Moving On: When it's Time to let a Liberal go


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Many of us know people that are left leaning or full blown liberals.  They may be family members, friends, or co-workers.  As a conservative I’ve always found it very difficult to debate these people because of how closed minded they tend to be.  No matter what facts you throw at them, they always question your sources or fire back with some anecdotal story that appeals to the emotional side of human nature regardless of facts.  They will tell you how little Johnny couldn’t get his heart transplant because of the evil insurance companies or how poor Sara lost her home when the housing bubble burst and how the big bad banks were the ones to blame.  They’ll ignore the fact that little Johnny is actually on a waiting list for a heart and has not been denied care or that poor Sara got into a home that she simply couldn’t afford and it caught up with her.  They have an unlimited supply of stories for just about any issue and they all sound the same.  This makes it very difficult for me to have a debate on a topic based on facts minus the emotions with a liberal.  They simply don’t want to hear the facts.

The other night I found myself locked into a debate with a left leaning friend and needless to say it was a frustrating experience.  This is a person I have known my whole life.  He has a liberal education and claims to be independent in regards to his political affiliation.  The subject matter was all over the place, from religion and the homosexual community to comparing President Bush and Obama.  This went on for about two hours and by the time I got off the phone my wife had gone to bed and I was completely exhausted.  I realized that no matter how sound my argument was, no matter how many facts I presented he was not going to listen to my point of view.  At one point I even told him he sounded like a well conditioned leftist.  He loves Obama, ObamaCare, and hates the evil companies that have taken advantage of the downtrodden.  He dislikes conservatives because he feels they are a bunch of ignorant intolerant rednecks who hate everyone and everything.  I pointed out that it was the left who was labeling the tea party groups as a bunch of tea bagging racists and calling for end of conservative talk radio because of the hate they were spewing.  I said, that  doesn’t sound very tolerant.

He blames organized religion and corporate America for many of the problems we are dealing with today.  He feels that corporations are in bed with government and this was the one point I agreed with him on; however he also stated that using the religious principles outlined in the Bible was a dangerous thing.  I told him that when God’s influence in government is diminished it opens the way for government to step in and become our god, and that was unacceptable.  I also reminded him this was the desired state that Hitler and Stalin both sought in terms of government’s relationship with the people.  They wanted government to be positioned before God.  When you do this, then the government becomes the granter of rights and not God.  I asked him what he thought about this and he told me government grants rights all the time.  He then accused me of calling Obama Hitler missing my point completely.  He claims to be a person that cherishes liberty but is in favor of government programs and regulations that steal our liberties and trample on our property rights.  He does not believe the second amendment give everyone the right to bear arms and that hunters didn’t need assault type weapons.  No matter what I countered with, he countered back with nonsensical emotional banter.  I asked him if he was angry at George Bush for the Patriot Act, huge deficit spending, and GITMO then why wasn’t he mad at President Obama for doubling down on all the things he hated about Bush.  He replied he just didn’t like Bush and besides President Obama sounded smarter and appeared more presidential.  It was then I realized there was no way I was going convince him of anything, because he does not want to hear.  He has decided to close his mind and slam the door shut to another way and other possibilities.  About half way through our discussion I accepted the fact that no matter how many facts I presented I was not going to get through to him.  The case was closed on the debate.  So I decided that he is no longer worth my time and I’m moving on.

I don’t consider myself quitting on him, I’m just accepting the reality of the condition and moving on.  Many of you will find yourself at some point in the same place as I was two nights ago.  You will become frustrated and maybe even angry when debating these buffoons.  My advice is to move on.  There are a large number of people out there that will be receptive to the conservative message and will keep an open mind.  You may not sell it completely, but they will hear you.  The time is short and we simply do not have it to waste on people who have taken a huge gulp of the leftist kool aid.  The battle for the hearts and minds of the ignorant is taking place each day in our schools, colleges, and street corners.  If we waste too much time on people like my friend, then we might be missing an opportunity somewhere else.

Each of you will know when it is time to move on.  My eyes were opened a few nights ago with this friend.  I’m moving on.

Liberty forever, freedom for all!

