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Useful Idiot of the Month: August 2011 Nomination Thread


Wow, did I take a nap and August was almost gone?  Apparently so, but there is one task unfinished-to get the Useful Idiot Nomination Thread going.

So, here are the rules; the readers nominate Useful Idiots.  Remember,Useful Idiots are people that support and assist the rise of Marxism/Socialism/Fascism/Progressivism in the US.  Just being an idiot does not mean they are qualified.  Once the Nominations are in, I will add them to the poll, and it’s off to the races.

Have fun!  This will be stickied to the top of the page until I post the poll.

  • Rep. Frederica Wilson:

    When you look at African American males, 40% of them are unemployed, those under 30 years of age. I understand exactly the entire nation must be involved in this recovery but the black community is experiencing a great recession. That’s what we’re experiencing.

    And all of the growth in the past 30 years, we see it slipping away. From home ownership, the middle class; it’s slipping away from our hands. And it has a lot to do with many issues. Racism, shipping jobs overseas, access — no access to technology. You know, the digital divide is there and many of the new jobs that’s what it requires. So, we have a problem.

    • That’s a good one. Good Lord.

  • Karl Rove. Karl serve a very useful purpose in being a constant reminder to all in the conservative movement what an establishment jackass looks like. And he’s an idiot because, well, he’s an establishment jackass.

    I was reminded of Karl’s position as a useful idiot while Christine O’Donnell was recounting the events leading up to her defeat, namely Karl ROve coming out against her.

  • I nominate Joe Biden. Normally, he’s just an idiot, but due to his recent SNAFU in which he said he “understands” China’s one-child policy of abortion and infanticide…

    • I’ll second Joe Biden, this one was bad even for him.

  • Maxine Waters (obviously) for her “Tea Party can go to hell!!” commentary.

    Joe Biden for having the inability to STFU.

    Mitt Romney for his galling shoutdown.

    And Jon Huntsman for his stupid tweet about climate change.

  • I offer up Eric Holder. Besides the Gun Walking,Running… his new one of shutting down Gibson Guitar for breaking Indian Law, not U.S. Law. Without any proof. Just came in and shut down the place.

    • And now we are finding out that Gibson is the only guitar factories in the US which are non-union. This is getting scary, a good choice Bunkerville.

  • MK

    I putting prince Charles forward, he said the rioting and pillaging scum in Britain were crying for help, taxpayer funded help no doubt.

    • Good one! A flying under the radar useful idiot.

  • Hi, all –

    I have the duty to nominate Shep Smith and all the other Obama Ass Clowns at Fox News.

    Fox News gives massive free advertising to Donald Trump who will get Obama re-elected if he can.

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  • we gotta vote out the tyrants and soon MATT~!..God bless ya~

  • Let’s see…I’m going to go with Warren Buffett for propping Obama up by investing in Bank of America….Now that’s a useful idiot.

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  • Al Gore…for labeling warmist skeptics ‘racists’ and ‘pseudo-scientists’ & for his preliminary “bullsh*t” rant in Aspen.

  • All those morons and I voted for the “hurricane of the century”……