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Francis Fox Piven Gets Rattled By Truth: What Does That Mean for the Tea Party and the Cause for Human Freedom?


Take a look at this video, featuring the fossilized, yet still regressive, Francis Fox Piven…


Now for some thoughts…

1.  Notice that Piven engages in some classic projection regarding propaganda?  This is a classic regressive tactic.  She is accusing their opposition of what the regressives have been doing for decades.  Maybe she really believes it, maybe it is a calculated lie, but either way, she spins it like it’s the gospel truth.  Of course, we could go over all of the media bias out there, but for most regualr readers, it’s awefully redundant.

2.  Then, she engages in some more propaganda of her own-the very same “media” propaganda that she decried earlier, by declaring the Tea Parties to be racist.

3.  Did you also notice some brief surprise on her face from the crowd’s reaction?  She apparently did not expect dissent.  And, like a true regressive, then tried to insult the dissenters into silence.  When that failed, she asserted authority, stating that she was doing the talking.  These are all perfect examples of regressive behavior.

This shows us, once again, that the left has a powerful punch, but a paper-thin play book.  This video, while only a little over two minutes long, shows us most of the common regressive reactions to being confronted with truth.  Since they have no evidence with which to counter, they resort to smug accusations, and from there, demands and threats.  It’s highly predictable, and therefore exploitable.

H/T:  Gateway Pundit

  • This was a classic example of a speaker not knowing her audience. She got caught of guard because she believed she was sailing in friendly waters to her radical ideas. When she learned this wasn’t the case…she lost control and the argument.

    • Indeed. Out of the unreality bubble, they tend to fail.

  • MK

    Those people in the audience must have been thinking – well there’s 2 minutes of my life wasted on this liberal gasbag.

    And she had the gall to whine about name-calling, leftist trollop!

  • Don

    “We don’t care what color he is, as long as he follows the Constitution.”

    Priceless quote and her reaction was just as priceless.

  • “Since they have no evidence with which to counter, they resort to smug accusations, and from there, demands and threats.”

    So typical of the fascists, er, leftists. Same thing, really.

  • Great stuff Matt! You summed it up well; first she accuses the right of acting a certain way and then she acts the same way. I loved it when she didn’t get the crowd reaction she was looking for, she didn’t know what to do.

  • Ouch! I think poor Franny walked into the wrong room. These folks were not her normal groupies. I loved it! thanks, Matt.

  • The infamous “they”… of course, she knows zero about the Tea Party,yet feels qualitifed to opine.

  • What an elitist windbag. She stands there, decrying the money in propaganda, while wearing a Chanel jacket. She accuses the TEA Party of being racist, and when confronted, tells people to STFU because she’s talking. She claims that “we have the PhDs”, meaning the rest of us are too stupid to understand that this is for our own good.

    I think blood is shooting out of her eyes right when the gentleman tells her they don’t care what color he is.

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