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Sunday Links: Themeless Links Edition


It was a short work week, but for me, it felt like two. It was just incredibly  busy. I hope that all of you got through your work weeks well, and are relaxing a bit over the weekend.

Sorry that there wasn’t a theme for the links this week.  I had to work today, and that took a lot of the time away from getting this post together.  So, there should be a theme next week.

Fleeing the Final Frontier

Torching The Constitution

Three for One, Today Only or Maybe Not

Gunrunner: Darrell Issa claims Eric Holder’s testimony was not accurate

Kosovo Albanian Muslim Born in New York Convicted of Plotting to Kill US Troops

Huh! Dems Soliciting Evil Koch Bros For Contributions, Now

What about “Natural” do people not understand?

Living And Fighting With The Left

Economists Botch Job Outlook

Left or Right?…

Announcing the First Annual Manhattan Infidel Rock & Roll Fantasy Camp!

EPA funds groups who turn around and sues it

The Casey Anthony Verdict: Innocent But Not?

Russian Navy On How to Deal with Pirates…

So This Is What Being A Rightwinger Is All About?

Book Review – Liberty Defined: 50 Essential Issues That Affect Our Freedom

Robo-Love Saturday – Godspeed Atlantis

Would you trust your economy to Debbie Stabenow (Democrat-MI)?

Bar Refaeli Mocks the Vote

Wisconsin governor signs right to carry bill

Right To Work? Not in New Jersey!

With “Elites” Like These, Is It Any Wonder We’re Screwed?

Betty Ford…

Quote Of The Day

Plant a vegetable garden, go to jail?

Saturday Afternoon – Semi Catatonic – Laundry Time

The Rush Reports

Justice has been served…Humberto Leal executed 7-7-2011

How to Effectively Gather Counterintelligence On Campus

How To Effectively Gather Intelligence On Campus

11 Questions With Don Chute of Decente Contro Pervero &

If This Is Considered Art Then So is Bacon in a Koran

The Lt. Dan Band

Our own piece of Australia

No justice for Caylee

On the lighter side…

A little Rule 5 Patriotism

Bahamas Now Bans Commercial Shark Fishing, Shark Fin Soup Debate & Demand Continues (video)

Illegal alien executed for child-rape/murder in Texas despite White House appeal

The Ugly Truths about Pakistan Acquire Hard Edges

Questions, So Many Questions

The New Faces of Homelessness – Updates Part 2

Chimp with an AK

New Rutgers Course: How To Mind Your Own Business 101


When did ‘lead’ become ‘lede’ and Why?

Twitter Town Hall Funnies

Saturday Movie Matinee

Liberal Gotcha Politics

We got five years (my brain hurts a lot)

2nd Amendment Alert! : “Gunwalker” / “Fast and Furious” – Behind the Smoke is the UN weapons ban the goal? ~ The Last Refuge

Picture Of The Week

Romney Reports Raising $18.5 Million; Goal Was $50 Million?

Murdoch Dumps News of the World After Hacking

Fake Spending Cuts

Media Bias 101: How liberal lies seep into our pop culture and become “fact” (UPDATED)

Childhood’s End

Stanford Law Prof: No Marriage Equality Until Polygamy and Adult Incest Legalized

Audacity Of Indifference: Obama Believes American People Too Ignorant, Selfish To Understand Truth About His Path To Economic Disaster

Egypt: Muslims threaten to kill priest in Egypt

Issa Says He Doesn’t Believe Holder’s Testimony Was Accurate

Extra Cuteness for your Weekend

Another New Nation, South Sudan = Another Nation Created Because Muslims Can Not Play Well With Others

Obama: “Our Schools Need Them Some Internets”

Democrat Talking Heads

The Novelists of Washington

My Russia Today T.V. interview discussing the Casey Anthony trial obsession (Video)

Nothing is over until we say it’s over.

Top 10 Conservative Blogs and Websites

Obama’s Craw fish Dance

Boehner: No Deal and Hell No to New Taxes


Obama’s Ghetto Style Tax and Spend Economics, PRICELESS! For everything else there’s…………… The China Card

From the Virginia Ratifying Convention

What’s legal in court is often a crime

Thomas Pinckney

What must be done to solve the debt problem


Weekend Link-Around – Iron Butterfly Edition

I hope that everyone has a great Sunday, and remember that the tip jar helps keep the CH 2.0 going.

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    • It’s truly awful man. It really is. 😀

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  • I’ve had unbearable weeks like you’ve had, Matt, so I commiserate. I hope this next week is better for you. “No Theme” is actually a theme, if you think about it. Works for me. And I thank you for the link. 🙂

    • Thanks on all counts. I had thought of the themeless being a theme. I’m glad someone recognized that.

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