You’re Either a Tool or a Target… Which is it?


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Today I had a discussion with a few friends about how easy people can be swayed when they’re not informed.  One of my friends jumped into the conversation and said people are either tools or targets and it stuck with me.  So what did he mean by this?  Let’s take a look at the current Medicare and debt ceiling debate.  The left is counting on the uninformed to be swayed by their scare tactics.  They use these tactics to advance their agenda and it’s quite effective.  Think about this for a moment.  Global warming alarmists have been using these same scare tactics for years.  They proclaimed that there was some sort of global cataclysmic event just over the horizon if we didn’t modify our behavior.  They marched out so called experts to show us all the mounting evidence that supported their position.  Their goal was to rally the uninformed behind their banner and for the most part they were successful.  They gained the steadfast support of the UN, major corporations, and even our elected officials.  We were all doomed if we didn’t change our ways and the uninformed were carrying the global warming banner.  We were well on our way to passing cap and trade, that was until emails revealed that the data was being fudged.  This so call evidence the global warming alarmists put forward was nothing more than a lie and the uninformed took the bait hook, line and sinker.  They became tools for the left because they chose to remain uninformed and refused to look at different points of view on the subject.  These uninformed tools for the left are the most dangerous sort because they truly know not what they do.

I used the global warming case in point because in my opinion it’s one of the best examples of how the left uses the uninformed to advance their agenda.  These misguided souls are nothing more than tools; tools to be used by left or any radical group who tosses a few $100 dollars words their way and some skewed data.  They lack understanding.  They lack understanding of our history, our founders, our free market system, liberty, freedom, and the major issues that impact each of us.  I’ve written on this topic many times and I will continue to write on it because I feel it’s fundamental in understanding the strategy of the left and in some cases the right.  Both sides have successfully used this simple yet effective strategy over and over again and quite frankly I’m tired of it.  I’m tired of seeing good people maneuvered into a position to be used by them.  I often wonder when the people are going wise up.  When are they going to see these tactics for what they are?  Perhaps the answer is as simple as they simply don’t want to be informed.  After all when one is informed and engaged everything changes.

The first thing that changes is your eyes are opened and you understand things with a level of clarity that many will never know.  The next thing that changes is you become dangerous to the status quo.  You become the thing they abhor; something that gets under their skin.  You become a target because you see through their plans and schemes and you are threat to them.  This is the power of an informed voter.  An informed voter cannot be swayed so easily and sucked into the scare tactic trap.  An informed voter knows Paul Ryan’s proposal to reform Medicare is reasonable and long overdue.  And informed voter realizes the debt ceiling has more to do about out of control spending than the amount of revenue the government takes in.  These scare tactics rarely work on an informed voter and the left knows this.

This is why the MSM and the left aggressively target those from the right who can clearly define and convey the conservative message in an understandable manner.  When a voter is informed on the issues they tend to become passionate and engaged.  Their resolve to advance sound values and practical solutions is unwavering.  They’re not only willing to run the race; but finishing it becomes a necessity and this scares the hell out of the establishment.  If they can’t be used as a tool then they must be targeted.  And this is how things roll in our current political environment.  Just ask “Joe the Plumber“.

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Liberty forever, freedom for all!

Original Post: The Sentry Journal