Sunday Links: Tesla Edition


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Well folks, It’s Sunday again, and it’s time for the Sunday Link Post.  Tesla songs have been rattling around in my head, so I thought it would be a nice theme.

Colosseum Season in Jeopardy as Romans Lock out Gladiators, Christians and Lions

Obama Waited Too Long on Libya- Opposition Down to 1K Fighters Now

Good News! Radical Islam Is Not A Threat To The World.


Dear David Sirota

This is True Truth to Power

The dark side of human nature is the basis for our economic problems…

Idaho moves forward with school reform…

Weekend Humor

Barack Obama then and now: Interfering in a civil war

Bring Back Manufacturing (Without The Unions!)

N. Carolina Passes House Bill 33 – Stopping Acceptace of Mexican Matricula Consular Cards


Kidney Patients being told to accept death, forgo Dialysis

VIDEO: Bakersfield YAL Visualizes the Debt

Barack Obama and the Nobel Peace Prize

Obama 2012! WOOOO!!!!

Donald Trump gets weekly Fox News gig

The Guardian and the Times take up the White Man’s Burden



The price of a carbon tax

Stupid leftwing comment: the “Bush’s Wars” edition

The five greatest war movies you probably never heard of

Bomb Threats: Wisconsin News Omits That Katherine Windels, Woman Charged in Making Death Threats Against Republican Senators, Is a School Teacher (video)

NY Mega Millions “Candy Bar” Lottery Winners: Buying a Snickers Bar Gave 7 People Winning Lottery Ticket

April Obama Day

War, Obama and a conservative’s response

Best Earth Hour Sign-Off…EVAH!

Separated At Birth?

Richard Goldstone Confirms He Was A Useful Idiot

This White Man Can’t Dance – Assange Dancing the Night Away

Remember That Emailed Death Threat to WI Lawmakers? Unions Various and Sundry

Lawyers Seeking JUSTICE – Nah, just headlines……

Nice Tone: Death Threats Against Mackinac Center

WyBlog to acquire The New York Times in stock swap deal

Robo-Love Friday

Eric Clapton & Phil Collins: In The Air Tonight (Live at Montreux ’86)

Proposed Giant 443 Ft. Tall Offshore Windmill Produces Only 7MW Of Electricity

Dilbert and Dewey From Detroit Keep Telling The Truth

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Video: Megyn Kelly Covers Union Intimidation Against Wisconsin Businesses (Updated with more videos)

Abandon Ship?

SOS from Japan


Trump Gets Permanent Gig With Fox News

Charles Krauthammer: “Syria’s ‘Reformer’”

Senator Rand Paul Rocks!

Libyan “Rebels” May Be al-Qaida

Herman Cain Slams Creeping Sharia

New Jobs Figures A Real April Fools Day Joke On America

Remembrance … President Reagan assassination attempt

Lybia: Rebel Commander says AQ jihadists are helping them

Double Standard?

Man Talks To His Weiner!, Louder With Crowder

Vote for “The People’s Map” to be featured on Judge Napolitano’s Show

Hillary Clinton: We Want the Libyan Rebels to Win…We Just Don’t Know Who They Are

The BoBo Carnival of Politics – March 27, 2011 Edition

Rule 5 Saturday

Is Nothing Sacred!: The Miss Universe Scandal [Updated Below]

Conservatives and the Progressive Executive

Mike Huckabee’s Christianity “at gunpoint”

Ahmadinejad and the rise of the 12th Imam

UPDATE: Link to a Must-See Beck Show – Iran Expects the 12th Imam Very Soon – Video Link

Some “Blunt Opinions” On The 2012 GOP Presidential Field

Redneckonomics, Vacation Version (2nd Edition): The Economics of Pontoon Boats

Your Saturday dose of Allen West

And again I ask, if ObamaCare is so freaking great…………..

The Vacation and The Mission from God

Is Enriquez Right about the Republican Party’s Direction?

Sully: ‘We Are Damn Lucky to Have Him at This Fraught Moment in History’

Showing Any Public Figure Crucified Is As Tasteless As Burning The Qur’an

Modern Revolutions and the Road to Hell

The Senate Was For a No Fly Zone Before It Was Against It

Read and Decide

Impressment of Americans

Libya : Kinetic Military Action

NJ Dem pushing pension reform exploited double-dip loophole

One Constitutional Crisis After Another – Impeach Obama – Video

Enjoy your Sunday, the videos, and check out all the fine links today.  If you feel the need, and think this humble blog worthy, there is a tip jar in the the left sidebar.

  • I was thinking the electric car. 🙂 Thanks for the link.

    • Lol, though both the band and the car share the same namesake.

      You’re welcome for the link.

  • My God, you make the longest link lists, its insane. I know I say this every Sunday, but the effort you put into these is most appreciated.

    Thanks for my inclusion my friend. =)

    • Thanks for the kind words, Fleece. You’re welcome, and thanks for all the great content.

  • Thank you for the link. I appreciate it.

    • You’re welcome!

  • Thanks for the link!

    • You are most welcome Steve.

  • Cool band. I have couple of their CD’s (I’m so old school) in the collection. I think I’ll dust them off.

    Thanks for the link.

    • I have one of them on cassette!

  • Jim

    Thanks for the links, Matt. With your help the thoughts of a lot of good bloggers are getting more exposure in the blogosphere. God Bless.

    • Thank you Jim. Hopefully, some folks will get more readers out of it.

  • Thanks for the link, Matt. So much to read & so little time…

    • You’re welcome Bob. There are a lot of good folks out there that need to be read.

  • wow what a super effort Matt.thanks for all u do. hope ya had a nice weekend~!..almost

    • Thank you, Angel.

  • Many thanks for the link.

    • You are very welcome.

  • This is late, but I just wanna say thanks for the link, Matt. I always appreciate the support.

    • No prob, KS, Thanks for all you do.

  • Delayed thanks for the links and another top-notch aggregation.

    • Thank you Bob.

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