Cultural Marxism and the Breakdown of Society: Intentional Cause and Effect?


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Glenn Beck has made much of two videos that were posted at The Blaze, a news web site that he owns.  Here are the videos…

Initially, I really thought nothing of it.  There are college riots.  Kids get drunk and go on rampages.  It has happened before, it will happen again.

Then, I caught myself.  Having been initially desensitized to these events, I then realized that there is something a bit more sinister behind all of this.  These videos show a lack or respect for property, and any source of order.   That logically extends to the owners of the property that was destroyed.  They do not respect the owners, as evidenced by the fact that they destroyed the property.

Then, I thought to myself, where have I seen this before?  My first thoughts when back to the aftermath of WW II.  It was said in that in areas of Germany that were controlled by the Soviets, it would be easier to find German women and girls that were NOT raped.  That’s how rampant it was.  There was an overwhelming lack of morality among the Soviet troops.  I know, some are going to say, how are these two things related?  Well, both stem from a lack of respect for others, either in their property, or their persons.  Without morality, there in nothing within a person to prevent them from engaging in horrific acts of violence.

So, where did that come from?  In Marxist states, the concept of a higher power, and the morality that stems from that higher power, is absent.  Not only is it absent, but those that espouse that belief and morality are often persecuted.  The Marxist educational system, inescapable and totalitarian, insures that all are indoctrinated.  The media, the government, and all other official institutions, mock, persecute, and otherwise discredit any faith.  In the Marxist/Fascist/”progressive” state, the only “god” is the state, and that “god” is a jealous one, and acts swiftly and aggressively against any competition.  The Marxist “god” isn’t satisfied with “give unto Caesar what is Caesar’s,” they want it all-body, mind, and soul.

But where does that leave the indoctrinated masses? For more, here is an excerpt from Lew Rockwell.

There is a name for a country where there is no security, freedom, or justice, and where criminality is woven into the fabric of everyday life: moral nihilism. Not only it is not clear who the good guys and the bad guys are. It is no longer clear that there is any pervasive belief that there are such things as good guys and bad guys.

What brings about such a situation? We learned after the fall of socialism in Eastern Europe and Russia that socialism had been all too effective in creating a new socialist man. The lack of respect for contract, property, and life itself became evident in the reform process. The cultural foundations that might have led to a stable and secure freedom were just not present.

Why is this? Because violence blessed as an official civic policy is a demonic teacher of populations. In any society, the problem with crime extends beyond the immediate victims. Pervasive violence whittles away the cultural and moral foundations of society itself.

Does this sound familiar?  While Rockwell was discussing Iraq in his article, we see that Socialism and the nihilism that comes with it, destroys social order. There are no more “good guys and bad guys,” just charlatans from all sides that lie their way onto the “moral” high ground.

While Marxism was inflicted upon the masses in Eastern Europe, Western Europe and the US were afflicted with Marxism’s brother, Cultural Marxism.  In essence, Cultural Marxism de-emphasizes the class struggle, for the attack on traditional, Western Culture.  The idea is to relentlessly attack morality, Christianity, individual freedom, capitalism, self reliance, and so on.  This unrelenting attack is meant to collapse the culture, enabling an eventual, and more gradual transition to a totalitarian state.  Consider it Cloward-Piven for the culture.  To expand on this, here is an excerpt from 2009…

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After World War I ended in 1918, Marxist theorists had to ask themselves the question: What went wrong? As good Marxists, they could not admit Marxist theory had been incorrect. Instead, two leading Marxist intellectuals, Antonio Gramsci in Italy and Georg Lukacs in Hungary (Lukacs was considered the most brilliant Marxist thinker since Marx himself) independently came up with the same answer. They said that Western culture and the Christian religion had so blinded the working class to its true, Marxist class interests, that a Communist revolution was impossible in the West, until both could be destroyed. That objective, established as cultural Marxism’s goal right at the beginning, has never changed.

Now, the meaning of the term “Western Culture” is not made explicit here.  To elaborate, here is a definition:

Western culture is a body of knowledge derived from reason.

This foundation of reason has made possible a vast accumulation of understanding related to reality or nature, including human nature.

This understanding is represented in several core ideals and values, which include individualism, happiness, rights, capitalism, science and technology.

Western culture can also be referred to as advanced culture; this is because its ideas and values promote the development and sustainment of advanced civilization.

So, when offered Communism, the workers rejected it.  Western Culture interfered.  The ideas of individuality, self reliance, success, work, owning property, the ability to rise above one’s origins, all give hope to the people, especially when the people can act upon and achieve these hopes.   The ability to earn, and keep what you earn; all lead to resistance to Communism.  After all, why would you give up the ability to earn and be successful to join a de-humanizing collective?

Christianity has another powerful role on resistance to Marxism.  Marxism is “Godless,” by it’s own description, however, I have often postulated that this is an incorrect.  I believe that in a Marxist state, God is replaced by the state as the giver of life and all things material.  Religion, and its reliance on a higher power creates a situation in which loyalty to the state is secondary to the loyalty to God.  This is intolerable to the Marxist.

Gramsci famously laid out a strategy for destroying Christianity and Western culture, one that has proven all too successful. Instead of calling for a Communist revolution up front, as in Russia, he said Marxists in the West should take political power last, after a “long march through the institutions” – the schools, the media, even the churches, every institution that could influence the culture. That “long march through the institutions” is what America has experienced, especially since the 1960s. Fortunately, Mussolini recognized the danger Gramsci posed and jailed him. His influence remained small until the 1960s, when his works, especially the “Prison Notebooks,” were rediscovered.

