Sunday Links: Crash Edition


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No, I’m not talking about the economy, though we might be saying that before too long.  We’re talking about cars crashing.  They’re are terrifying, and it’s a miracle that the drivers survive them as they do.   So, enjoy the links, and the crashes.

Equality Über Alles, New York

Democrats: The Warmonger Party

DaTechGuy on DaRadio With the Conservatory & Ladd Ehlinger

The demise of the liberal Hawk and disaster in Libya

How do you fit this in a 30-second TV commercial?

Get in line, first they have to legalize marijuana

Geert Wilders: INNOCENT of ‘Hate Crimes’ Charges in The Netherlands!

The Obama Legacy: ‘How you like me now?’

Rule 5 News: 24 June 2011 A.D.

The Spot-On Quote Of The Day…

Beer Review-Cricket Hill Brewery

Breaking News: Cigarettes Are Bad For You

Will the Republican Party Be Reformed, Replaced, or Will We Have a Strong Third Party?

The War on Drugs: Should we admit defeat?

Time Magazine Reinterprets Constitution II

Time Magazine Reinterprets Constitution

Larwyn’s Linx: Speechworld vs. Realworld

Geert Wilders: Not Guilty!

Libyan War and the Kinetic Action Congress

New Hampshire governor will allow the state budget to become law without his signature

Gunrunner: ATF head “resisting” the pressure to resign

Dos Equis Guy Admits It’s All a Lie

*** Breaking News *** Building Brought Down by Controlled Explosion

A Lesson in Property Rights

The morality of the Weiner vs. the legality of the Weiner


Drowning From Too Much (Big) Brotherly Love

Going Viral on The Obama Legacy


Weekend Reading list 6-25-11: Two Great Articles on GunWalking and Israel

ATF Chief Ken Melson Won’t Resign: Melson to Testify in Gunwalker? DOJ Terminating Whistleblowers in Fast and Furious

Capital punishment could have saved her

Liberals in Government Hit Crack Pipe Again

Barry big pile o’ junk

Founder Friday quote: perversion into tyranny

God is Not a Republican, but..

This Week in the News

Obama’s Legacy [Video]

Friday Night Links: The Levitation Edition

Last night’s links – 6/25/2011

Everything I know about the free-market, I learned from David Mamet

Here Is A Better Dating Video

Stray Thoughts on Gay Marriage

Content-Free Thread

Let’s make this go viral…

Obama’s Legacy [Video]

DaleyGator DaleyBabe Michelle Huntziker

The DaleyGator third Blogiversary link fest updated through the weekend

Get over there and congratulate Doug for three years.

What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder

A toast to 3 years of The Daley Gator

In California, Birds Are More Important than Farms/Farmers

Obamacare’s Pitfalls: They Will Touch Every American

Yonathan Melaku: “Allahu akbar!”

Archie Bunker on Obama and liberal progressives….

Just The Usual Murderous Thugs

Would the last person at Team Newt please turn off the lights

Arkansas Governor Mike Beebe’s Hypocritical “Capitol Blame Game”

Obama: Not A Legacy To Stand On

NCLR Funding Skyrockets After Obama Hires Its VP: LaRaza Rakes In Our Tax Dollars

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Retired Conservative Law Professor Denied Request for Professor Emeritus

Racial Preferences Upheld in Federal Court

Was The Declaration of Independence Derived From Catholic Churchmen Continued?

So, when do we pull out?

Or is it this “Aganda 21??

How’s That Hopeandchange Working Out For Ya?

“One Mainframe to Rule them All.” A Disturbing History. (RFID Chips, Part III)

Orwell’s World: Reporters Arrested by Police for Recording DC Taxicab Commission Public Meeting (video)

Controversial Arrest: NY Police Officer Arrests Woman in Her Front Yard for Filming the Cops (video

Real Men of Genius

Family Time and Summer Movies in DC

Language Matters

Not even a good posed picture…….

CDW: White House to Rig Rules For Big Labor…

AFL-CIO: Union Organizing Online…

DC: The Attacks on Entrepreneurs Keep Coming…


Operation Fast and Furious Gunwalker Program Linked to Another Murder

Hang On To Your Wallet! President Obama Is Calling For More Investment!

The Other Side of the Mountains


Krauthammer Calls Obama’s ICE Memo On Immigration Outright Lawlessness”, ICE Union President Warns Americans To “Brace Themselves For What’s Coming”

We Know That His Name and Legacy Will Live Forever

Keeping tabs on your government

Note: NonSensible Shoes has created a page of links for government press releases. Since the MSM won’t cover most of it, we can.  Check it out!

Dear RNC

Obama bumper stickers, 2011

Religion of Wretched

Hollywood Celebrity Poker Ring Busted in FBI Investigation; Damon, Affleck, DiCapreo, Maguire Named

Breaking Rank on Libya; US Admiral Says Qaddafi is Target, Regime Change is Goal

More Proof Liberalism Is A Mental Disorder

The Dumbing-Down of America

“Nazi Generals” collaborate with “Adolph Christie” to shaft “middle class” unioneers

More About Yelena Bonner

Who Didn’t See This Coming? Oh Wait, The EUrotards

Bob Casey, D(uh) – Pa, Successfully Channels Million$ To Unions For Non-Existent “Green Jobs” Training

Democrats WHO HAVE NO BUDGET PLAN OF THEIR OWN Unceasingly Demonize Republicans For Bothering To Have A Plan


Rule 5 – Brittany Snow

Rick Santorum Sits Down With Glenn Beck



My Picks

Friday Afternoon Noise

Obama wants credit for cleaning up ‘big mess’??

It Still Matters…Just As Much As Ever

Lisa Fritsch Does Not Speak For Me

Steve Citizen and the Dog Food Lawsuit Continues

Housing Crisis Solved

Where are Arabs happy?

Would you like to laugh at a French motorcycle racer?

Is this normal for the Chicago Tribune?

Where Do You Get Your Freedom?

The Ostrich, Friday Humor

Criminology Student Avoids Exam by Emailing Bomb Threat to FBI

America thanks you Glenn Beck

One Term Presidential Limit

89 Republicans Vote AGAINST De-funding Obama’s Illegal War in Libya


Note that there were no fatalities in any of the crashed in this posts.

As always, enjoy your Sundays.  If you think the site worthy, please consider hitting the tip jar.