Sunday Links: GO STEELERS Edition


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You probably have noticed that throughout football season, “go Steelers” usually appears at the bottom of the link post.  As you might guess, I’m a pretty happy guy. Since I make no pretense about being unbiased, I’m going with a Steelers theme.

In honor of this Superbowl Sunday, I’m adding some Steelers videos.  So, enjoy the videos, and visit some of the links.

Note from Matt: I really wasn’t home much last week.  With the weather, I spent a lot more time at work.  Hopefully, I’ll get to other blogs a bit more often.

The Other McCain has, From the Department of Not Exactly News: Chris Matthews Is Very Confused.  Thanks for the FMJRA!

King Shamus is reviewing beer.  Is there nothing he can’t do?

Political Realities has a post on Obama’s Egypt policy.

Reaganite Republican has a post on Palin’s Speech.

TCOTS has a post on why corporations are not our friends.

The Amusing Bunni is celebrating her 4th Blogaversary. Drop by and wish her well.

Bunkerville has the latest in the Administrations failure.

Angel has a post, but I can’t remember what it’s about! 😀

Rjjrdq has a post on the “transparency” of DHS.

Capitol Commentary is celebrating his second blog anniversary.

MK is talking liberals and gun control.

Manhattan Infidel is showing childhood memories to be lies.

A Conservative Teacher has a post on how we might have sold out yet another ally.

The Sentry Journal is discussing ethanol, and the green movement nonsense.

Makes my Brain Itch has a post about strange traffic.

The Robot is covering the “civil discourse” at the Koch protest.

Conservatives on Fire gives yet another example of why the administration is contemptible.

Motor City Times has a post on a study that is full of fail.


Eddie the Bear has a post on John Holdren.

Always on Watch has a post, Ayn Rand On Altruism.  Now that’s the good stuff.

Russ is talking about the ObamaCare decision.

The Classic Liberal has a post titled, Bush/Cheney/Obama/Mubarak

America’s Watchtower has a post on how the administration betrayed the UK.

Opus is also covering the administration’s betrayal of the UK.

The Daley Gator has a post on how Marxists handle Ronald McDonald.

Fleece Me has a discussion on the 1099 requirements in ObamaCare.

Forgotten Liberty has a post about Chris Matthews.


Wyblog has a post about the faux human rights crowd.

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Frugal Café Blogger has a post on the Muslim Brotherhood.

Global Warming: A Worn Out Hoax, has the perfect storm that Obama caused.

Legal Insurrection examines the possible racism of Lady Gaga.

Innominatus thinks that Obama cursed the Steelers. Not good!

Liberty at Stake has his take on the Egyptian situation.


Libertarian Advocate has a post about Obama’s Egypt policy.

Lonely Conservative shows that Obama is completely clueless about business.

Maggie is discussing the administrations apparent enforcement of a drilling ban that has been lifted.

Nice Deb has a post on the betrayal of an ally by the Obama Administration.

Muellerstuff has a video on Global Warming.

No Sheeples here has a tribute to Reagan.

No One of Any Import has a great breakdown of the ObamaCare ruling. It is very much worth a look.

At Nuke’s place is a picture of Coptic Christians providing cover for Muslim prayers.


Randy has the latest on Obama’s approval numbers.

Republican Redefined has some Reagan tributes.

Right Klik has a post on the stab in the back that Barry gave the UK.

Rotti has the hauntingly familiar Michigan GOP logo.

Soylent Green has the idea that there is something big going on today, and the Steelers are somehow involved.

SpellChek has a creepie Obama zombie video.

Teresa has the Reagan tribute that will be shown at the Super Bowl.

The Augur has a poll on the Egyptian crisis.

Stormin’s Morning Java has the perfect logo for the Democratic party.

Greg Answers the Blog Survey

The Pitty Pat Papers has a post on the UK stab in the back.

The Conservative Lady has an incredible post on Reagan’s 100th Birthday.

The Right Opinions has his own aggregation, with a Reagan theme.

To be Right gives both sides of the Palin for POTUS debate.

Totus is wondering why all the media is covering Egypt in the same way.

Zilla is covering the stab in the back as well.

WWTFT has What Would the Founders Do About Egypt and Hosni Mubarak?


I’ll have a post about the 100th birthday of Ronald Reagan a bit later.

  • Matt,
    Thank you for the link.

