Blog Focus: Effect then cause – the key to the progressive strategy for America


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Here is an excerpt from a brilliant post at Fleecme

When I am not thinking about Quantum physics or working on my latest translation of the poems of Li Bai, I often contemplate the nature of the beast.  The beast of course is the progressive in America.  Occasionally I have an epiphany, something that strikes me like a lightning bolt and makes me say “Of course!” (no Eureka! here, I am not suggesting my new idea is unique to me), this happened to me last night while I was watching MST3K’s version of Hamlet, I should note the stroke of insight was not attributable to Mike and his robots only in that the episode was so boring my mind was left to mull over other things.

So what was the epiphanous moment fleece?  It relates to how progressives seek change.  As a conservative, I am a fairly logical person.  I look at the world around me and see what is wrong with it, and I can usually determine the reasons for the ills and can logically discern a method of correcting the problem.  I believe most conservatives, and in fact most people, are this way.  Maybe some people don’t do it so cerebrally, it is more a gut feeling, but the conclusions are the same.  The progressive does not view the world this way.  They see the world as an opportunity.  The problems we face as a society are not something to be fixed, they are reasons to implement pieces of the “grand strategy”.  If fixing the problem is a happy by-product, all the better, but that is not the goal.  In fact, often the problem needs to be created in order to enable the progressive to offer the fix.  Perhaps an example is in order.

Public Education

Let’s look to public education.  Most normal Americans look to our public education system and can not for the life of us understand why it isn’t being fixed, or at least improved.  Every year we dump more money into the system, and every year the graduation rates, the reading levels, the test scores, are either static or going down.  How can this be?  Because most people think of cause and effect.  The progressive tackles a problem in the exact opposite, effect then cause if you will.

If the goal of the progressives in regards to public education is to create a mechanism where unlimited public finance needs to be pumped into the system on an ever-increasing yearly basis, a program where teachers unions hold a monopoly on the education system, a mechanism to ensure a paying job and benefits for the rest of their lives, what must the progressives do to make that happen?  I can tell you one thing they absolutely CAN NOT do; they CAN NOT do a good job!

If they taught our children and raised the test scores, graduation rates and reading levels, then there would be no need to give them more money.  If the teaching system worked, there would be no need to implement new fangled concepts like “Expeditionary Learning” or any other progressive ideas for teaching.  In essence, America would cry out, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”  And that is the key to the plan, the system needs to be broke.  And the only way to break it, is to fail to do your job.  Actually, failing to do your job is too innocuous, they are in fact purposely screwing up the education system for their own gains.

I can not contribute any more to this.  It is a perfect as a blog post gets.  This is only a part of the overall post.  Get over to FleeceMe, or the Sentry Journal, to read the rest.


  • Wow, thanks for the very kind words and the focus. =)

  • Terrific post. Another example would be the promises made by the progressives to the black community. Nothing ever gets better for them, but their votes are assured for big government because they are dependent on the progressives.

  • It was a great post. As soon as I read it, I knew it needed sharing.