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Sunday Links: 9-11 Tribute Edition


Since so o many of my fellow bloggers have posted about 9-11,  a special link post is in order.  Mind you, this is not only to give some links to friends, it is also to refocus attention to the actual nature of the event, and what is still at stake.  So, here are links regarding 9-11.  Please spread the word, and do not allow others to deceive people into thinking that 9-11 wasn’t what it really was.

  A Conservative Teacher


Ace of Spades HQ


Adrienne’s Corner


All American Blogger


American Perspective

ARRA News Service


An Ol’Broad’s Ramblings


Atlas Shrugs


Be Sure You’re RIGHT, Then Go Ahead




Campus Reform Blog


Capitol Commentary




Conservatives on Fire


Don’t Tread on us


Down Under on the Right Side


Eastern Right


Five Ft Three


Freedom, By The Way


 Frugal Cafe Blog Zone


Full Metal Patriot


Fuzzy Logic


 H & B


Infidel Bloggers Alliance


Just a Conservative Girl


Knuckledraggin my life away


Manhattan Infidel


Modern Right


Nice Deb


 Nonsensible Shoes


Nuke Gingrich


Political Clown Parade


Political Policy


Political Realities


Randy’s Roundtable

(Yes, this sadly, had to be a 9-11 post. Click the link to see why Randy is absolutely right to title his post as he did.)




Right Klik




Sister Toldjah


Sitting on the Edge of the Sandbox, Biting my Tongue


Soylent Green




Texas Fred


The Conservative Cloakroom


The Scottcarp Dream


 The Sentry Journal


Verum Serum


Voting American


Western Hero


What Would The Founders Think?


 Woman Honor Thyself




Zilla of the Resistance


As always, If I have missed someone, let me know, and I’ll add your link.

  • LC Aggie Sith

    Eddie at DPUD has a rather nice write up on Paul “Enron” Krugman:

  • Jim at Conservatives on Fire

    It was a history making event and the history is still taking place.

  • LD Jackson

    Thanks for the link, Matt. I appreciate you including me in the list.

    You are most certainly correct. We need to remember this day for what really happened, not for what some in the world would have us remember.

  • The Conservative Lady

    We must never forget this day and we must remain vigilant.

  • Martin

    Hey, thanks for the link. A lot of good stuff here. May we never forget.

  • Angel

    God bless you my friend…trying times …..