RightLinks is showing us why Global Cooling is upon us.

Spellchek has a great Reagan speech.

You MUST go to Soylent Green to see this!!!

Teresa tells us what Randall Terry is up to, and it might be interesting.

The Augur has a post on the idiotic CNN apology.

The CL has the post, “Salma Hayek in Defense of Clear Thinking.” If that doesn’t make you want to click the link, you have no pulse!

Doug has a post about lefty hate and assassination. He also has the Daley Babes, so check it out.

Conservative Cloakroom has trailers for Iranium.

The De-evolution of Man has a startling conspiracy.

The Other McCain has a posy about the leftist violence that the MSM ignored.

The Right Opinons has a link post of his own. Check it out!!

Totus is Shouting FIRE!

Woodsterman has Newsbusted.

Martin has Federalist No. 14.

Wyblog has the ultimate manifestation of “Choice.”

Zilla is also discussing the Philadelphia murder factory.

Enjoy your Sundays folks.  Go Steelers!

Note: I’ve changed the look of the site a bit.  Feel free to leave feedback.

  • Thanks Matt. Good stuff. Guess I gotta get out more often, never even heard of UHF.

    • Dude, you do not know what you are missing. It’s a great flick!

  • Never heard of UHF??? 5etester must be a young un. I love this movie; thanks for the clips. And also the compliment and the link. And also for the nice list that makes my surfing oh so easy. cheers!

    • You’re welcome Linda.

      How can anyone have missed UHF?

  • Thanks for the link, Matt. I do appreciate it.

    I thought you had changed the colors a bit. The site looks great.

    • You’re welcome Larry, and thanks.

  • Thanks again Matt!

    • No problem Randy.

  • I agree with Larry, the new site colors are excellent.

    Thanks so much for the link.

    • Thanks Fleece, and you’re welcome.

  • Thank you for the link!

    I will require my American Government students to watch the video about ignorance of our Constitution.

    • Great AOW! Thanks for taking a role in fighting the propaganda.

  • That’s quite an extensive round-up, thanks for including me!

    • You’re welcome Zilla, thanks for stopping by.

  • Don

    Thanks for the link, Matt. The new look for the site is great!

    • Thanks Don. You’re latest post is great.

      • Don

        I appreciate it Matt. It is a bit unusual, but I needed to branch out and write something a bit different.

        • Don

          I appreciate it Matt. It is a bit unusual, but I needed to branch out and write something a bit different.

          For some reason, the link for the RSS feed keeps showing my previous post, not my latest.

          • That does happen sometimes, I think it’s a problem with the feed, not the site. Mine does the same thing at times.

  • Thanks muchly again for the link. Your place keeps getting better. Alas, I am a limited techie.

    • It’s not as difficult as you might think. There was some reconfiguring to do, but the most of it was upgrading the theme.

      Thanks to you Bunkerville, for all of your support.

  • I agree with all the above assertions that your new look is good…
    …and thanks for the link as well…

  • Thanks for the link and the new site colors look good.

    Funny clips BTW.

    • Thanks Steve. It’s much appreciated.

  • Great round up here Matt. The new site theme looks great!

  • Thanks John!

  • Thanks for the link. I know what you mean about work getting in the way of blogging!

    • Yeah, it’s been rough past couple weeks, but I have to do things in the following order…
      1. Family
      2. Career
      3. Blog

  • Thanks, Matt– I really appreciate the time and effort you take doing this every week. 🙂

    • Thanks Karen.

  • Thanks for the link, Matty.

    As for the look…I’m missing the Hypno-toad, but then, I’m deranged.

  • I aim to please.

  • First of all, for some reason it seems like I’m very open to suggestion all the sudden. I can’t figure out why. It’s as if there’s some form of hypnosis going on here.

    Second of all, I love the new look. I don’t know if I’m being mesmerized into thinking this, but it’s rad.

    Finally thanks for the linkage, homie. I appreciate it very much.

    • You’re welcome King Shamus.

      Pay no attention to the toad, you will obey…

  • Jim

    You guys are making me feel bad. I too am not familiar with UHF the movie. Ultra High Frequency I’ve heard of. Oh well! I do appreciate the link though.

    • Actually, the movie is a play on that. Weird Al inherits a UHF TV station, and has to compete with the big network affiliate. The videos in the post are some of the shows he creates.

  • Thanks for the link. Looks like I’ll be renting a movie this week.

    • You won’t regret it, as long as you like silly humor.

  • Thanks for the link Matt.

    • You’re welcome Steve.

  • Love the new blog colors! That is one cool frog!

    Thank you very much for the link, Matt.

    • Thank you Teresa!

  • Belated thanks, Matt.

    • Belated you’re welcome Bob!