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Stuck Mojo: Open Season


Here’s a video from Stuck Mojo.  I think it might fit the sentiments of many.

Of course, it’ll probably be claimed as hate speech, but that’s how it goes.

  • You know I’m a fan of this song, having posted it previously at my place. Good to see it get more exposure.
    You know how I also posted that Clash video when I posted the Stuck Mojo one? I taught my little boy to sing the chorus with me, he’s just phasing out of baby talk now so it sounds really cute to hear the little guy go “Shareeeeeffff don’ like it! Rock the cazBAH! Rock the cazBAH!”. Wish I had a recording device that worked around we’d be a youtube sensation ha ha ha.

    • Now that you mention it, I do remember seeing that at your place a few weeks back. It is a great song.

      Your son will be a singer now!

  • Believe it is brother! AWESOME SONG!!!!!!!!!

    • It is awesome!

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  • Gotta love Stuck Mojo, this song is just another of many excellent efforts by these hard rockin lads!

    • I had seen some of their other videos. They kick!