GOP Establishment Goes on Offensive Against Tea Party Congressmen


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Ready for some outrage?  It seems that the GOP establishment is using redistricting to take out some of the districts that elected Tea Party sponsored candidates. For more, kindly take a look at this from NewsMax:

House freshmen from several GOP-majority states are in danger of losing out in a political realignment that rewards more connected veteran representatives. It may be cold comfort to tea partyers that the hostile redistricting process proves their point: They really don’t belong to the political establishment.

“They did not have ties with incumbents and weren’t afforded a seat at the table,” said political journalist Ed Feigenbaum.

Rep. Jeffrey Landry, a tea party-backed winner last November in Louisiana, saw his seat vaporized under redistricting. Louisiana’s GOP power brokers also scattered Landry’s base of support across multiple congressional districts so that four-term Rep. Charles Boutsany can survive any potential 2012 primary challenge from Landry.

So, as you can see, the establishment (RINO) GOP is taking it’s vengeance against the Tea Party.  They seek to marginalize the movement by removing it’s elected representatives via redistricting.  It’s bad enough that we have to fight the left tooth and nail.  Now, we have to continue fighting the GOP as well.  As usual, I have some ideas.

1.  RS McCain said it best when he said “Not One Red Cent,” meaning no money to the RNC.  We need to get back on board with making sure that the establishment get’s put on a starvation diet.  Then, as candidates emerge, I’m sure that there will be another round of “Ten Buck Fridays” to support Conservative candidates around the country.

2.  All over the US, there are groups working hard to take over the GOP from the ground up.  By becoming part of the GOP on the local level, you can help promote true Conservatives all the way to the state level.  Once the state level is controlled by Conservatives, the National party is within our grasp.  For example, in my state, efforts are being undertaken by the PA Precinct Project.  If you are able, you can find related organizations in your state, and assist them.

If there any other ideas out there, kindly drop them in the comment section, and I’ll do some updates.

  • This kind of thing is why I left the GOP behind. On a national level they have been bought off by the same people who own the Democrats.

    • The rot is very substantial, isn’t it?

  • The Republicans had a chance through redistricting to help themselves out a little bit and what did they chose to do instead? Go after the people that gave them the majorities instead. This is what we are dealing with and is it any wonder why so many people who consider themselves conservatives are fed up with the Republican party?

    • They are acting to maintain their own power…to hell with everyone else.

  • So, as you can see, the establishment (RINO) GOP is taking it’s vengeance against the Tea Party.

    It’s all about the GOP maneuvering to be part of the federal oligarchy.

    • Most of them are useless to us, but very much so for the left.

  • This is very frustrating, especially when you consider the gains we recently made. If the GOP establishment is going to work behind the scenes to undo those gains, then we should ask the question, what good are they to us in our efforts to make positive changes to our country.

    • Frankly, they are to be overcome. We need time to get to them, and remove them.

  • Not one red cent from me….

    • Neither from me.

  • This is just too sad. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you GOP!

    • They apparently haven’t learned. And, I think it’s safe to assume that they never will.

  • The RINOs obviously learned nothing last November. I like your plan, Matt. We have to take over the Party at the local and state level.
    MORE TEA PARTIES! MORE TEA PARTIES! I hope this backfires in their face. the —— traitors

    • I think they did learn, that we are a threat to us. They have not realized that we can communicate and coordinate.

  • Is there any hope for the Republican party? Sadly no. It’s time to leave them in the dust and let them go to the best democratic cocktail parties.

    • I’ve been asking myself that same question. The answer isn’t pretty.

  • No money to the RNC is right! That and the possibility of losing their cushy jobs are the only damn things these RINOs understand. Sharpen up the pitchforks, folks…

    • Don’t forget the torches!

  • This exact thing is happening in Texas as well. TEXAS of all places. The State House speaker is a pure blooded rino and is gunning for the Tea Party (who tried to oust him as speaker). It’s getting nasty down here b/c the Tea party is digging in and getting ready for a fight. Keep your eyes on Austin.

    • That’s the thing with RINOs, they don’t follow the will of the people, or the results of elections.

  • This figures…. I don’t think that it’s fiscally sound policy for us to support the RNC. We can donate directly to candidates who support the Tea Party.

    • That was what the whole Ten Buck Fridays thing was all about.

  • Whenever a third force emerges it is always destroyed by the existing two.

    • One notable exception? The Republican Party.