  • I’ve found that most liberals don’t care about facts because a majority of their opinions are emotionally based. That is why it can be so frustrating to debate a liberal. I work with a guy who always votes Democrat, no matter what. During the 2008 election, I started debating the issues with him. It was so frustrating because facts didn’t seem to matter. On issues that I was finally able to get him to look at logically instead of emotionally, he agreed with the Conservative side of the argument every single time. But he still voted for Obama.

    • I know they always question the source of your information. I mean in could be about Moses leading his people out of Egypt and they would question the Bible as the source. They will convince themselves that our sources are bias and dismiss our facts as nothing more than right wing propaganda. I believe they use this tactic to compensate for their own flawed ideology.

  • “It was then I realized there was no way I was going convince him of anything, because he does not want to hear…”
    That sums it up. Some are so enamored with the idea that they ignore reality because they want something to be true so badly. A prerequisite of an open mind is essential.

    • They want so bad to believe in their fantasy world, that they completely detach themselves from reality.

  • Excellent, John. God can work wonders, and if your sound arguments can’t bring your friend ’round, God’s grace can. There ARE ex-leftists among our conservative ranks! 🙂

    • Thanks Karen. I do realize there are a number of ex-liberals in the conservative ranks. However there are also those that will never sober up from the liberal intoxication. My friend is one and I finally realized it the other night. I agree that it will take something larger than my simple words to get through.

  • John, I think you just described every conversation I’ve ever had with a Liberal.

    “besides President Obama sounded smarter and appeared more presidential.”

    There is no ground to be gained with a person with that mindset. Great article!

    • Thanks Maggie. I tried and now it is indeed time to move on. You’re definitely right about a mindset that simply can’t be cracked.

  • It’s been my thinking for years that we don’t have to “convert” everyone. The left, on the other hand, have to control and indoctrinate everyone. They cannot withstand dissent, as the totalitarian system falls apart when other alternatives can be discussed. In other words, do as you did-some people will not recognize the truth no matter what evidence we have. We don’t need them.

    • I agree Matt. I made the right decision to move on. There was no getting through to this buffoon.

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  • John, what an excellent post! You are so very very patient and I’m surprised you didn’t bail on this close minded “friend” ages ago.

    I have know many libs, and for the past two years, I have been dropping them like flies. If they brought up politics ONE TIME, I’d have a little talk with them. It became obvious they DON”T listen, don’t want to hear the truth, and you might as well talk to the wall and bang your head against it at the same time. So, I quit talking politics, and frankly the lefties entire being and personality are wrapped up in their delusions, so I find I can’t tolerate being “friends” with them. The calls don’t get made, they fade away, and I’m much happier!

    I’ve glad you’ve seen the light! Now you’ll be MUCH happier and can devote yourself to people who are nice & have brains.

    • Thanks Bunni. I haven’t terminated my friendship with him, I’m just done trying to convince him that the liberal ideology is flawed. I’m not wasting one more second with him on this matter. In regards to politics, he can walk in ignorance and continue to wonder why his philosophy is failing. As for me, I’m moving on.

  • KP

    John, I understand the frustration. But there must be other things you saw in this person that attracted you to him/he; perhaps humor, love, literature, art, sport, family? I have close friends and family members who tend to discuss issues in the way your friend does. My mom and brother are two. A guy I ride bikes with is another. When we don’t discuss politics things go very smoothly and I value them. We can remain friends or love those we feel are mistaken politically; just as we can have friends who we disagree with religiously. Some of the best people I know are so confused politically (in my mind) that I just smile at them and want to give them a hug. I try to remember what I respected about them to begin with and then allow myself to enjoy those parts of life with them. As well, I have dared to ask myself: what if I am wrong? It usually doesn’t last long but I think it’s healthy. Even Mother Teresa was doubtful of her faith at times and feared being a hypocrite.

    • KP I appreciate your comments. I just want to let you know that I am still friends with him, I’m just done trying to convince him that he embraces a flawed ideology. I don’t have the time to try and open the eyes of someone who is happy living in ignorance.

  • KP

    Thanks mate! You made me smile. I completely understand.