The USA and the USSA : Maybe it is Time to Go Our Seperate Ways


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Maybe it is time to split the blanket. The politically Left and the politically Right peacefully co-existed, more or less, for around 200 years. But, since the sixties, the two groups have become more and more polarized. Today it seems the differences are irreconcilable.

The left doesn’t like our constitution. For them it has long out-lived its usefulness. We on the Right love the Constitution. We believe it defines the very best form of government that man has ever devised. The Left believes in the collective while the Right believes in the individual. The Left believes in an all-powerful centralized federal government while the Right believes in a small Federal government where most of the power lies with the states and the people. The list of differences could go on and on; but you get the picture.

To me, It is becoming clear that the Left, dominated by progressive/socialist thought and the Right, dominated by conservative/libertarian thought are never going to be able to find a balance of policy where they can peacefully co-exist. so, what I am suggesting is that, before things evolve into civil war, maybe the two sides should just agree to disagree and go their separate ways. We agree to divide-up the country such that the Left could establish their United Socialist States of America and the Right could re-establish the United States of America as our Founders intended it to be.

Okay! Okay! I know this is never going to happen, although maybe it should. But, play along with me if you would. Let’s fantasize about what we on the Right would do if we had the opportunity to start all over again. Let’s assume we could resolve all the issue of dividing the territory, dividing the military, dividing the national debt, renegotiate all international treaties, etc.,etc. What would you want to do to ensure, that given a second chance, the American experiment would not fail again? Would you want to make any changes to the Constitution for the sake of clarity? What government agencies would you eliminate or modify? How would you want to fund government. What would you do different with our current monetary system? What would do differently in the area of education? How would you suggest we protect our borders? What other issues do you think it would be important to discuss?

Although we are play a game of fantasy, I am looking for serious ideas. I urge you, dear readers, to use the comments section to share your ideas. On a one time basis, I encourage you to invite your friends to come by and take part. Even though we are playing at fantasy, I think we might learn something from this process.

Have fun with this. I’m looking forward to a lively discussion.

Original Post: Conservatives on Fire

  • I’m up for secession! Let me provide a short list to answer your question.

    Since we’re starting over …

    Scrap the Constitution. It should be obvious to everyone by now that it didn’t work. The Articles of Confederation are a much better guide.

    If we’re stuck with the Constitution …

    Scrap the 16th and 17th amendments. Make it a law that there will never be an income tax, not even by amendment. Same goes for a central bank. Absolutely no central bank ever. The executive branch has to be more strictly bound and limited. As to war, other than repelling sudden attack, it’s up to the Congress to decide war. Military action against US citizens, particularly on US soil, is an act of treason punishable by death. And the Declaration must be enshrined as law, so it may not be infringed.

    That’s a good start.

    • Jim

      yes. That would be a good start. I understand the libertarian position on using aggressive force. Although I think that is a nice ideal, I believe it is only prudent to have the ability to use a preemptive strike under certain conditions.

      • Well, preemptive war is a whole other subject. I recommend consulting Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower about that. What I’m talking about is power.

        A president that can make war on his own accord is no different than a king.

        This was the original intent of the constitution. Read the Federalist Papers, the ratifying conventions, letters our most famous founders sent between themselves. War destroys liberty, therefore, the power to make war was vested in legislature as a whole.

        It is also the original American conservative position. “Mr. Republican” Robert A. Taft fought FDR and Truman over this principle. Russell Kirk, Richard Weaver, Garet Garrett, et. al. fought along with him.

        Restraining presidential power isn’t simply “a nice ideal.” It was the American way a life for the better part of our history and is deeply rooted in our creed.

        To loathe power is our American heritage. So, let’s make sure we keep that heritage the next time around. Otherwise, it’ll all be for naught.

        • Jim

          Thanks for the clarification, CL. We are in total agreement as long as there is a mechanism to respond to a credible threat with a preemptive strike rather than wait for the enemy to attack first.

    • I don’t think the Constitution failed. We the people failed. We didn’t do our job to keep it. That, and there was a reason for replacing the Articles…it was so ineffectual that nothing got done. While in most cases, that was a blessing, even the founders voted to do do away with the thing.

