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Sunday Links: Bands You Haven't Heard for a While Edition


It’s Sunday once again folks.  It was an eventful week.  WeinerGate exploded with a lot of truth, and a ton of fallout.  Courts and the ACLU didn’t want people praying.  Gaddafi lives on, and NATO struggles to kill him.

On the front here, RapidFire was introduced, and has been well received.  Thanks to all that are supporting it.  As for the theme, I was listening to some music, and heard some stuff that I had forgotten about.  So, I thought I’d share a little of it with you.  Kindly give them a listen, and click on some of the links.

You’re too Good to Not be Better!

The War on God Continues: Federal Judge Bans Prayer at Texas Graduation, Threatens Jail Time

Obama’s Regulatory Czar, Cass Sunstein, Thinks You Are Dumb

“We,” the State

Department of Education SWAT Raid?

DaleyGator DaleyBabe Emily Scott

Just a reminder

It’s not Skynet but Obama has indeed created The Rise Of The Machines

It’s come to this: Mike Bloomberg has to say, “I’ve never taken a picture of my junk”

Minor Disagreement With VodkaPundit

E-mails reveal Palin just as normal as she seems

Great news: Deficit set to blast past $1 trillion for third straight year

Chinese Communist State-Run News Objectively Declares Chinese Communists Objective Historians of Chinese Communism

‘Moral Fascists’?

Rule 5 News: 10 June 2011 A.D.

Remember Me As I Head Off To Battle Boredom And BS!

Gipper’s Greatest Hits: Ronald Reagan’s “Evil Empire” Speech – 1983 (video)

Amazing (and True) Friday Fish Story…

Obama Wants To Give Missile Defense Technology To Russia-What Could Go Wrong?

No New Taxes And No New Debt

Ideological Inconsistency: Representation in American Government

Communists, Unions Lead May Day Rally

The national debt: 1797-2010

Job Creation and government spending – so much for Keynesian economics

Here Come Obama’s ‘Necessarily Skyrocketing’ Electricity Rates | The Foundry



Democrat Senator decries the EPA’s expansion of power

Weinergate: Did Anthony Weiner send messages to a minor?


Monkey Business: $3.6 Million of Taxpayer Money Went to Dope-Smoking, Menstruating Monkey Study

Tolerance is a Two Way Street: Gay Activist Tears Up Banner

An Israeli Fable

Not enough angry

Redeux: The Disappearance of Childhood

Who Should a CEO Work For? The Shareholders or Obama?

The leftist witch hunt continues

Remembering Two San Francisco Firefighters

Anthony Weiner is a sad excuse for a congressman; but you know what’s sadder…

How a Teachers’ Rally Made Me Anti-Education

Navy Seal Team Six Takes Out Mickey Mouse

Congress Gets Rough With Its Members

Democrats Energy Policies Continue their Assault on Wealth and Jobs

Dear Stupid People

Police Conclude Investigation; Say They Expect No Further Comment Unless Situation Changes

Coversations Deleted
Another Prediction Comes True: Weiner Checking In For “Treatment”

Want your children to become good Marxists?…

Herman Cain on The O’Reilly Factor

How Democrats Stay In Power

WaPo & NYT to The Palin Haters: All Hands On Deck!

Will Hillary rise as Obama admin goes down?

Your Twitten Heart” by Grammy Weiner

The Balanced Budget Amendment–An Idea Whose Time Has Gone

A Weasel In Every Cup

U.S. Officers, Drug Runners Involved In Shootout On Texas-Mexico Border

Leftists Seek to Suppress Free Exercise of Religion at High School Graduations

Is Your University Spying On You?

Chris Titus: I’d assassinate Sarah Palin if she was elected

I wonder why I can’t get to sleep


Jon Cryer Talks Candidly About Charlie Sheen’s Unexpected Meltdown, Changes on ‘Two and a Half Men’ on Letterman (video)

What Price Brevity? Blogger King Shamus Proposes “Brevity Amendment” for Congress to Thwart Hidden Mandates, Pet Projects, Fraud, Waste, & Other Uglies from Legislation

Rebutting the BO is a Genius Meme


Weiner to Enter Treatment as Calls for his Resignation Grows


No Settlement in Sight As Boeing Heads to NLRB…

Former MTBA Inspectors Union Treasurer Accused of Embezzling $256,000

Breaking: Weiner To Take Leave of Absence

Easy for Him to Say: Obama Wants You to Be Patient on the Economy

Contemporary Politics and Newton’s Three Laws (Part 16)

Lunch at Perkins


Saturday Movie Matinee

Photoshop™ Of The Day: What Weiner’s Note To His Neighbors SHOULD Have Said

MSM Meme in trouble – Palin not a dimwit

Sarah Palin’s Excellent Vacation

Secrets, Lies, and Governance

Obama’s Homeland Security – a Bizarre Joke


Did The Media Scour Obamacare This Way?

