Sunday Links: Whitesnake Edition


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Sunday crept up on us again! It’s been a week of debt ceiling hyperbole, with some government gun-running, class warfare. and general moonbattery thrown in for good measure. So, here we have a great set of links covering the week that was.  For the theme, I wanted to go back to the 80’s for some better times.  What better than Whitesnake?

Friday Ramblings: Sean Hannity is finally starting to figure it out…the establishment is the problem

Batman, Gotham City at Odds

Pick on Obama Day

Picture: The Obamacare Effect on Employment

Are You Doing Enough?

Batten Down the Hatches! Man the Torpedos! To Arms! To Keyboards!

Inside The Mind Of An Ivy League Liberal: Why A Shrinking Economy Is Good

That Was Fast…

Homegrown Terrorism

Crimson Tide researchers roll over Globull Warming alarmists

The Fort Hood Bomber

The Obama Economy: Illegals Flee to Mexico to Find Work

Getting Jealous of the Russians…

Major Islamic Attack on Fort Hood Thwarted: “Very Devoutly Religious” Muslim Abdo Ululated “Nidal Hasan Fort Hood 2009” at Hearing

Questions on the 10?s: Buddy Roemer on Unions and the Balanced Budget Amendment

Constitutional Crisis?

White House Spams Twitter Followers

Experiments in Multiculturalism, European Edition

Turning a Yawning Chasm into a Growing Gulf

John McCain Bashes Tea Party

Heat Wave in NYC!

Commercial drivers license to drive a tractor??…

EAGLE FREEDOM LINKS 7-29-11 Birds of Flight/Steve Miller Band

Don’t celebrate socialists, Argentina…


Slip Sliding Away

atheist humor

43 GOP Senators Sign Letter To Reid Saying They Won’t Vote For His Bill

Politico: Tea Party Members are “Full Blown Terrorists.”

Dems annoyed stock market didn’t go into a panic.

McCain’s True Color

La Raza, The Mexican KKK at work, stealing your tax dollars to support illegals and their housing.

VIDEO: U of M Grad Students Target of Union Grab

How The Pill Kills Marriage

It would appear Lorinov isn’t the only one

Why the left hate Rupert Murdoch

Intransigence only applies to the right =(

Space Shuttle Atlantis Landed Today. Thanks for the Memories.

Private British Royal Wedding in Scotland: Queen’s Granddaughter Zara Phillips Weds Rugby Star Mike Tindall (video)

Please Say It Ain’t So, Joe — Republican Rep. Joe Walsh Sued for $117,437 in Unpaid Child Support

Religion of Peace update: Another Fort Hood jihadist caught [UPDATED: Abdo connected to anti-war groups]

Saturday Groove

Congrats to New Daddy Smitty

She still has to keep it face down

Halloween comes early..

Default, Dear Brutus, Is Not In Our Stars, But In Ourselves

Debt Ceiling Protest at Joe Lieberman’s Office

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Dear Harry Reid, your bill will fail, your vote will be lost

Fatuous Asswipe Politico Columnist William Yeomans Calls Conservatives “Terrorists”

President WTF Still Has No Plan


A Nice Shot of Dehler Park Late in the Afternoon perhaps from the First Interstate Bank Building

Governor Rick Perry: Will or Won’t He?

On The Outside Looking In

WSJ: Reconciling Tea Party vs. GOP

Friday Night Waila!

Desperate President Obama takes debt battle to Twitter, loses more than 40,000 followers in one day

40,000 Angry Birds And Counting

Downgrading The USA

Obama Planning Border Wall

Damn, these ladies are funny!

Paul Ryan On the Record with Greta Van Susteren: Debt Crisis, Boehner Proposal (Video)

Charles Krauthammer and Fred Thompson Talk Reason, Practicality with House GOP; Paul Ryan Agrees

The Wit Of Fred Thompson

Norwegian Lefties: Our Bigotry is Better

Bay Area Politics

Saturday chuckles

The SOYLENT GREEN Million Minion Milestone

At UW-Madison: Perversion is in; Prayer is out.

Norway killer You Tube video

Democrats And Crack Cocaine Addicts: Two Kinds Of The Same Vile Species

Report: US paying salaries for jailed Palestinian terrorists

Escalation in Arizona: Firearms confiscated

Video Fest: the Islamization of Europe

My Picks

Fun Puns with Bun Bun, Plus Video’s!

Campus Crusade For Christ Removing Christ

TCL’s Rule 5 Post of the Summer

Classified report: Russia tied to blast at U.S. embassy

Gary Gubbmint and the Debt Ceiling (Conclusion)

Murphy’s Law: Part Two (Satan’s Opening Statement)

Reagan, Bush, Debt, and Entitlements… Oh My!

Empathy in Washington is a four letter word!

The Blimp Crash

I guess she’d rathered kiss a Wookiee

Poisoned Tea? Well That Depends on Who Serves It…

Coyotes and Big Government

Matt Yglesias is a Race-Baiting Jackass

Are you Better Off than you were Two and a Half Years ago?

Here’s my number … $2,000,000,000,000

U.S. Now an Electronic Concentration Camp

A Diplomatic Exchange Between Secretary of State James Monroe and British Minister John Augustus Foster

Go Go Thomas! The Little Engine that Could … Enrage Leftists

So, enjoy the rest of your Sundays, and if you feel so inclined, hit the tip jar!