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Sunday Links: Heavier Than Usual Edition


What a week.  We had the Verizon strike melting the phone lines…literally.  There was a failure of a bus tour.  And there were even space aliens!  Here is a selection on links for your enjoyment, and some heavier music for your Sunday.

OK kids time for a game

Ousted Laborers’ Union Boss Denies Mob Ties, Despite Blood Ties

Krauthammer On The Vineyard

So far today,

On the Nature of the Perry Attacks

Obama approval rating in PA plummets to … 35%

Tax hike, toll hike, po-tay-toe, po-tah-toe

Liberal Lies & Vitriol: MSNBC’s Ed Schultz Edits Perry’s “Big Black Cloud” Comment about Economy to Paint Him a Racist

Random Pic o’ the Day

Liberal Paul Krugman Says Government Should Lie To American People About Space Aliens To Impose Liberal ‘Solutions’

Weekend Open Thread

Good Cop, Bad Cop

Comment on Democrats vs Republicans by Harry

BBC and WYD: support for the violent anti-Catholic so-called “indignados”

Operation Gun Runner not so Fast & Furious after all: Welcome to OBAMAGATE

Egypr Recalls Ambassador from Israel After Egypt Attacks Israel and Kills Jews

Give Me Texas…And Give Them…

Why Islam is NOT Protected Under the US Constitution!

Hard times ain’t gonna rule my mind no more

Your Money Spent on Chinese Prostitutes

The ex is at it again

Perusing the Righty Blogosphere . . .

Soviet Fiction and Socialist Reality: Part One

Video: It Sure Sounds as If Sarah is Running

Mark Levin: On Obama’s Habitual Use Of Executive Fiat – “Is That The Act Of A Dictator?”

Saturday Learning Series – Argument Fallacies

Send Warren Buffett to Afghanistan!

Antonio Villaraigosa Bashes Tea Party

Google Imortalizes The Master

Weekend Humor

Entrepreneur ~ OR ~ Rule 5 Woodsterman Style

Allen West is Bad Because His Brother is Unemployed; Meanwhile George

Obama Still Lives in a Slum in Kenya – Updated

The Big Announcement? Palin to keynote Tea Party rally in Iowa

Fed Up

To Reform Immigration, Legal and Illegal

Obama’s Fishing Trip

Video: Iowa Passion ~ from Sarah Palin


When C’s Became A’s

Barack Obama announces new immigration laws granting illegals de facto amnesty

Exclusive: First Look at the Obama-Osama Movie Poster!

A Candid Conversation Between a TSA Screener and a Lady Traveler

Penelope Trunk’s Blueprint
Sarah Palin…

Weekend Trivia #5

The “Stimulus” Racket

Silly Earthlings

Obama’s Shovel-Ready Promises

Regarding the previous post

The Court of Enquiry On The Leopard-Chesapeake Affair

Jay Sekulow and the ACLJ

Thomas the Tank Engine Collides With School Bus

Obama Administration Bypasses Congress Again

Georgetown Basketball Team Brawls in China on Goodwill Tour (VIDEO)

Greta & Palin Rally Behind Tea Party Poser Orrin Hatch

MLB Won’t Allow Washington Nationals to Honor Navy SEALS


Obama’s Belief in ‘Bad Luck’ Part of What Religion Exactly?

Please, MR. President, Take A LOOOONG Vacation!

Get A Grip Beck

Did Obama’s jobs plan come from The Fifth Element?

Defend Our Friends


Really, Larry? Water Bottles?

Poll: Rick Perry

Moving Out and Moving On

Another Day Another 106 Health Care Waivers

In Indiana, it’s back-to-school time at the school of your choice

Hey Bro ..Can you spare a dime?

Homeschooling: The Honeymoon Period

In Honor of President Downgrade: Black Cloud – Trapeze

Rick Santorum is Going Back to New Hampshire

Old Bridge Democrats Embrace Owen Henry’s Vision for Old Bridge

Portrait of a leftist troll

I’m seeing… jobs… many jobs… much caterwauling too…

It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Montana Law School Agrees to Stop Anti-Christian Discrimination

Comet Elenin

Oh Great, Obama’s Fuel Mandates Will Drive Up the Cost of Cars by $11K

Blogger Tries Homeschooling, Doesn’t Immediately Scream In Mental Anguish

Never Give In — Ever, Never, Never, Never…

Valerie Jarrett’s Father-in-Law Head of Communist Youth

President Obama – Amnesty By Default

Double Dumb Is Leading To Double Dip

Friday Ramblings: Fencing in liberty

Voices of the Voter Helen DiPrima at the Herman Cain NH opening

Name that Tour! Obama Bus Tour Finally Ends.

Coexist? Ha

Diron Lyons…

Simon Deng: Wake up America!

Well, there you have it.  If you think this humble blog worthy, kindly hit the tip jar.

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    • I happen to agree. Lynch is one of the best ever.

  • Obama and Congress go on vacation and
    * Attacks on Israel begin as predicted.
    * The markets are as nervous as a whore in church, as predicted
    * The economy that was growing wasn’t really growing, as predicted
    * The regulatory agencies keep piling on the oil, gas and, coal industries, as predicted


    thanks for the link, Matt.

    • Depressing, but realistic Jim.

  • Good grief! How do you do this? You always amaze me with these linky-love posts.

    To be fair since I got my new computer a few days ago (blazingly fast) I realize how really, really bad my old one was. There were mornings that doing one simple post could take a few hours, what with the “not responding” messages, freezing up, and moving at a snails pace.

    As always – thanks for including your Auntie A 😉

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    • I was feeling a little tense. Megadeth takes care of that rather nicely. In fact, I was listening as I was making the comments here.

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  • Belated gracias for the link, Matt. I’ve been wrestling with an infected tooth & the painful aftermath of a root canal ‘treatment’, so I haven’t visited my favorite blogs as frequently as I wanted this past week. Ya know, I once shattered an ankle during a parachute jump & it didn’t hurt as much as this damn little back molar…only thing that hurts worse is the thought of 4 more years of Obama.