Georg Lukacs proved more influential. In 1918, he became deputy commissar for culture in the short-lived Bela Kun Bolshevik regime in Hungary. There, asking, “Who will save us from Western civilization?” he instituted what he called “cultural terrorism.” One of its main components was introducing sex education into Hungarian schools. Lukacs realized that if he could destroy the country’s traditional sexual morals, he would have taken a giant step toward destroying its traditional culture and Christian faith.

Our free society relies upon the people being “good,” as a moral people will do “good” even when no one is watching.  Hence, when the people are moral, there is little need for external control of the populace.  Now, if the that moral order of society is disrupted, people will not behave morally.  They will cheat, steal, vandalize, lie, murder, rape, abandon their children or spouses (if they even bothered to marry), and create mass disorder.   As a result, the people will ask government to take more and more power to deal with the that resulting disorder.  Of course, that will do little to deal with the disorder, but it will give the government the power that it craves.  In the end, the breakdown of the culture is the crisis that the left will use to gain more power.

As we look at the union activities in Wisconsin; death threats, vandalism, physical assaults, and the like, are we seeing the efforts of the Cultural Marxists coming to fruition?  Generations of Americans have been influenced by both the traditional, class based Marxism, as well as the Cultural variant.  Both, it would seem, lead to violence.  And, if you want a Marxist revolution, you’re going to want to have people without morals to conduct it.  They want a revolutionary that isn’t afraid to threaten or brutalize men, women, or even children.   Dissenters must be intimidated or shouted down.  The opposition must be vilified and otherwise attacked.  Rent-a-mob needs to be dispatched on a moments notice.  All of these are best done by individuals that have little to no moral compass.

You see, in a Marxist state, the level of terror must be maintained, and moral people won’t do that.   But train a mass of people that are without morals, and there are your enforcers.  I fear that what we are seeing from our left is the low level beginning of such a revolution.  And, I think that this is the intention.  By creating a mass of people that have no moral center, and indoctrinated into the thinking of Marxism and Cultural Marxism, our left has created their revolutionary foot soldiers.

As usual, I have engaged on some conjecture here.  Feedback and discussion is welcome.

Note: I use the term “Marxist” a great deal in this post.  “Progressive” can be easily substituted, as there is very little difference in methodology.

  • This was one of your best post Matt. How sad it is when a once great people that was God and family centered has fallen this low. The same happen to the Romans. When the republic was coming to an end morals dramatically slipped and Romans went from a people that enjoyed chariot races to ones that enjoyed watching Christians die in the arena.

    • Sadly, I have to agree. Without the culture, we fall apart.

      Thanks for the kind words.

  • Great post Matt! This has been a long drawn out process which is being done on purpose and the left is on the verge of finally seeing it pay off. We cannot allow this to happen, but I wonder if there is anything we can do about it now.

    • I share that fear. There are too many people that are simply useless in a free state. Of course, that is the intent.

  • Superb post, Matt. The Marxist Culturism envade the body of free world like a cancer. And like a cancer it has spread throught-out the body. Does the body have to die to be reborn again? I’m beginning to wonder.

    • If afraid of that too. In your analogy, if the body dies, there will be blood. Perhaps that of millions.

  • Excellent post.The past weeks, there has been an unending effort to control our children under the guise of bullying. When Valerie Jarrett partnered with CAIR to engage in “A campaign to reshape children’s opinions”, I knew that we are in the final stages of the fall of the United States.

    • I hope you are wrong about the fall. At the same time, I cannot see how people can allow their children to remain in public schools.

  • Great post. Yes terror must be maintained at all costs. Mustn’t let those nasty conservatives flaunt their bourgeois values.

    • That’s the idea Mr. Infidel. First, silence the opposition.

  • KP

    “the long march through the institutions”

    This description is so clear!

    • Thanks KP. It was their description, not mine.

  • When you state: “I fear that what we are seeing from our left is the low level beginning of such a revolution. And, I think that this is the intention.”

    All I can add is, “yeah, that’s right.”

    This is the reason why things like that Shankman manifesto against Althouse really disturb me. It’s the reason why all YouTube vids of lefties smacking the cameras held by conservatives really disturb me.

    I remember a time when I didn’t understand how a populace could let atrocities happen in their back yard. Most unfortunately, I understand now. Demonize them enough, and you can do what you want.

    Interesting times, these.

    • Sadly, we are living under that curse.

      Yes, they are going after cameras. They don’t want anyone recording their activities. However, there always seem to be more cameras recording the whole thing.

      You are very right about demonization. They are doing a great job of it, and that is where atrocities are born.

  • That “long march through the institutions” has happened, and was successful. We may be beyond the low-level beginning of a Marxist revolution. I believe this is the Obama agenda, come hell or high water, and he doesn’t care what we say or think. He might care if we actually did something, like begin impeachment.

    I believe this is why he can play golf, travel the world and all manner of nonsense as we fight some of our biggest challenges. He is our biggest challenge, and has a long background of being immersed in exactly what you describe above.

    I’m at that point. We will not survive as anything resembling what we know of American if he and the DOJ are not sent packing.

    A very thought-provoking post, Matt. It makes me sad, because we can see it all today.

    • I almost hate writing posts like this, because they show how far we have fallen. At the same time, it has to be said so we can do what is necessary to reverse course.

  • Matt, home run!
    This is indeed the problems with socialism it erodes morality, and without a moral compass nothing our base instincts become our driving force.