    I’m not an objectivist but do admit an interest in Rand’s philosophy.

    • You’re welcome!

  • Thanks for the link Matt, although as a Pats fan I will be routing for the Packers tonight. Sorry.

    • It is alright sir. Obama cursed the Steelers.

  • Thanks for the link, Matt. Sorry I haven’t been around much this week. Great videos.

    • It’s quite alright Larry. I hope you’re feeling better.

  • Dude, I’ve been a crappy blogger.

    I’ll try to be better this week as well.

    In any case, thanks for the linktatstic love. What can I say? I love beer.

    • No problem, KS. It seems that time has been the enemy of many of us.

  • As always – a big hat tip on the great collection of links – and thanks for the mention!

    King: Royalty, blogger, beer connoisseur – what can’t you do?! 🙂

    • Thank you Harry. Have a good week sir.

  • Thanks for the link Matt, and yes the Steelers will win.

    • You’re welcome for the link. Sadly, the Steelers came up short.

  • Hey Matt, thanks for the link! However, when I click on the link it goes to a great post about John Holdren (one of my fav-o-rite Obama advisors).

    • I fixed it. Sorry about that. This post takes a day or so to do, and I work a while, and come back to it. Sometimes, I don’t copy and paste correctly.

      • Trust me, I’ve done the same thing.

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  • Thanks for the link Matt. You have a great group of links here. I’m with you I think the Steelers are going to win. My team is home watching.

    • Thanks John. Sadly, the Steelers didn’t pull this one out.

  • Steelers will crush them. Let’s be real here, Green Bay lost to the Detroit Lions for crying out loud.

    • I wish you’re prediction would have come true.

  • Good luck today, Matt… must be nice lol

    • It turned out not to be, but thanks.

  • Yea Matty. You gots RSM linky love.

    • That I did, and I am most appreciative. I see that you were near the top of the Rule 5 Linky Love.

  • thanks always MATT! 🙂

    • You’re welcome Angel!

  • Thanks Matt. I’m in the camp of just hoping for a good game. I know most people expect the Steelers to romp, but I like underdogs, so I’d have to go with the Packers.

    • You made the correct call sir. Can’t say more about it than that.

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  • Hi Matt! Thanks for the linky love and well wishes.

    I hate to break it to you, but obummer has said he likes the Steelers, so brace yourself for the curse of jonah. It never fails when he opens his yap, ask the Bears!
    Have a fun Sunday!

    • You’re prediction came to pass. Obama seems to have cursed them.

  • Jim

    Thanks for incuding me in your Sunday links. I won’t be sad if the Steelers win but I’ll be rooting for the Packers.

    • You’re welcome Jim. Thanks for all the great content!

  • Steelers!

    I’ve always wondered what FieldTurf tastes like. Hopefully Aaron Rodgers will be able to describe it to me after Harrison and Polamalu drive his face into it. 🙂

    • I certainly had some chances to sample it, but apparently not enough.

  • Thanks for the link, man! Good luck with that Superbowl thingy. Funny how that snuck up on me, with the hub gone and all I barely noticed!

    • You’re welcome Linda.

  • -I know how you feel; I’m working on a big project and it has seriously eaten into my blogging time.

    -Thanks for the linky love, even though I’m rooting for Green Bay.

    • You’re welcome Bob. Thanks for all the linkage that you have provided.

  • Thank you for the link, Matt. The Steelers: it’s the Obama kiss of death. He had some “love” for them.

    • You’re welcome Maggie.

  • Thanks so much for the link, Matt. It really bites that the Steelers lost. Hopefully, they’ll come back even stronger next year.

    • You’re welcome Teresa. If they would only get some o-line help and a shut down corner…

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  • Don

    Sorry Matt. The Pack Attack hit your guys, but there is always next year.

    Just for clarity, I am not a Steelers fan, nor am I a Green Bay fan, in fact I am the only person in America who did not watch the Super Bowl.

  • Dude, is there something wrong with your brain. I can, for the most part, excuse you not being a Steelers fan, but to not even watch the game??? I last went without watching the Superbowl in 1976.

  • Don

    Sorry Matt. Spent the day doting on my 2 year old daughter. 🙂

    • Should have gotten her to watch!!!

      Seriously though, I know what you mean. My 7 year old did watch some, and was rooting for the Steelers.