      This reminded me of the the Honduras election problems from last year. The lefty pal of Hugo Chavez wanted to violate the Honduran Constitution by running for another term. He tried to hold a referendum on it. The Legislature and the Supreme Court there removed him. They could because there are parts of the Honduran Constitution that cannot be changed. They had suffered enough tin pot dictators that they made some of their Constitution unchanging no matter what any lefty wanted. What if, in a reboot, we could do that with some of our Constitution…

      1. No National Bank-EVER!
      2. No income tax-EVER!
      3. No Department of Education-EVER!
      4. No Government subsidies of business

      You get the idea. We don’t have to make it completely inflexible, but if we target the areas that the left exploits…

      It literally saved Honduras, it might work here too.

      • I like that approach, Mattt. Maybe we could add to your list something to the effect that nothing could ever be done that could be remotely construed to deminish staes rights.

  • The Russians are predicting that the current polarization will balkanize the United States and I am not so sure that they got it wrong. The socialist poison being peddled by the left is taking a severe toll on America and I really don’t know how much more she can stand before she falls.

    As for what I would advocate, I believe that we should return to our roots and a small national government whose power is checked by the States. The leviathan that we are saddled with now is no friend to individual liberty. As for the economy, it should be based on the gold standard to insure that we can pay our national bills.

    • Jim

      I agree, william. The principle function of governmen tshould be the protection of the rights of the individual.

  • First off, how the hell would we split the military? No way in hell would it work 50/50, easily more than half the military would want to stay with the USA.

    As far as the rest, just follow the damn Constitution, it ain’t hard. But you have a good point, how do we prevent the same thing from happening all over again? Perhaps through the sheer act of splitting the country along philosophical lines it would be enough to teach the future generations what can happen when the rule of law becomes the rule of man. Should it be left to Providence and hope? Probably not, but your question is an excellent mental exercise, that will keep me cogitating for days.

    • Jim

      Maybe we take the military and they can have the DHS. They would probably see that as fair.

  • I would start with removing the “general welfare” clause in the constitution because I feel it is this clause that has been the most abused. Something must also be done to clarify the commerce clause, and while I am at it I would consider repealing the 17th amendment in order to give the states more influence in the federal government.

  • theCL has us off to a good start. I’d also do away with lifetime appointments to SCOTUS & term limits for Congress creatures.

  • KP

    A real step:

    In California (perhaps some of you can comment on your own states) I would begin by doing away with gerrymandering. My hope is that it is underway. Gerrymandering creates “safe areas” for one party. The result of that is that the left and the right compete against themselves for state and federal office. We see the result in congress. Elected officials who could never, ever, ever win a national election (like Pelosi or whoever you consider the most conservative member of congress). Over the last twenty to thirty years gerrymandering has resulted in more and more extreme elected officials beholding to the special interests that supported them. It is no hard to understand why the congress in DC is so divided and unpopular with voters. Likewise, Sacramento is a victim of paralysis.

    • Excellent point. Probably easier said than done. In a way it is a shame that we have to political parties at all. We have but one Constitution so why couldn’t our legislators be elected at large? There would be the problem of maintaining representativeness I suppose

  • First ,return to sound money and cut our ties to the Federal Reserve.
    Second, end free trade agreements with nations like China.
    Third, end a host of agencies such as the EPA and return control of these areas to state and local authorities.
    Fourth, completely restructure social security and medicare.
    I could keep going, but those are the big four.

  • Please do fix the typo in Separate (not seperate) and delete this portion of my comment.

    I would love to give you ideas on what to do with a clean slate. But that is not my role in this political landscape. I would not be politically motivated in such a situation. I would leave those questions to you fine fellows.

    Just a truthful answer to a mom-type that would rather be focusing on family stuff, not all the insanity around us. That so many of my mom-type peers don’t even seem to notice.

    Okay, that gives me an idea. My emphasis in a “clean slate” situation would be on not screwing up education with government intervention.

    Seriously. Stay away from my kids, libs.

    cheers friend!