Sunday Links: Journey Edition


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It’s Sunday again, and it was yet another busy news week.  We had the thuggery in Wisconsin, the budget battles, and all the rest.  Needless to say, there are a great collection of links out there for your clicking pleasure.  Also, last week, one of the readers noted that in my blogger profile, I list Journey as one of my favorite bands.  And since they are, Journey is the musical accompaniment for the post today.  So, enjoy the great tunes, and click on the links.

BREAKING: Barack Obama Time Travels from January to…

Insurrection In America’s Midwest?

Barack Obama interferes in the Wisconsin union/budget battle

Wisconsin Dems looking for a Saddam-like hidey-hole

AFDI/SIOA: Counter Protest Islamic Jew Haters (Adalah) and Uber Left Nazis at Carnegie Hall! Fight the Annihilationists

Obama’s Wisconsin Strategy? The Chicago Way?

More Government Interference in the Automobile Industry

If you’re from Bahstan, Massachusetts…

Where does power lie in our government?

Sen. Inhofe Owns Global Warming Scammer

Media Coverage: Animal Cruelty vs. Cruelty to Women & Girls Smuggled Illegally into US & Forced into Slavery Prostitution (video)

Barry sickening

Democrats: Chickens Playing Chicken

Democrat Legislators Go On Strike in Wisconsin, Phone in Demands to CNN

Obamacare Starts Early In Madison – Free Sick Notes For Progressives!

News From The Obamaphate: Let’s do the Time Warp Again….

An Open Letter To Our Unionized Public Servants

Video: Wisconsin Teacher Shrieks ‘It’s for the Kids!’

Jesse Jackson in Wisconsin: Herman Cain, Breitbart, Hoft in Madison to Support Scott Walker

Wisconsin Revolutionary Communists Join Madison Protests Video

Infected, Dejected… and Feeling Disrespected

Two Years Later

Saturday Morning Quick Hits: The Vintage Jeep Edition

Now They Tell Us: CBO Says Repealing ObamaCare Will Save $1.4 Trillion

Friday free-For-All Cheesehead Edition

Rent-A-Mob and Legislators On The Lam Get Pelosi’s Support

Reality Checks

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Obama group calls for violence against conservatives

Wilson’s Bills Cynical Attempt to Use Children to Benefit Schools

Margaret Thatcher on Defeating Socialism

GAO Confirms Secure Border a Myth

Gallup Poll: America’s Greatest President is…?

Time is running out for the dependency nation

Union Liberal Fascists Find Latest Crisis To Exploit In Wisconsin

The Tolerant Tolerance of the Tolerantly Tolerant Left

Pittsburgh Union Thuggery: If You Thought Chicago Was Bad…

Andrew Breitbart Energies the Rally in Madison, WI today!

American Dreams and Canadian Death Panels

Rule 5 Saturday

Teachers Union Protesters Leave Trash All Over Wisconsin Capitol Grounds

End Foreign “Aid” Now!

Here’s A Game For You: The Budget Puzzle

*VIDEO* Madison Union Thug Arrested For Trying To Sabotage Tea Party Sound System

A Conversation with Old Man Winter

Rant: Don’t Trust a Politician.

Mr. Jackson goes to Wisconsin

Obama’s Purple Thug Army Mobilizes. Will You?

A Letter to The President on The National Debt


Gabrielle Giffords Singing

Smash the public employee unions

“Conservative” Dhimmitude


Have a good Sunday folks.


  • Thanks again Matt.Many a guy won’t admit to liking Journey,but I went to every concert when I was younger because they were LOADED with women.

    • See, you showed a talent for “strategery” from a very early age! Thanks sir!

  • Thanks for the link Matt. I was going to add my 2 cents in the Wisconsin debacle, but I don’t think I could add anymore to what is already linked here.

    • More opinions are always good man, always feel free. Thanks for the visit and comment sir!

  • Thanks for the link, Matt. Sorry I haven’t been making my blog rounds as I usually do.

    • You’re welcome Larry. Don’t worry about rounds, I certain know how that can go.

  • Thank you for the link.

    I’ll be back to read some of the other links. Time for breakfast right now!

    • Thanks AOW. Hope you enjoyed your breakfast!

  • Thanks for the link. In the ’80s I couldn’t stand Journey–being a Maiden, Dio, and Priest fan I just didn’t take them serious. But now I think they are a pretty good band and they have some good tunes. I guess that is kind of a luke warm endorcement.

    • I started more on the pop end, then went to metal. I also think their late 70’s stuff is better than the 80’s stuff. My selection went heavier from that end.

  • Thanks for the linky-love, Matt, and for putting together a terrific roundup! I see lots of great stuff for me to check out today. I hope you have a terrific day.

    • Thank you Zilla. Keep up the good work!

  • Thanks for the link. Open Arms is one of my favorite rock ballads. It has such a great melody

    • You’re welcome sir!

  • wowza luv it all MATT..u da bomb~!..thanks again for includin lil ole me.:)

    • You’re very welcome Angel! Have a good Sunday!

  • Dude, we are at turning point. At least, this Wisconsin thing feels like it.

    In any case, I thank you for the link. Glad you liked my piece.

    • Your work was great as always, KS. This can be the turning point. The Wisconsin GOP needs to hold out no matter what.

  • Thanks again for the link…We are at a pivot point and we will look back and recall these days.

    • I hope you are right sir. There can be no caving here.

  • Thanks man, you are a gentleman and a scholar. Journey, eh? Brings back fond memories from when I was in high school. I won “Escape” on a call in radio contest. My first LP.

    Thanks again for including me in such great company. Checking out the links now.

  • You’re Welcome! Escape was among my first as well.

  • Thanks for the linky, Matt, always appreciated. As well as the fantastic tribute to one of the greatest bands of the 70’s and 80’s!

    • You’re welcome. Journey was good.

  • Thanks for the linkage my good man. Watching the Daytona 500!

    • Hope you enjoyed!

  • HI Matt! Those are some awesome and lot’s of linky love there!
    Thanks for including me, and the great journey vids.

    • You’re welcome on both counts Bunni!

  • -Thanks, Matt, for the link.

    -Great WI aggregation – I’ll be using it as a reference for my next post on the subject.

    -Never been a big Journey fan, but (1) they knew how to craft a catchy song and (2) Wheel In The Sky is one of the great Rock songs.

    • Thanks, and you’re welcome Bob.

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  • Another great resource post Matt. Thanks for linking. Love Journey!

    • You’re welcome Maggie. Thanks for all the great work you do at your place.

  • Thank you for the link.

    • You are welcome Trestin!

  • Thanks so much for the linkage. Great set of links.

    • No problem Teresa!