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Sunday Links: Guitar God Edition


It’s almost the 4th people!  I don’t know about you, but I like some great music to celebrate.  I know it doesn’t quite fit for some, but that’s how I like it.  So, enjoy the music, and visit the links.  I’ll have a fitting post on the 4th, so check back for that tomorrow.

A Mexican’s Thoughts on Immigration

The Lying Anti-war Left

Is “Anyone” Better than Obama?

Friday Nite Frolic With Gov’t Mule [Video]

America’s War Culture: Commander-in-Chief Idolatry

The War on the Constitution

Video-Spoofing Olbermann

Video- World’s second biggest race pimp whines about Herman Cain “playing the race card”

Chris Christie: 5, Planned Parenthood: 0

State budgeting: NJ reasserts fiscal sanity while California becomes Zimbabwe, U.S.A.

Michele Bachmann, Neo-Confederate?

Is Equal Protection Unconstitutional?

Not so fast on the Strauss Kahn bandwagon…

Prediction – Manhattan DA going to come out of Strauss-Kahn case looking pretty good

Gipper’s Greatest Hits: Ronald Reagan Independence Day Speech – 1986

Rule 5 News: 02 July 2011 A.D.

Abstract Nonsense And The Conning Of The Constitution

Kewl: Top 100 Illinois Teachers’ Union Retirees to Receive Nearly $1 Billion in Lifetime Benefits

July 4th!

Nigeria to open consulate offices in North Carolina

The Obama Plan? Abbas: U.S. shouldn’t have veto power over MidEast Quartet decisions

Mickey Mouse Jihad: Bearded Mickey Cartoon Incites Devout Muslims


The United States is still flying hundreds of bombing missions in Libya

Gunrunner: Weapons found at crime scenes in Arizona

Angry White Male Writes Rhetorically Charged Document

Minot Flood: Where we go from here…

Some Thoughts on Human History, and Progressives

Guest Saturday with Frankenstein Government

Lessons from Economic Recessions II- The Forgotten Recession of 1920

Happy 4th of July (If You’re Reading This You Might Be Making Yourself More Republican)

Why Do We Celebrate the 4th of July? Hmmmm. Video

Sad… Californians Clueless as to Why We Celebrate Independence Day

Protesting Reality

4th of July Weekend – Afghanistan

Thoughts on the Balanced Budget Amendment

The Fightin’ Side of Me

Gary Sinise follows in the foot steps of Bob Hope in Supporting Our Troops

Banning BPA Will Kill People – The BPA File, Part Six

The Republican Party has a winning candidate

The Gaffe that Time Forgot: Lincoln’s Intercontinental Railroad

Video: Celebrating the Freedom to be Stupid on the Beach in California

The New American Revolution

I Was Dead Wrong – Don’t Make This Mistake!

“Major League” director didn’t know Bob Uecker was a real-life broadcaster

Obama convinces someone to support Herman Cain instead…

Steve Citizen and the Conclusion of the Dog Food Lawsuit

Housing Crisis Solved

What is Obama’s endgame in reaching out to the Muslim Brotherhood!

Lisa Fritsch Does Not Speak For Me

Proclaim Liberty Throughout All the Land Unto All the Inhabitants Thereof

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad may be forced to resign in the coming weeks.

Well Now…

Should Rep. Todd Akin Stand His Ground, or Apologize?


Fantastic News For Your Holiday….Plus, Home & Pet Safety Tips!

Authorities Investigate Security Breach At JFK After Man Flies To L.A. Without Ticket Or ID

Obama: Congress to Blame for Debt — It’s Not My Fault

Do You Truly Love Your Country? It’s Now Official: That Means You’re A Right-Wing Republican

Deciphering Obama – does it even matter?

The Ultimate Greenwashing Ad From Coca-Cola

The Deportable DSK Accuser

Presenting the Nanny of the Month for June, 2011

Hurt Feelings vs. Following God’s Law

July 2011 Food Holidays, Silly, and Anything Else

Gaza Flotilla Determined to Sail Despite Setbacks

Who are you, Mitt Romney?

If Romney is the best the GOP has to offer, who needs the GOP?

Lincoln Helped Build The Intercontinental Railroad?

Fruit-Loop at Fox News (Chris Wallace) Calls Michele Bachmann a “Flake”


Message to US agents: ‘We’ll chop your heads off’

Sarah Palin Shows How It’s Done, With Style And Grace

Obama needs a challenger from the left.

Cherry On Top Award

Saturday Reads


Get Out The Vote by Procrastinator

Climate Change for the Multiply Challenged

McCotter to Launch White House Bid Tonight

English-To-English Translation

Is This America ?

Gotta love them northern neighbors

The New Faces of Homelessness – Updates

John Lennon, Republican

Witchcraft, or Science?

If you had a chance to talk to President Obama at your 4th of July BBQ, what would you say?

Stunning: Rep. Joe Walsh Tells CNN’s Eliot Spitzer That Obama ‘Acted Like a 10-Year-Old’ in His Snippy Address to Congress (video)

Cowardly Leftists Accost Glenn Beck & His Family at NY Bryant Park Outdoor Movie (video)

The Murder of Industry/Economic Recovery in Florida brought to you by the EPA.

Speaking of hate…

For those that sympathize with muslims,

Requiem for a Sheep

Independence Day and Guarding The Sheep

Attacks Against God in the Public Sphere

The Koch-Funded Right-Wing Agenda on Campus?

Vanderbilt Prevents “Free Speech” on Online Blog

Durban Promotes Dream Act

Lt. Dan Rocks The Fourth

Obama Determined To Raise Taxes On Business Despite Bad Economy

Would the last person at Team Newt please turn off the lights

Glenn Beck 06/30/11

Watch It And Weep

GOP: I Give You Fair Warning

Evil, Rotten, Capitalist Bastards…

Weekend Link Love: Fourth of July Picnic Music Edition

Fireworks Pregame Warmup and Open Thread

So This Is What Being A Rightwinger Is All About?

Well, there you have it.  Have a great Sunday, and if you are able and willing, kindly hit the tip jar.

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