Organized Labor Update: Charges Filed for Death Threats; Union Shake-Downs a Felony?


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Yesterday, there were some developments in the Wisconsin Unions vs. We The People saga.

According the the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, via The Other McCain…

Madison – A 26-year-old woman was charged Thursday with two felony counts and two misdemeanor counts for allegedly making email threats against Wisconsin lawmakers during the height of the battle over Gov. Scott Walker’s budget-repair bill.

Katherine R. Windels of Cross Plains was named in a criminal complaint filed in Dane County Criminal Court.

According to the criminal complaint, Windels allegedly sent an email threat to State Sen. Robert Cowles (R-Green Bay) March 9. Later that evening, she allegedly sent another email to 15 Republican legislators, including Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald (R-Juneau).

The subject line of the second email was: “Atten: Death Threat!!!! Bomb!!!” In that email, she purportedly wrote, “Please put your things in order because you will be killed and your families will also be killed due to your actions in the last 8 weeks.”

“I hope you have a good time in hell,” she allegedly wrote in the lengthy email in which she purportedly listed scenarios in which the legislators and their families would die, including bombings and by “putting a nice little bullet in your head.”

Ah, civil discourse.  Can’t you just feel the tolerance and diversity there?

But it doesn’t stop there.  According to The  Underground Conservative, she is also a pre-school teacher.

She is a 2010 graduate of Madison Area Technical College with an Associate’s Degree in Early Childhood Education, which would fit, since on her PeekYou profile she lists Wexford Head Start as one of her work experiences. She also lists a place called The Red Caboose; a Google search turns up a Red Caboose in Madison for Toddler, Preschool and School Age programs.

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At any rate, get over to The Underground Conservative.  There are pictures and screen-caps to be seen.

Now there is another development underway in the case of the union shakedown of local businesses.  Several bloggers, including Da Tech Guy, have pointed out that threatening the boycott of businesses might be a felony…

So let’s take a look at what Wisconsin law states, specifically Wisconsin Statutes > Criminal Code > Chapter 943 > Subchapter III > § 943.30 – Threats to injure or accuse of crime:

943.30 Threats to injure or accuse of crime.
943.30(1) 1) Whoever, either verbally or by any written or printed communication, maliciously threatens to accuse or accuses another of any crime or offense, or threatens or commits any injury to the person, property, business, profession, calling or trade, or the profits and income of any business, profession, calling or trade of another, with intent thereby to extort money or any pecuniary advantage whatever, or with intent to compel the person so threatened to do any act against the person’s will or omit to do any lawful act emphasis mine, is guilty of a Class H felony.

Note that since according to the letter sent out to businesses a “neutral” stance is not allowed, the union is COMPELLING the person to act against their will or suffer the consequences. That makes this section active and makes the union letter written proof of a class H felony.

A class H felony in Wisconsin carries a max of 6 years a fine of $10k or both.

And the second section is even more interesting:

(2) Whoever violates sub. (1) by obstructing, delaying or affecting commerce or business or the movement of any article or commodity in commerce or business is guilty of a Class H felony.

So that means that if you are a protester as part of the promised boycotts or picket of a business based on the above letter: Presto! You are subject to this same penalty!

As I pointed out in my last post on this topic, is it time for a lawsuit of the RICO variety?

In the end, all of this shows, more and more, that organized labor is nothing more than a criminal enterprise.

  • Pre schoolers are being indoctrinated by that woman? That right there disturbs me as much as the threats.

    • Indoctrination is what they do. The entire system is set up to do just that.

  • Great post Matt! Heck yeah I can feel the tolerance and diversity coming from the left! Go figure that it was a teacher who wrote that death threat letter, I bet Chris Matthews is just wishing that it has been a white domestic tea party terrorist. Oh well guess he won’t report on that.

    That was an interesting note about boycotting being illegal. Guess the judge their in Wisconsin will have to overturn that law too.

    Keep up the great posting!

    • Indeed. It wouldn’t surprise me that a lib judge would decided to state that extortion was just free speech.

  • But it was all for the greater good. That can’t be against the law.

    This women should be banned for life from getting within 100 feet of a minor.

    • Well, under standard liberal operative procedure, it’s not illegal if they do it.