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Great Moments in Civil Discourse: Child Abuse Edition


Well, the Tea Party videos are rolling in, and once again, we see lefties behaving badly.  Behold the response when a teenager speaks at the Madison Tea Party.

Once again, the forces of “tolerance and diversity” attempt to silence anyone who disagrees with them.  Did you notice all the noise the lefties were making?  Remember, when the left talks about “democracy,” it means that they are the only ones that get to participate.   Of course, even kids are fair game for them.  As I said in the last post, we are looking into the face of evil.

H/T: Gateway Pundit

  • Zilla

    Wow. What a horrible little man! You could almost see the wheels trying to turn in his tiny rat like brain while he struggled to find clever ways to insult a child.

    • Matt

      And he got wide eyed when he noticed that he was being recorded, and went right back to the garbage. What a drone!

  • Always On Watch

    I note that the mainstream media will not carry this video. **sigh**

    • Matt

      Eh, we don’t need them. They are dying anyway. As more people see this, and the other videos, they will realize that the MSM us lying.

  • innominatus

    That guy looks like he could go a Geico caveman commercial without even needing makeup. What a loser.

    • Matt

      I was contacted by the cavemen. They are upset and insulted by your comparison.

  • Jim at Conservatives On Fire

    Some of the Left’s best and brightest?

    • Matt

      Yeah, he must be top shelf!

  • Teresa

    What a potty mouth! Gee… that man acted like an adult. NOT!! The Left revealed.

    • Matt

      And there are thousands and thousands or useful idiots just like him.