Sunday Links: Classic TV Edition


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Another week has come and gone.  Actually, I think last week ran me over, but that is an entirely another story.  We had the terror attack in Norway, the debt ceiling debates (or lack thereof), the last flight of the shuttle program, the death of Amy Winehouse, and the usual assortment of lefty lies to sort through.  Most, if not all of these stories are discussed in our weekly collection of links.

As for the theme, I was thinking about my childhood, and the shows that were in syndication at the time.  Some of you saw these first run.  Others, like me, saw them in perpetual re-run on the local UHF stations, or or the early cable stations, like WTBS.  So, enjoy a trip down memory lane, and click on some of the links.

Washington DC Is Unserious

Remembering the Space Shuttle: Good Ridance

The Bombing And Shootings In Norway

Fart Chart : State list of farts and burps of Dairy Cows

Oslo’s AlQaeda? Terrorist Attack on Prime Minister, Fed Buildings and Summer Youth Camp

Senator Tom Coburn – The Senate Is To Blame

America: Going, Going, Gone?

Medicaid for Drug Dealers?

“Shall Not Be Infringed”

Green Energy Fail: Rolling Blackouts in South East Michigan

The Balanced Budget Amendment Question

Video Crowder rips Bill Maher

Meet Chuck Meyers, the latest double dipping poster boy for NJ pension reform

I’m Officially No Longer Planning on Running for US Senate

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee Plays the Race Card

If you are watching MSNBC this morning …

And The Logical Conclusion Is?

Video: New Drug Spenditol All The Rage In Washington

Natural Rights

Pamela Geller, Big Government: Unholy War in Texas Escalates

Islamic Gender Infanticide-Genocide: Killing of infant girls Spike in Pakistan

Allen West Pounds Wasserman-Schultz


Obama does his best Captain Queeg impersonation…

“Occupied Territories”

Is this REALLY our SecState?

Founder Friday: Liberty once lost

Economics at AoSHQ U: Illiquidity vs Insolvency

Multiple Terror Attacks Rock Oslo, DHS Suggests Rounding Up Any White Folks in Hoodies – Updated

Beware of reddened body parts, not spider bites so much

Some Random Thoughts

The Debt Ceiling Debate – Liars and Losers on display

Smart Girl Summit 2011

Illegal alien cop killer has extensive rap sheet

Where Planning Ahead Can Take You

Stossel: Political Historical Myths Debunked

Why the left hate Rupert Murdoch

This one links to G-2, but it has a LOT of the points

The Original Argument

Intransigence only applies to the right =(

Space Shuttle Atlantis Landed Today. Thanks for the Memories.

“Back to Black” Singer Amy Winehouse Found Dead in Her London Home, Rest in Peace (video)

Another Expensive Government “Green Jobs” Nightmare — CA Taxpayers Funded Electric Car Manufacturer That Spent $500,000 & Has Gone Belly Up… So, Where Are the Green Cars?

Terrorists kill 7 in Oslo bombing, twenty feared dead in camp shooting [UPDATE: Homegrown terrorist?]

The Tea Party Movement: Not On Our Watch. Not Now, Not Ever (repost)

Quote of the Day – Renee Ellmers Edition

A post worth reading

Support Home Depot

Video: Cincinnati Union Boss Indicted For Ripping Off $750,000 From Members

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“If you believe in the 10th Amendment, stay out of their business.”

Jack Wiley Dithers Exclusive: Debt Ceiling Showdown at the Oval Office Corral

Amy Winehouse Found Dead

What Could Go Wrong? Federal Government as ‘National Landlord’ and Fannie and Freddie Subsidizing McMansions

Conservative Blog Controversy: Small Bloggers Should Hang it Up?

What Does This Mean?


But I’m Already Home, John Hawkins UPDATED

Elvis sings about civility

The State of the Internet

Elaborate Welfare Housing Project For Foreigners and Welfare Recipients

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom

Allen West tells Shutlzy like it is…calls her “Vile, Unprofessional, and Despicable…”

Wu Are You?

A Night in Scotland… or The return of the Creature from the Black Lagoon!

Unexpectedly: The Bitter Clingers Let Go

Right Wing Extremists: July 22, 2011

Cancer cells feed on fructose, study finds

Blogs Are Like Bands

Trailer Trash Friday: Drive & Dreamhouse

Political Correctness at Stanford University, 1976

Oregon scandal, another special election in the offing?

Obama-care at work

Debt Ceiling Fiasco Again Shows Obama Polarizing, Dishonest And In Over His Head

Herman Cain: Communities have right to ban mosques

The “Breast Milk Baby” Doll: An Example of Sexualization of Girls Or Appropriate?

Gunman’s background puzzles police in Norway

Meet Paco the SUPER Dog, 10 lbs of Fury, Chasing Thugs


Your Take: The Debt Ceiling

Operation Fast & Furious: Straw Buyers & Big Liars

Campus Crusade For Christ Removing Christ

Gary Gubbmint and the Debt Ceiling

“Ladies and gentleman of the jury, my name is Lin…

Obama sucks! The Obama legacy put to music: (Must see music video)

Our NATO Allies Lose Their Nukes

My Military Police Platoon

Now that’s my kinda crazy

Top 10 Conservative Blogs and Websites

Allen West Didn’t Go Far Enough

Obama’s Fair Deal: Violate Your Tax Pledge So I Can Keep My Pledge to Reform Entitlements

Political Partisanship and the Media are Destroying America

NASA – Not About Space Anymore

Astounding graphical indicator of all that is not right with our world

Democrats Going After Fox News? You Bet!

American Account of the Capture of the Chesapeake

Amy Winehouse Rest In Peace

Al & Mo Hate the Ladies

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