Culture War: NEA and GLSEN Indoctrinate Youth


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Back in 2009, this blog, as well as a host of others, helped expose GLSEN’s recommending reading list, which was, for the lack of a better term, erotic literature for pedophiles.  While there was a public outrage, it eventually calmed, though I think all the bloggers have had that in the back of their minds ever since.  After all, we know that the left does not go away when confronted.  They always come back to their agenda.  In this case, attacking traditional values and western culture.

For some background on the current situation, here is a quote from C-Fam…

“Oral sex, masturbation, and orgasms need to be taught in education,” Diane Schneider told the audience at a panel on combating homophobia and transphobia.  Schneider, representing the National Education Association (NEA), the largest teachers union in the US, advocated for more “inclusive” sex education in US schools, with curricula based on liberal hetero and homosexual expression.  She claimed that the idea of sex education remains an oxymoron if it is abstinence-based, or if students are still able to opt-out.

Comprehensive sex education is “the only way to combat heterosexism and gender conformity,” Schneider proclaimed, “and we must make these issues a part of every middle and high-school student’s agenda.”  “Gender identity expression and sexual orientation are a spectrum,” she explained, and said that those opposed to homosexuality “are stuck in a binary box that religion and family create.”

Should I mention that Schneider is affiliated with GLSEN??

Beyond the shock value of their words, take a look at the last sentence.  Religion and family have been the traditional targets of the left for decades.  Both of those institutions interfere with the power of the state.

Before you scoff at that, take a look at what I wrote about that last year…

Additionally, the liberals have sought to expand their educational efforts to children at increasingly younger ages.  Their goal seems to be the indoctrination of children. To illustrate, let’s look at some quotes by prominent educators and others…

“The schools cannot allow parents to influence the kind of values-education their children receive in school; that is what is wrong with those who say there is a universal system of values. Our (humanistic) goals are incompatible with theirs. We must change their values.

–Paul Haubner, specialist for the N.E.A.

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“Among the elementary measures the American Soviet government will adopt to further the cultural revolution are…[a] National Department of Education…the studies will be revolutionized, being cleansed of religious, patriotic, and other features of the bourgeois ideology. The students will be taught the basis of Marxian dialectical materialism, internationalism and the general ethics of the new Socialist society.”

–William Z. Foster, Toward Soviet America, 1932 National Chairman of the American Communist Party (1933-44, 1945-57)

“Education is a weapon whose effects depend on who holds it in his hands and at whom it is aimed.”

–Joseph Stalin

John Dewey, called “the father of modern education,” was an avowed socialist, the co-author of the ‘Humanist Manifesto’ and cited as belonging to fifteen Marxist-front organizations by the Committee on Un-American Activities. Do the words (the father of modern education) now take on new meaning? Remember, Dewey taught the professors who would train America’s teachers. He was obsessed with “the group.” In his own words, “You can’t make socialists out of individualists. Children who know how to think for themselves spoil the harmony of the collective society which is coming, where everyone is interdependent.”

The effort here is to control, from the earliest possible age, the beliefs and thoughts of the child.  Education is a secondary concern, if it is even a concern at all.  Knowledge and facts are secondary to that of the intended ideology.  If knowledge is indeed the currency of freedom, socialists must therefore carefully control what is taught, and competing opinions should be banished, and their proponents marginalized and punished.  Therefore, in any socialist or fascist state, education was among the first institutions to receive a complete conversion.  Curriculum was changed to reflect the new order, home schooling was banned, and private schools were either co-opted, or closed.  This is meant to achieve a “monopoly of ideology,” nothing more, nothing less.  Control the child and carefully monitor what they see and hear, and the end result (the “progressives” hope) is a complaint and brainwashed minion who will not question the state, as they will know nothing more than what they learned from the state.

If you think it isn’t happening, and we’re just making more of this that what it is, take a look at this…

This is not happening in every public school…yet.  With the NEA, GLSEN, and other organizations are pushing this, and with Kevin Jennings still working for the Department of Education, you can be sure it has the support of the White House.

If you have kids in public schools, and you are able, get them out as soon as possible.

H/T: The Other McCain, Maggie’s Notebook, Wyblog, Lonely Conservative

  • I have been reading about this in different places, Matt. It is truly sickening to think they want to have access to teach our children about their twisted and perverted sexual preferences.

    I have said for a long time that the real reason they are pushing so hard for the right to marry is to portray homosexual relationships to be as normal as a relationship between a man and a woman. Hearing their agenda come out into the open confirms that fear.

    • My thinking is that they don’t care a bit about homosexuals, at least those in power don’t. I believe that they are a proxy by which to attack the culture.

  • You are spot on, they want to teach our children about this at a younger and younger age because this is not education it is indoctrination. Just looking at that sentence about religion and families being a detriment tells us all we need to know about them.

    “The schools cannot allow parents to influence the kind of values-education their children receive in school”

    And that statement brings is all home–they do not want the parents to have any say about how we bring up our children.

    • I think it goes along with my belief that “progressives” have to indoctrinate everyone. No one can be immune. When too many people can point out the failure of the socialist system, it collapses, just ask the Soviets.

  • Yep. The “noble” profession of teaching at work.

    • Yes, and they are teaching that crap to kids.

  • Your children can not be trusted to your stewardship. Your children belong to the state.

    Sound bizzar? That is what they want eventually.

    • That’s their opinion.

  • Thankfully you just touched on some of the “milder” ideas they have for children. These people are monsters. It’s not enough for them to live their own life as they see fit. They need to force it on the rest of society. That ideology goes beyond GLSEN, but this is a particularly vile part of it.

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  • Yes, you are right. There is more, and bloggers have covered a lot of it.

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