Tennessee Anti-Bullying Statute A Step Too Far

Newt Gingrich Presidential Campaign Staff Quits; Might Indicate TX Gov Perry is In?

Sweet Justice: Home Owners Foreclose on Bank

Because God is a Marxist…

Laughs for a lazy Saturday afternoon

Housekeeping Projects

Legal Insurrection Hits a Sore Spot

Pic ‘O The Day: Feral Finger Puppets

Talk is Cheap — Unless You’re a Student at This Tennessee College

How Religious Is Religious Enough?

Financial terrorism

Electricity Rates WILL Skyrocket: Obama EPA Regulations To Cost Coal Industry Extra $180 BILLION

Now, for something completely different 😉

Did They Blow It?

D-Bag when he was riding high

Bigburg’s Big Bubbles

The 2011 Federal Budget in Pictures

The death of NATO

Over at Right Wing News today:

What’s that? Another business talking about leaving Illinois?

5 Things You Must Know About Obamacare

Mississippi Nuked

Breitbart Describes How He Wound Up Giving that Impromptu Press Conference

I’m Culturally Backwards

Exposing Evil: Abortion

Destroying the Dollar

Herman Cain for President

National “Common Core” Standards

Blog Buffet & Open Thread

Presidential Election & Republican Candidates for 2012: Field of Dreams.


There you have it, I hope you enjoyed the tunes, as well as the links.  As always, should you find the site worthy, please consider hitting the tip jar.

This will be cross-posted at RapidFire.

  • Whew, as Crocodile Dundee might say, now that’s a list!
    As always, thanks for the link & for reminding me it’s Sunday. Us retired folks tend to forget…

    • Lol, Thanks for the kind words. From reading your blog, I doubt that you need many reminders-retired or not.

  • Wow, two links this week, thank you! Another great list Matt. I have to admit that while I heard of most of those bands I did not know their music. Alice in Chains being the exception.

    • Thanks for the comment Steve. You have head of Savatage, just not in that incarnation. Some time back, they started a side project-called Trans Siberian Orchestra.

  • Good God, man! I thought I had linky days! I enjoy these though, you pull things from places I’ve never heard of.

    • Thanks! I just pull them from the blogroll.

  • I must be sheltered, or too old. Alice In Chains is the only band I ever even heard of….Thanks Matt for the linkage.

    • As I said to Steve, Savatage started Trans Siberian Orchestra, though I don’t know that any of the original members are still involved. Most of those bands started in the late 80’s, and metal fell by the wayside before they got huge followings. Blue Murder was probably the best. The guy who sang and was on guitar was with Whitesnake for Slide it in and the self titled Whitesnake album. Coverdale fired him after recording the self titled album, so most people never heard of him.

  • Tora -Tora, I like it and I haven’t got a clue why. Thanks for the link, Matt. Where you find the time to do all that you do just amazes me and I’m long retired.

    • They did have a bluesy kinda thing going on. That, and there was that long movie about Pearl Harbor with almost the same name.

      Thanks to you Jim.

  • Thank you very much for the linkie.

    • You are very welcome!

  • “Haven’t heard in a while”?? Some of these are “haven’t heard, ever” for me. Well, I probably heard them on Headbanger’s Ball 25 years ago but, well, my memory from that era of my life is a little blurry.

    • I know what you mean. Some of them came out in the late 80’s, and never had time to get a big following.

  • Great round up this week Matt! Thank you so much for the link my friend. As always we greatly appreciate it.

    • Not a problem John. Thanks for all the work you guys do.

  • AIC still rules.

    Thanks for the kind linky goodness Matt. You rule.

    • No problem King Shamus.

  • Great set of links Matt! Thanks so much for the linkage. I have added Conservative Hideout to Catholibertarian’s blogroll – my husband’s and my together blog.
    Have a great week!

    • I added your site to the blogroll here, and at the RapidFire site. Thanks!

  • Don

    Great links and great videos Matt! As always!

    I wish Head East had made some videos. Although, according to their newsletter, they have a new lead singer and have recorded some new material, along with a couple of videos.

    • Thanks for the kind words sir. Head East is the band you had told me about a while back, isn’t it?

  • Don

    Yes, I worked for them and also the band I used to manage went on tour with them for a while. At the risk of being a name dropper, I also was fortunate enough to get to work with Foghat, James Young from STYX and Loverboy. But Head East was the one I worked with most often.

    • You NAME DROPPER!!! 😀

  • Thanks for linking Matt. Now there’s a collection of vids you won’t find anywhere else.

    • Very true. Most of the readers never heard of them!

  • That is one massive list! Thanks for the linkage.

  • Thanks for the link. By the way, anyone who posts a Savatage song on their site is awesome! One of my top three favorite bands of all time. Unfortunately, I have only gotten the chance to see them live once.