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Self Fulfilling Prophesy? Unions to Erect a "Tent City" in Madison


They union goons must have found some more rent-a-mob, and/or the money to pay them…

However, what is sure to get the most attention is the tent city organizers are hoping to erect outside the West Wing of the Capitol. Organizers say  that starting on Saturday night, tents will start showing up on the Capitol grounds as Walkerville returns. They are even petitioning the city for permission to erect the tens on Madison city sidewalks. Organizers are hoping for thousands to camp out. WEAC, the state teachers union announced that :

” A’city’ of tents around the Capitol square calling attention to the devastating state budget cuts to education, health care and other programs benefiting Wisconsin’s working families. The action near the Capitol will begin the evening of Saturday, June 4, at 7 p.m. and will continue throughout the state budget process.”

Labor leaders hope the tent city will become the focal point for activities for the next few weeks as the full legislature reviews and votes on the budget.

A tent city, eh?  Are they preparing the young heads full of mush and the union goons for life under socialism?   They still fail to see that extorting the people for more and more money only works as long as the people have money.  When that runs out, there will be real tent cities, not just symbolic ones.

But they’ll blame that on someone else too.

  • Oh those wacky union members. What will they think of next?

    • Seriously though, their playbook is pretty thin. Intimidation, corruption, beating people up, and publicity stunts are pretty much all they have.

  • Edward Keefe

    Matt, I love how you throw out there that union goons must have found some more rent a mob and/or the money to pay them. With that one statement you have disvalued decades of struggle for thousands of your fellow Americans. You behave as though the money is coming out of your own pocket. Your sanctimonious tone indicates that you were either born with a silver spoon or just don’t have the capacity to feel compassion. The unions have established a working wage for the average American worker. Regardless of any negative acts they may have committed, they still represent real people with real lives and a real need to earn an income. If this country didn’t have union representation, well just check the history pages for your self, we would be living in more dire straits than we are today. Chances are that unless you have recently received citizenship in this country, some where along the line of your families heritage, you have a union member or union representative to thank. Imagine for a moment that you’re the largest union represented company in America, do you seriously think they’ve gone without a profit? The people that you are making reference to in your post represent teachers, firefighter, police, nurses and other pillars of our community. If you can read my post then you have a teacher to thank. If you’ve ever needed emergency services then you have a police officer, firefighter or nurse to thank. Government doesn’t have the right to remove collective bargaining rights, they are civil rights protected under the Constitution. Besides, Governor Walkwr is using funding as way to remove unions so the state doesn’t have to pay a living wage. Instead of bashing your fellow Americans for standing up for their rights, you should be challenging authority to meet their demands and providing the support that is desperately needed. One day the government may come after one of your civil rights and the rest of us may determine that we’re not effected and not stand up for you. The Constitution is a heavy burden to carry and must be supported by all of us. It’s the law of the land.

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  • After the way the thugs trashed the state capitol before, i see no reason the authorities should permit this tent city.

    • I think they should. Whenever they gather, their shenanigans can be recorded.

  • Walker should firehose their asses off government property.

  • Thanks for stopping by Silverfiddle. I’ve always liked your comments at other places. I’ve linked your place over here.

    I have to be honest. I want them out in public, doing what they do. Every time they do something like this, they expose themselves, and there is someone around to record it. Also, every penny they spend on stunts like this is less that they have to spend on elections. There has to be a maximum that they can take from the rank and file. I want them to exhaust it.

  • Unions once played an important role in helping to gain decent working conditions, better pay, and protection of children from being overworked/underpaid but now the unions have become what they fought against, bullies. They don’t simply want decent pay, they want to take advantage of the average American who are paying their salaries, causing an undue burden on the average taxpayer.