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It’s Offend a Feminist Week!


There are multitudes of “cause” weeks, months, and days out there.  However, there is a newer cause to observe.  That, my friends, is Offend a Feminist Week.  Created by RS McCain, Offend a Feminist Week is a cheerful, yet completely offensive way to anger the feminazis out there.  Given that, how could I resist?

Here is my contribution to this great cause.

Ah, as it should be.

Offended yet? 😀

Bonus: Here are some Offend a Feminist Week Links for your enjoyment…

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Remember kids, Alinsky’s Rule #5 can be fun.

  • Love it, Matt! I’m a woman, but one who doesn’t much like most other women…

    • Glad you like it Karen!

  • Feminists should offend women. Feminists are the ones who think that all women should think alike and that there should be solidarity. Anybody who said that all blacks think alike or all Hispanics or all Asians would be outcasted as racist. Why are the feminists not treated as sexists?

    • I think their bitter and mentally ill, but that’s just me. They are sexist, and more sexist than they accuse any man of. Their just very noisy, unless the topic is Islam, then, it’s cricket time.

  • As Tony infers, feminists DO offend me, and always have. That ad, however, if it’s real, IS fairly offensive:-) She just needs a burka to make it perfectly understandable.

    Great post Matt! Love it.

    • As far as I know, it is a real ad. From the looks, it’s from the 50’s or 60’s.

  • Why is he wearing a tie in bed? 🙂

    • KP

      Ha, that was my first thought. My second thought was we’ve come a long way bay-beee!

    • Because it’s a man’s world!

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  • This may be the easiest week of the year!

    • Fish in a barrel, my friend.

  • Ah, for the good old days when men dressed for bed. Not like today, when proper bedroom attire is considered to be a baseball cap and a pair of running shoes…

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  • How do you *not* offend a radical feminist?

  • Want to really offend a feminist? Hold a door open for her.

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