Communists, Unions, and Astroturf, Oh my


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As we see more of the union protests, we see more and more of two additional elements; Communists and substantial funding.  For the latest, take a look at this video from Rebel Pundit, via Big Government…

Here is an excerpt from Rebel Pundit…

While Tea Parties have received massive amounts of ridicule for being so called “Astro-Turf” (corporate funded) from the institutional left and mainstream media, left wing protesters claim the moral high ground of being a “true” grassroots movement. However once again, our footage reveals an extremely elaborate and costly production put on by these so called “true” grassroots activists. This particular protest had at least hundreds of protesters bussed in on at least 12 school busses we counted taking up two city blocks in downtown Chicago, and an audio/video system that could outdo many local rock concerts at Chicago’s infamous summer street fairs. It seems unlikely that there is no “Astro-Turf” funding for these nationwide protests that occurred this past Saturday.

I wonder who paid for the Jumbotron?  As I mentioned in my post from yesterday, when the funding for a protest is pulled, it all stops on a dime.  When the funding is provided, we get the typical leftist protest; with identically printed signs and shirts, transportation, and, in this case, a freaking Jumbotron. Because, dear reader, all “grassroots” protest groups have Jumbotrons.

And, once again, we see a communists openly operating with union members. They aren’t even bothering to hide it anymore, but I am surprised that more people aren’t making the connection.  In all honesty, we need to expose this until the people see it for what it is.  I think that the more people that see it, the more people will see through the union rhetoric.


  • These people aren’t even trying to hide who they are anymore and it is probably because they feel that they gave a sympathizer in the White House. This is good because the more the expose themselves the quicker it will backfire on them.

    • I see this, more and more, as grist for the mill in the next election.

  • All of these protests must be sucking up a good portion of their coffers. Trying to look at the brighter side, which is hard to do these days.

    • I hear you. They are spending a ton of cash that cannot be used for Obama in 2012. And if they lose then, they will be really short when it comes to fighting the reforms that will come in 2013.

  • The UP infidel

    To shamelessly borrow a blog quote with minor tweaking: “When the Communists show up at Union protest you don’t pick sides, you pray for an asteroid.

    • I lol’d when I read that. Thanks for the comment.

  • Unions and communism are like chocolate and peanut butter, aren’t they?

    • So it seems. I mean, we’ve all known that was the case. It’s good to be able to document it.

  • Somewhere George Soros is saying “Well done children.”

    • Spooky Dude is undoubtedly pleased.

  • Yes, Karl Marx would be proud.
    I hope the Republicans know how to use this type of footage against the fools.

    • I hope so too. They’re throwing softballs at us.

  • MK

    So leftists think they’re a true grass roots movement, LOL yeah sure. They’re truly insane.