Sunday Links: Queen Edition


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It’s Sunday again folks.  There’s a lot of stories going on, and the links are especially varied and good this week.  So, enjoy the music, and click the links!

The Sentry Journal has a post on the Challenger Disaster.

Reaganite Republican has one of his patented musical interludes. He also linked the Useful Idiot of the Month post.

The Other McCain has the statistical analysis of Keith Olbermann’s moronic utterances. He’s also linked me in the past week, which has earned my undying thanks.

Atlas Shrugs reviews the unrest in Egypt.  Seems that she’s been right all along.  However, she makes a habit of being correct.

Conservatives on Fire is discussing “Black Swans.”

Did you know that Bunni has a Comedy Club?

Bob at TCOTS has a great variation on the Reagan-Obama Time cover.

America’s Watchtower has a post on a possible investigation of all of the ObamaCare waivers.

MK has some Random Thoughts.

Rjjrdq asks if Afghanistan is actually worth it.

Karen has the next Justin Bieber, or something like that.

Capitol Commentary has a post on the ChiCom Propaganda song that the administration played.

Political Realities suggests that schools have competition.

Kimg Shamus shows us that minorities got the shaft from uber-progressive Hollywierd.

Steamboat has Procrastinator’s Putty – Pack It Where The Guilt Itches! You just have to click the link and see.

Always on Watch has a great video.

Campus Reform has a post on Reagan’s 100th birthday.

Fleece Me has a post on the race card.

Opus is discussing the situation in Egypt.

Forgotten Liberty is discussing the TSA.

Frugal Café Blogger has more on Egypt.

Fuzzy is covering the SOTU.

Legal Insurrection has, Saturday Night Card Game (What Do The Race Card, Israel Lobby Derangement Syndrome, and SPLC Hyperbolic Disorder All Have In Common?)

Liberty at Stake has his review of the SOTU.

Lonely Conservative has the scoop on the unions.

Scratcher MMBI has an opinion on the TNT Palin controversy.

I’ve been neglecting to visit Maggie lately, so she has a post about Clinton on Fox, and some Egyptian Rule 5.

Manhattan Infidel has a post on Obama’s cost cutting plans.

MuellerStuff asks why anyone would want to be mayor of Chicago.

Nice Deb has a post on Ed Schultz’s “psycho talk.”

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Motor City times has a post on what might happen in Egypt.

No Sheeples Here has a take on the Time Magazine Cover.

The Robot has a great video.

NoOneOfAnyImport has a post about some of her favorite finds.

Over at Nuke’s place, there is a post on the EPA.

Porcupine Rim has one about Obama’s role in the Egyptian situation.

Practical Man has a post on the SOTU. I would strongly recommend it.

Randy has a post on the TSA wanting the great groping monopoly.

RedStateEclectic has a post on why we should watch what we ask for.

Right Con is discussing his take in the Egyptian situation.

Republican Redefined has posts on the US soccer team going to Egypt, his link post, and the Egyptian Situation.

Soylent Green has a video that drives home his point.

SpellChek links to a pic essay featuring NK.

Teresa has some Saturday Comedy.

Russ has one of the funniest posts that you will read. Go there now!

The Augur has picks.

The CL has a story about Egypt turning off the Internet.  Just like Obama wants to do.

The Conservative Cloakroom has a post on Egypt.

The Conservative Lady has a post on the repeal of ObamaCare.

The Daley Gator has his Daley Babe, and the Daily Benefactor.

The Right Opinions  has a link post as well.

To Be Right has a post on the leftist violence that the MSM ignored.

Totus is asking an important question regarding Egypt.

Trestin has a parody written by his new contributor.

What Would the Founders Think has a post on James Monroe.

Woodsterman has a commercial.

Angel has a post on Sarah Palin.

Innominatus warns us to avoid Portland.

Wyblog has the latest Obama gaffe.

Zilla has a post on how the heritage of Egypt may be destroyed.

OK,  I know I had to leave out someone’s favorite Queen song, so file your complaints in the comment section.

Have a good Sunday all!  Thanks for your support.

  • Thanks Matt for the usual excellence in assembling a linkfest.

    • You are welcome sir. Thanks for the kind words.

  • Outstanding roundup Matt, thank you for including me.

    • You’re welcome. And thanks to you.

  • An astounding array of awesome, Matty.
    Thanks for the pimpage.

    • Thanks for the image you had up yesterday!

      Thanks for the kind words.

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  • Thanks for including Michael’s post about school competition. I appreciate all that you do.

    • It was a great post. No problem at all!

  • Thanks for the link Matt.
    Brian May might be one of the most underrated quitar players of all time.

    • I have to agree with you about Brian May. The tone he gets is amazing.

  • That is a fine post! Like the Presidents Club of conservative blogs. Nice! And thanks for the mention… 🙂

  • Thanks for the link, man!

    • You’re very welcome Linda.

  • Its terrible, but whenever I hear Bohemian Rhapsody I think of the opening to Wayne’s World.

    Thanks for the link!

    • Yes!!!!

    • Yeah, I double checked the video to make sure it wasn’t the Wayne’s World version.

  • Thanks for the link…
    No complaints here.

    • You’re welcome Mark.

  • Thanks for the link Matt. I loved Queen. They were a band ahead of their time.

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  • Very true. Thanks John.

  • Jim

    That is a great collection of links. Thanks for including me.

    • You’re welcome Jim! Thanks for the kind words.

  • Hi Matt! Thanks kindly for linking me & my comedy club!
    You have some great links here, and I love all the Queen Video’s!
    Have a fun Sunday.

    • Thank you Bunni, and you’re welcome.

  • Queen did some amazing work back in the day.

    Cool stuff, Matt.

    Also, thanks so much for the linky-love, mi amigo. You da man.

    • Thank you, KS, for all the support bro!

  • Curses! Another aggregation that will be keeping me from seraching the Interwebs for more Rule 5 material.

    Thanks for the linky love and don’t forget to TIE YOUR MOTHER DOWN [Queen’s best].

    • Thanks Bob, and as a bonus…

  • Thanks for the link. Some wide ranging subjects this week.

    • It was a “target rich environment” for bloggers.

      Oops! Did I use inflammatory rhetoric?

  • Excellent roundup of links, Matt! Queen has so many good songs to choose from. Thanks for the awesome music, dude! Thank you for the linkage. Have a great night!

  • Thank you Matt. What a mega-linker!

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