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Great Moments in Civil Discourse: "Wipe my A** with the Flag" Edition


Just so there are no misunderstandings, this is the “new tone,” according the left.

And they apparently hold the National Anthem in reverence, by booing and attempting to drown it out.

I’m now having a hard time coming up with another way of saying, “this is the left.”  With all the evidence that is coming in, it is difficult to not be redundant.

Let’s put it this way; if you love this country, no matter your political persuasion, these people are NOT like us.  We might disagree, have conflicts about the role of the government, or even not a single  thing in common, but we love this country, and want it to be great.  The “progressives” in this video, and ones that show up at protests all over the country, do not.  They do not believe in freedom, or even the right to disagree with them.  They do not believe in the Republic, they believe in Marx.  They don’t believe in hard work, they believe in taking from others.  They don’t want to achieve, they want to keep others from achieving.  And, they sure as hell do not agree with civility or debate, they just want everyone else to be silenced.

Is that America, or is it something else?

H/T: Lonely Conservative

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  • Infidel de Manahatta

    Leftists are filled with self-loathing and project their hatred of themselves onto the United States. They hate anything that is great and successful. The U.S., being both is an obvious target.

    • Matt

      Indeed Mr. Infidel. I cannot add anything to that.

  • Jim at Conservatives On Fire

    I have to believe they are damaging their own cause. These are the same tactics I see from the Chavista scum bags every time the opposition tries to hold a rally. Nothing but mental midgets.

    • Matt

      Indeed Jim. They are going to get a surprise when they are no longer useful.