Sunday Links: Hey Man, is That Freedom Rock? Edition


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Yeah man!

Well turn it up man!

My weekly grass cutting chore gave me the inspiration for the theme.  When I hit the 70’s collection on the MP3 player, I thought of the old Freedom Rock commercial.  Actually, I laughed as I cut the grass.  The neighbors probably think me to be mentally ill, but so be it.  Anyway, the inspiration was complete, so enjoy some classic rock.    As always, I’ve assembled a great collection of Conservative links, so give them a look.

Conservative commenters picking on little girls?

College Student Responds to “Defining “American”” – Unwittingly Provides Proof of Generational Training

Scientists made global warming solutions look easy and we the unsophisticated rubes relaxed

Video- Herman Cain gets it! Also, Ronald McDonald vs a Food Nazi

Media Matters shows it’s anti-Semitic side

Legalize Milk!

The U.S. Debt Ceiling Crisis

College Student Responds to “Defining “American”” – Unwittingly Provides Proof of Generational Training

Conservative hottie Patricia Heaton does not feel the Hollyweird love

Remember when AARP told us how wonderful Obamacare was gonna be?

CUCKOO for Cocoa Puffs!

ROAD RAGE, African Style…

Summa Cum Laude

What Sort Of Tumor Is Progressivism?

Talk about a strange convergence

New Jersey continues to hemorrhage money

Turkey Threatens Israel Over June Flotilla

The Herman Cain Announcement

Rule 5 News: 20 May 2011 A.D.

‘Without Morals A Republic Cannot Subsist Any Length Of Time’

Obama Wants Him Some Stealth Gun Control

Gubmint Real Estate Is Just As Bad As Gubmint Cheese

Israel – President Obama’s Waterloo?

More Foreign Students Staying In U.S.

Palestinians to Create Their Own State

Two-State “Solution”?..I don’t think SO

Obama Hates America: Part Deux


Armed Forces Day

Barack Obama will not seek Congressional approval to continue the war in Libya


Friday Ramblings: Our system is not broken; however something else is

Uh Oh, maybe Elena Kagan was more involved with Obamacare than she let on

Chimpanzee Hunting Driving Monkeys to Extinction? Those Damned Dirty Apes!

Barack Obama Returns to George W Bush’s Foreign Policy?

Rapture Postponed

French Socialist Redistributes His Semen

Guest Saturday with The Free Market Project _ # 1

Guest Saturday with The Free Market Project _ # 2

Israel’s Pre-1967 War Borders: What They Mean – The Reality

Only 27% of Obama Voters Ages 22-28 Plan to Vote for Him in 2012

The five most beautiful movies ever made

Obama Calls for Divided Jerusalem

Poor Joe Biden & The End of the World

When you lie down with savages

Brought to you by the aptly named Agenda Project…

Big Brother is watching your kids eat

Blogger’s Block: CURED!

Gene Simmons Lambasts President Obama’s Israel Policy: “He Has No F-Ing Idea What The World Is Like”

Reading The Popes: John XXIII’s Mater et Magistra On The Economy

Leftist Douchebags Discover The Law Has A Strong Pimphand

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Dear Newt

After multiple smackdowns, Obama to do what he does best…

Netanyahu and Herman Cain smack Down Obama while McDonald’s CEO informed Obama: “Ronald McDonald” is not going away…

What Obama Believes?

Netanyahu: best 7 minutes of the day, in case you missed it

Obama’s Pledges: Meant To Be Broken

Obama Speech On Israel Generates Growing Backlash

The Gift of Fear

Illegal Means Illegal – Video

Empty Stroller Protest: The Relationships Lost to Abortion

Harvard Refuses to Reprimand Professors for Work With Libya

I’ll start with a pleasantness

Good news: former speech-writer for Walter Mondale says Herman Cain’s candidacy is “just entertainment”

More news that legacy media forgot to tell us: Congressional Research Service says America’s energy resources are the largest on Earth

As promised, a picture from the Civil War Ball

Christianity and Social Justice, a False Comparison

Netanyahu Schools Obama on Historical Realities of Genocide of Jews in Israel, Mark Levin Asks, “Why Does Obama Hate Israel?” (video)

Tragic: Marine Vet Shot 60 Times by SWAT During Drug Bust, Was Denied Medical Care & Died (video)

Stuck on Keynesian Stupid

UFCW Prepares Pickets for SoCal Grocery Strike…

Another Town’s Pension Running Out of Money…

Obama loses his Kiss support: Gene Simmons angry over Israel

Herman Cain officially announces that he will officially announce he will run for President

New Ways of Doing Business


Reactions To Obama’s Middle East Speech

I’m Shocked I Tell You. Shocked!

Home defense under $400

Man’s Greatest Gift

Raising Cain