Sunday Links: Ford Edition


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Well, it’s Sunday again, and here we have the link post.  One of the things that I’ve noticed is that I don’t always do the linked posts “justice” with my descriptions.  So this time, I’m going to use the actual titles of the posts for the link.  Feedback, as always, is welcome.

As for the theme, I haven’t done a car post for a while, and Ford seems to be a make that I haven’t covered as of yet.  So, enjoy the cars, and visit the links.

Sexist Santorum and Clueless Cupp

Texans Deserve to Know the True Cost of Illegal Immigration?

AC/DC: Its a long way to the top (If you want to rock and roll)

Where are the by-laws?

School Policy Against Wearing Black Paint on Faces…

Let’s Play Hypothetical

Pat Condell On Multiculturalism

Freshman Republicans hold the leadership’s feet to the fire

Observation From A Distance

Guest Saturday with Frankenstein Government

Care about your children?

Mandatory Insurance for Dogs

Beyond Prozac

Duh Nile

We are inclusive, now get out!

Herman Cain Speech at CPAC

Priceless Biden & Obama Photo… “Caption This!” Hits It Out of the Park

Rampage: Salvadoran Illegal Alien Charged in Virginia Triple Murder… Was Ordered Deported 9 Years Ago, but Never Left United States (video)

The Perfect Obama-Caused Storm

Barry confusing events

Egypt, Foreign Policy and A Possible Pro-War Left

Taking The Foot Off The Back Of The Muslim Brotherhood

Nobody Was Running From Griff Jenkins and Jesse Waters at CPAC

Egypt: All Treaties Continued: Protests End

Contemporary Politics and Newton’s Three Laws of Motion (Part 14)

It Ain’t Just D.C. That Needs Watching

Happy Birthday President Lincoln

Video: “Great News For The President”

Raising Cain, Herman Cain

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Gary Moore, RIP

We Have Rights, Let’s Stop Inventing Them

Atlas Shrugged Trailer (Video)

Herman Cain from CPAC “Stupid People are Ruining America”

James Clapper Implodes Once Again

Empty Table

R-n-R Oldies: Derek and the Dominos 1970

Forced justice

What should be the Democrat party’s new logo

What’s Next For Egypt?

Had a Rough Few Days? Relax and Slow Down!

Fear And Loathing: CPAC 2011 Day 2

Rule 5 News: 11 February 2011 A.D.

Your Life According To The Government

The “New” Three Stooges?

*AUDIO* Quinn & Rose: Complete Shows For Week Ending 02/11/11

Winter Weather: How Not to Survive


We Have Always Been The Party Of No

Taxpayer Funded Profit Making Non-Profit, Planned Parenthood Caught on Tape Aiding Sex Traffickers

Cantor Hears From Conservatives and It Ain’t Good

Greater than Reagan


“More Polarized”

The American Revolution A Concise History by Robert J. Allison

Mayor Bloomberg makes Irish Slur

Ron Paul is the Ralph Nader of the Right

The Guardians of Liberty & T.L. Davis

Have a good Sunday!  If I left your favorite Ford out, drop the details in the comment section.

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  • Thanks for the link. I am glad to see you chose an automaker which did not take bailout money. 🙂

    • Indeed. I’m now a Ford person, which does hurt, and I was a lifetime GM guy.

  • Thanks for the link and I’m really liking the ’61 T-Bird.

    • Sure thing. Those are my favorite T-Birds.

  • Nice cars, Matt. Thanks for linking to Michael’s article.

    • You’re welcome Larry. Hope you’re feeling better.

  • The Mustang in the last pic… looks like a Chevy. 🙂 I’m a big Ford fan – my first car was a 1978 Country Squire, complete with the woody sides and headlight covers. My last Ford was (is?) a 1997 Explorer with 207K miles on it. It needs a fuel pump and is sitting in the driveway. I pulled the AWD front drive assembly off it about 2 years ago when a U-joint went bad. If anyone wants it, come and get it.

    As always, Matt…an enviable collection of links. Thanks so much for the mention!

