Earth Day: Is it Just One Big Communist Plot?


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In honor of Earth Day Lenin’s Birthday, here is a classic post from A Conservative Teacher.

Happy Lenin’s Birthday
Is it a coincidence that I’m wishing you this today? I don’t think so. Earth Day arrives on the exact same day as Lenin’s Birthday. One of the very first Earth day celebrations took place exactly on the 100 year anniversary of Comrade Lenin’s birthday. Many former communists saw Earth Day, with its goals and interests, as being very similar to the goals and interests of the great communist Lenin. Does this coincidence convince you that Earth Day is a big communist plot? Need more evidence?

Friends of the Earth
The group that founded “Earth Day” was a group called Friends of the Earth. This group also promotes socialism- just as strongly as it does environmentalism. It advocates economic redistribution, government regulation of nearly all aspects of people’s lives, communal land ownership, control of production in the hands of the masses, etc. Its main bogeymen are: “evil” corporations (especially the Fortune 500 companies,) Big Oil, Wall Street, the World Bank, the World Trade Organization and (naturally) George Bush. Oh yeah- it also founded Earth Day too. It is not far-fetched to think that by promoting and celebrating Earth Day, perhaps some of the other aims of Friends of the Earth will be advanced. Still not convinced that Earth Day is a big communist plot? Need more evidence?

Symbol of Earth Day
The symbol of the first Earth Day is a circle with a broken cross, with the bars pointing downward. It is a New Age symbol meaning the rejection of Christianity. The goal was to replace the worship of the Christian religion with the worship of Mother Earth. Communist ideology demand you worship the state and not a Christian god, and so communists frequently also attack the church. Earth Day then fits very nicely with the goals of communists. Still not convinced that Earth Day is a big communist plot? Need more evidence?

Motives of Earth Day activists
According to wikipedia, the goal of Earth Day is to push for: Total state control of society, especially businesses and industry (to help the environment, I guess). Recognition of the sacred nature of Mother Earth, including an almost reverent worship of anything ‘green’ (to help the environment, I guess). Using force to change people’s behavior (to help the environment, I guess). Stopping or slowing ‘development’ or ‘progress’, to return to a Utopian world of equality (to help the environment, I guess). These goals are the goals of communists, are they not? Still not convinced that Earth Day is a big communist plot? Need more evidence?

More Evidence:
Here are some of the goals, issues, and beliefs on, one of the official websites promoting Earth Day: “Join the Revolution”! Pass laws that give more power to the government, in order to ‘stop global warming’. Stop building any new energy producing plants. “Protect the poor and middle class from unfairly bearing the cost of climate crisis” by increasing taxes on the rich and redistributing that money to the poor and middle class. Unite all religions in the name of global warming. Teach children in schools less about rights and more about the environment, and their responsibility to fight poverty. Still not convinced that Earth Day is a big communist plot? Need more evidence?

More Evidence: The Wilderness Society
For teachers, The Wilderness Society (an environmental group) has resources on how to teach about Earth Day. Here are some of them: A coloring book for 3rd graders with the theme of “Stop drilling in ANWR”. A timeline that 7th graders can construct of all the laws that government passed, to see the “progress” of government. Stories to read about ‘environmental heroes’- also (coincidentally) all good revolutionary communists

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Bush’s Version of Earth Day
Under Republican President George Bush, the official government version of Earth Day was a bit different. According to the EPA website then, as declared by President Bush, Earth Day was more about: Celebrating the gains we have made in protecting the environment. Achieving meaningful results in protecting the environment. Encouraging volunteer efforts to save energy, reduce or recycle, and educate yourself to be more friendly to the environment. Taking pride in America by maintaining our public lands

Obama’s Version of Earth Day
Under Democrat President Barack Obama, the official government version of Earth Day though looks very much like Lenin’s birthday. According to the EPA website now, according to President Obama, Earth Day is about: Learning about environmental justice, which is the fair treatment and meaningful involvement of all people in the development, implementation, and enforcement of environmental laws, regulations, and policies. Earth Day is about lobbying your local school to spend less time teaching reading and math and more time teaching environmental protection. Most importantly, Earth Day is about engaging in celebrations and festivals of worship on this most holy of days.

Earth Day: A Communist Plot
So, today when the news runs story after story about Earth Day, when teachers encourage you to ‘celebrate’ Earth Day, when google and yahoo ‘go green’, you can now respond back by saying-

“Happy Earth Day too, comrade”.

Original Post: A Conservative Teacher

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  • Earth Day…another of those lefty, hippy-dippy cannibis-laced celebrations of mindlessness left over from the ’60s. Respect for the environment was one thing that socialists & communists never had, as evidenced by the horrendous pollution in China today & in the Iron Curtain countries & the former Soviet Union in times bygone.

  • The wolves just keep coming. The only thing keeping us from their fangs is our guns.

    • And they will be coming for those soon enough.

  • Thanks for all of this info! I always just thought these were enviro-wackos who want to save the earth, but I didn’t realize they were just pawns in a larger, more dangerous game.

  • Thanks so much for reading this! I have an updated version of this post on my blog if you want to see another piece of evidence that I uncovered.

  • Watermellons…..Green on the outside but red on the inside.

  • Environmentalism for the collective at the expense of individual rights is never the answer, and, to me, that is what some parts of the current environmental movements seem to advocate. The “Friends of the Earth” group make it blindingly obvious.

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  • KP

    First – we need more conservative teachers! No doubt. Second – this thread might be over the top, mates. Recall, 80% of the country doesn’t agree with the far left or the far right. Each account for about 10% of voters. So, who are you trying to persuade? What are your goals? If a group has specific goals and wants additional support they would be best served by connecting with others who may not agree but are ready to be persuaded.

  • Total government control plus respect for Mother Earth. Uh-huh. What short memories some people have.
    When communist regimes collapsed in Europe at the end of the 1980s the world saw how far behind their industries had slipped. Factories without even a pretence at antipollution measures.