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Offend a Feminist Week: What Women Want the Most


It’s time for the next round in the holy cause that is Offend a Feminist Week.


You understand hon, get cookin!  And look at how happy she is!

Here are some more Offend a Feminist Week Links…

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National Offend a Feminist Week


National Offend a Feminist Week 2011


  • ok not sure what this is all about Matt? come back and re read..:)

    • Angel, it’s Offend a Feminist week. Just poking some fun at the feminazi’s.

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  • A most worthy cause. Can we soon have offend a liberal week?

    • My friend, every day is Offend a Liberal day. Just tell the truth, for them, it’s like Holy Water to a vampire.

  • Thanks for the link, Matt!

    Can you believe that ads like these were tolerated? Wow.

    • I know. What would the reaction be now? I think we all know the answer to that.

  • I love the concept.

    Even better, I’m liking the execution. Now if only some credulous feminist dweeb would take the bait.

    Now, if you’ll excuse me I have to order my girlfriend to iron my shirt.

    • So far, not luck. Make sure she does it well!

  • MK


    Great ad.

  • Ben Stein recently got in trouble for telling this joke: “An airplane started having trouble and was going down. Realizing death was near, a curvy blonde stood up and asked if any man on the plane could make her feel like a woman. A redneck promptly stood up, removed his shirt, handed it to her and said, “Iron this for me and go get me a beer.”

    Obviously, the joke is about misogynistic trailer trash. But the feminists are up in arms.

    • The Muslims can do honor killings, and not a peep from the feminazis.

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