Sunday Links: Now with Extra Reagan


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Welcome to the latest and greatest Sunday Link Post. This was yet another wild and crazy week in the political arena, as the links below will show. I have come up with a way to do the post in about 1/10th of the time as usual, so I can continue sharing great content with all of you. So, consider this post a field test of that method. If I missed anyone, let me know, and I’ll try to find out what went wrong.

Friday Ramblings: Are politicians nothing more than crooks and liars?

Rise of the Apes Forces Businesses to Adjust

Want To Stop The Blame Game? First We Must Stop The Stupid

Graph: Non-Defense Spending Relative to GDP, Color-Coded by Party in Power, or the Obama Hockey Stick

Nomination Excitations: Perry, Romney, And Pawlenty

‘Gentleman’ Jim Moran Is So Cool, He Made Klavan On The Culture

No Jews Allowed

11 Questions with John From The Sentry Journal

United States own ‘Arab Spring’ coming our way

If Obama were the messiah, would he be comparing himself to Cuomo?

Obamacare: Atlanta appeals court rules healthcare mandate unconstitutional

Obamacare Takes Standing 8-Count

Today’s Recommended Reading

A Prayer on an Open Thread

Riot Round-Up

The Issue Of One Issue Voters

Klaven piece this week HAS to be played in full on my show tomorrow

“Rogue Agency” NLRB Refuses To Comply With House Subpoena

Israel’s Accomplishments..Oh Yea~!

American Bar Association Falls To Reconquistas

Tax the evil rich…

EAGLE FREEDOM LINKS — Christian Hits Edition — 8-12-11

Great quote of the day

Picture Of The Week ( maybe best ever )


Thursday Night Links

Would You Push the Button?

The Nannies in Washington Working Overtime Pushing ‘Energy Saving’ Light Bulbs

All Hail the Old Bridge Ostriches!

Best Read (08/07 – 08/13/2011)

Well, I think we know where Randy stands

Regulations, regulations everywhere, and the job market continues to shrink

Memo For File CXLIII

Sunday Pic Dump

Bachmann wins Iowa straw poll, Paul ends up second

Michele Bachmann Face the Nation (VIDEO)

Michele Bachmann and the Media Scrum

Horrifying Tragedy: Indiana State Fair Stage Collapses from Severe Winds Before Sugarland Concert, At Least 5 Dead, Death Toll Could Rise (video)

Pipeline politics

IN THE MAIL: Nowhere to Hide: Why Kids with ADHD and LD Hate School and What We Can Do About It….

Death to America? Is the Liberal Agenda Ushering in Anarchy

Obama’s Libya Corps Kidnapping 1000s of Children

UK Suspected terrorist granted bail over ‘change of heart on terrorism’ claim

Maureen Chao utters racial slur while representing the United States in India

The new bumper stickers are here! [Papa B]

A Quick Thought On The Iowa Straw Poll

I’m Backing Governor Rick Perry For President

More on Turning the Corner to ‘Treasonous’

Random Funny

I get the feeling this gun shop in Maine doesn’t get a lot of Democratic Customers

The Barack Hussein Obama Mobile Library

Sunday Book Thread

There IS one good thing about this.

Wisdom Of The Day: Thomas Jefferson

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Quote Of The Day

Another Earth: Reviewed

That’s how you deal with feral mobs

Founder Of The Muslim Canadian Congress Says Muslim Brotherhood Has Infiltrated White House

Bachmann, Palin and haiku

Looting, Riots, and the Foundations of Civilization

Reaganite’s Sunday Funnies

Sexual Liberty vs. Religious Liberty

Verizon’s Chief Security Officer Discusses Criminal Sabotage

White House Tells “Tall Tale” About Rick Perry

Bachmann Wins; Plus the Complete Vote from the Ames Straw Poll

The Big Announcement? Palin to keynote Tea Party rally in Iowa

Can Washington Learn From The Post Office?

Report: 40 U.S. States Passed Immigration Laws in 2011

London Riots

Obama’s Ramadan Dinner Guest List Hides Attendance of Stealth Jihadists Tied to Hamas and Muslim Brotherhood

Rick Perry Formally Announces for President – Video

New Book by WWTFT Author James Best

My future second ex-wife


Felonious Munk’s wild anti-Obama rant on government debt/debt ceiling *profanity alert*

X’s And Anti-O’s

Mexico: their pain is our gain?

From the Mailbag, A History Lesson

Monsanto The New Evil Empire

Automatic Shotgun Demonstration. Yes, You Read That Right.

Israel’s Accomplishments..Oh Yea~!

“Experience Matters” campaign ad mocks Obama’s empty podium

Wholly Novel and Potentially Unbounded

Which Other Constitutional Rights, Besides The Right To Keep And Bear Arms, Do We Unwittingly Shed by Stepping Off Our Private Property And Entering The Public Space? Flash Mobs: Being Young, Black, and Male in America Today

America’s Best

At the End of the Tunnel – August 12, 2011

Michelle my Belle in Corvallis

Tax the evil rich…

5 Wins In A Row; 3 Home Runs In A Row


Rick Perry to Announce Tomorrow

Patrick Henry

NCAA grows spine

Multiculturalism Is Grand! Theft Is Ownership!

Weekly Standard Offers Free Online Access To College Students

Must Watch Vids, BOTH Explain Why: Britain is a RIOT

What’s Grosser than Gross?

Best anchor rant of the week from MSNBC? Yeah, really!


You’re Gonna Pay

What America’s Credit Rating Downgrade Means To You

ADF-allied attorney calls out Colorado professor for feeble “apology” to student

Hey Bro ..Can you spare a dime?

Quick Hits

Is The American Dream Withering On The Vine?

Debt crisis and stock market chaos: uncertainty in the financial markets

Comment on Democrats vs Republicans by Harry

Why Not Let Honey Badger Guy Run The Nation?

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