    • I once had a 78 Thunderchicken. Mine was a gas hog, I can only imagine what a Country Squire would use.

      • The wagon had a big block V8 – I think it was a 400? Maybe a 427 CID – not sure. I drove that sucker like a race car. I could get like a dozen friends in it on Friday nights to cruise. I almost can’t believe I just said that – but it’s true. It was like a party on wheels. Anyway – I think I got about 10 mph – maybe a little better when I had Mom or Dad in the car…

  • Thanks for linking to the Pat Condell video I posted.

    Now, about this car post…I’m a “car fan.” In fact, for my 49th birthday, I bought myself a Mustang GT convertible. See that convertible HERE. The vehicle is older now and needs some body work. Still, it’s my “baby.” I can’t wait for warm weather to return to get that Pony back on the road!

    I also have an “old lady” Ford — a Crown Vic (police package). Best and most reliable car I’ve ever had!

    • Those Crown Vics were excellent, especially with the police package…heavy duty everything.

      Nice car!

  • Thanks for the link. Did I see a C6 Corvette after the white Mustang? Slipping in some bow tie power among all the Fords… nice!

    • The car after the 64 1/2 Mustang is a 71 Boss 351. You may think vette because that generation of Mustang was designed by Larry Shinoda, who designed the C3.

      • I think the picture of the Boss must not have come through. I guess the site it was on has a hotlink blocker and it’s just showing a generic picture of a silver C6 because it says “image hotlinked-use an embed code”. Maybe it’s my browser not showing it or maybe my Chevy tuned mind is seeing Vette’s instead of Rustangs!

        • I see what you mean. When I look at it when I’m logged in, the image shows up. When I look at it in another browser, the image you describe shows up. I changed the image, at any rate.

  • thanks for the link, Matt!

    • You’re welcome Linda!

  • Thanks for linking Matt. What,no 60’s Boss Stangs?

    • No, I did post a 71 Boss 351. I could do an entire post on Mustangs. Of course, I’d have to leave out the abysmal, Pinto-based, 74-78 Mustang II.

      • My brother has one of those,but it never even sees the light of day no matter how much I rag on him.

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  • Thank you kindly Matt! Lots of great links and cool cars here!
    Have a Happy & Relaxing Valentines Day Weekend, my friend.

    • Thank you Bunni!

  • fabulous MATT!..just like always and thanks for allowing me in to the partay!

  • You always have a seat here Angel!

  • I have always been a Ford guy…well except my first car which was a 1971 Camaro. Thanks for the link Matt. As it always it is very much appreciated.

    • So I have heard.

      I’m switching to Ford for now. I’ve actually considered buying a foreign make that is made here. It’ll be non-union, so we wouldn’t be helping to fund anything against us.

  • As a lifetime GM man, the conversion away from Government Motors and to Ford has been tough.

    The new Mustang made it a whole lot less hard though. Damn, that’s a bad-ass car.

    Thanks for the linkage by the way. I was kinda happy with that piece and I was hoping you and the some others found it interesting at least. Thanks, mi amigo.

    • I know what you mean. To lose GM was like losing a part of the family. That Mustang is sweet.

      That was an excellent post KS. Glad to have linked it because it was good.

  • Thanks also for the link… still driving my 2002 Crown Vic as well..not a police interceptor.. still going strong!

    • You’re welcome. The “Panther” platform went from 1979 to 2008-2009. Not to bad of a track record.

  • -Thanks for the links, Matt.

    -I know I must be a hypocrite, but I sticking with my Chrysler/Jeeps – love ’em too much.

    -Sad to hear that great guitarist Gary Moore has passed on.

    • Do what you must Bob, I just can’t go there, even though I loved GM.

  • Thanks for the link, Matt. Have a great week! Loved seeing all the Ford cars.

    • Thanks to you Teresa. Have a good one yourself.

  • Thanks for the link Matt. Nice cars. I tend to keep a car until it falls apart. My Grand Am is in for a ride.

    • I’ve done the same thing. If it still works, I’ll run it until is doesn’t, or until the repairs needed exceed the value of the car.

  • Are all those cars environmentally friendly?