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Sunday Links: TV Theme Edition


I’m baaaaack!  The break was good, and I was able to get a great deal of work done.  Thanks to everyone who continued to visit and comment.

As for the theme, I’m going back to the 80’s, and giving you some old TV themes, so enjoy the links, and a trip down memory lane.  So you know, the yearly hosting bill is coming up, so please hit the tip jar.  Things are a bit tight here at the bunker.

The ONE car that could (maybe) make a hybrid driving hippie outta me…

Belvedere Celebrates the Big Three – Oh…

Going Green Without Thinking: Using 250 Acres Of Photovoltaic Cells To Power 50,000 Homes

Iraq War Veteran Shot Dead in Cold Blood

Yes, It Can Happen Here

Porn Found In Osama Bin Laden Compound

Now THAT is one crazy person

Porno Akbar!

Would you believe Bob Belvedere’s blog is three years old?

General Zod Forms Exploratory Committee to Determine If He Should Run for President in 2012

My Exclusive Interview with Wife of Bin Laden Injured in Navy Seal Raid

Democratic Senate vs Republican House on Gas Prices

Friday Ramblings: Do we even know what liberty is anymore?

Guest Saturday with My Tea Party Chronicle

Have Republicans Learned How To Take Advantage Of A Crisis?

Now We Know What Osama Was Doing Last 10 Years: Downloading Porn

Whatever Happened to AuH2O?

League of Woman Voters ads Non Partisian? Are you kidding me?

Newt? No Problem.

Well What Do You Know, Muslim Brotherhood Leader Running For President of Egypt

When you sell your Subaru and take the bus, then we can talk

Perusing the Conservative Blogosphere

Beltway Babies Say Goodnight

‘Der Diese Liebe Mir Ins Herz Gehaucht’

Political Numerology

The Myth Of Big Oil Subsidies

Obama Quotes the Bible

Candidates Being Chosen for the People?


Muslim Brotherhood Leader to Run for President of Egypt

Love huh!

Barack Obama admits the Libyan war is open-ended

George Soros has ties to over 30 major news outlets


Weird Al Wednesday: White And Nerdy

Banning the Ice Cream Man in Novato, Kalifornia

Bill Whittle Does Some War on Terror Meme Myth-busting

Blogger back to normal?

Presidential numerology

Give It To The AGW Eco-Tards

Opening the Morganza Spillway in Louisiana…

The Ummah And Osama Bin Laden

Tax Truths


Saturday at the Movies – “The Picture of Barack Obama”

Majority Say U.S.-Mexico Not Secure

Student Called “Bigot” at Diversity Training

A&M GLBT Sex Seminar Story Gains National Coverage with Help of, Affects Legislation

Freshman (Dis)orientation Wasn’t Enough: Sponsors Plan to “Reload”

“The Tribe” strikes again!

More Good News for California: Card Check About to Be Signed Into Law By Governor Union Toady

WH Poet Controversy: Bill O’Reilly Wants to Debate Jon Stewart on Rapper Common’s Defense of Cop Killers, Common Also Against Interracial Marriages (video)

Saturday Laughs: NewsBusted on Osama bin Laden, High Gas Prices, Lady Gaga, Teleprompter Inventor’s Death, Tavis Smiley’s Racism Prediction, Obama’s Birth Certificate, & More (video)

How Boeing’s SC Workers Can Strike Back…

WTF Ad of the Year – Dan Adler “Minorities Need to Stick Together”

Stuck on Keynesian Stupid

Saturday News Roundup

Perusing the Conservative Blogosphere…

Saturday Movie Matinee

White House Briefing With Jay Carney “Goes Dark”

Aatifa Does Abbottabad (A Jihadi Version Of Debbie Does Dallas)

Love Pads The Blog

Wash us away

Morality and The West

Rockstar Obama Will Hang

Idiot Of The Day

Birthday Madness, etc.

Israel Independence Day Special: Something from Nothing

Teh Unintentional Funny From Slate

Georgia Tech’s speech code declared unconstitutional

Are YOU a Real Man??

My Picks


A Picture Of Servant Leadership At Its Finest

A Rags-??to-??Riches Story, Socialist Style

The Truth Behind Osama Bin Laden’s Purported Assassination. Part One:The Press Conference

Extremism in Defense of Liberty is No Vice!

Impressment Of Seamen – A Big Problem

This is not a federal disaster…because it’s Texas.

“What We Need is a Spirit of Resistance”

There you have it.  I know there are a ton of themes I missed, so let me know about them in the comment section.

  • Riptide was one of my favorite shows growing up. No Dirk Benedict from Battlestar Galactica (of course there is a reference in the A-Team intro)?

    • The original BSG was a 70’s show. There was a “Galactica 1980,” but Starbuck was only in one episode, and the show was such an abomination, that it is not worthy of mentioning.

  • Thanks for the link my friend. Magnum pi was one of my favorite shows.

    • Mine too. It was a good one.

  • Sorry to have forgot you in my roundup Matt- you know I’m a fan.

    I mistakenly got the idea you’d be gone for a while- not just a week

    Welcome back, anyhoo

    • It’s cool. I can’t stay away for that long. There’s too much leftist shenanigans for me to stay away very long.

  • Thank you for the links. I appreciate it.

    Love that Magnum, PI theme — the music and the visuals, especially the footage of Tom Selleck. **smile**

    • Well, I aim to please! 😀

  • Thanks for the link Matt, it is always a treat to be mentioned with such a great group!

    • You’re welcome Randy.

  • Magnum PI had a rockin’ intro. The fact that the show was awesome helped.

    Looking back on it, the episode where Magnum wipes out his kayak and has to tread water for hours in the open ocean is one of the better pieces of one hour television the 80’s produced. Thanks for the trip down memory lane, Matt.

    • I remember that episode. Good stuff.

      • -My favorite PI episode was the one which Sinatra guest starred as a NY cop out to avange his grandchild’s death.

        -Miami Vice has the best opening, although the camera work was kind of shaky, IYKWIMAITYD.

        -Thanks for the linky love, Matt, and great to have you back – we all need a break now and again.

        • You know, I think the shaky camera helped out… a lot!

          No problem on the linky love. Glad to be on the same team, and happy third blogaversary!

  • Thanks for the link Matt. The Greatest American Hero and The Dukes of Hazzard, great picks! Boy, does that remind me of my youth.

    • Yeah, I had a little trip down memory lane myself. I can do another one of these. There are so many other shows.

  • Thanks for the link, Matt. I appreciate it.

    • No problem Larry. Have a great Sunday.

  • I watched many of those programs when I was a kid. Thanks for the blast from the past, and welcome back!

    • No problem! And it’s good to be back in the saddle.

  • As always, thanks for the mention, amigo. Hope you enjoyed your break….. back to the salt mine

    • Thanks Nuke. I got lots done.

  • Hey,Matt. Thanks for the memories and the links. Glad yo had a chance to recharge the batteries.

    • It was a good break. Thanks Jim.

  • Thank you for the link, I really appreciate it.

  • Thank you, John. I remember every one of those shows. TV has gone down hill since then.

  • The Greatest American Hero theme song is one of my favorites. Thanks so much for the link.