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Communist Party USA Spokesman Gets Warm Greeting at Occupy Chicago: So, the 99% are Communists too?


Yes, apparently!   We’ve been saying all along that this movement has been openly embracing Communist ideology, but either omitting the source, or calling it by a different name.  On Saturday night, a spokesman from the Communist Party USA, John Bachtell, was warly greeted by the Occupy Chicago crowd.  Here is the video, via Rebelpundit…

So, the Communists, who are the representatives of the most murderous political ideology in human history, are applauded at an “occupy” event, and are not driven away, rebuked, rejected, or even slightly frowned upon.

What does that say about the Occupy Wall Street Movement?  In case you have any questions, here are the main accomplishments of Communism…

Let’s take a brief history lesson…

Rank Country


People’s Republic of China
Body Count: 73,237,000

1949-Present (57+ years and counting)R.J. Rummel originally estimated China’s body count between between the years of 1949-1987 to be 35,236,000 (Rummel 1994). This excluded 38,000,000 million that died of famine during the Great Leap Forward. After the release of Mao: The Unknown Story, Rummel became convinced that the Chinese government was directly responsible for the famine, thus increasing his original estimate by 38,000,000 (Rummel 2005). 1,000 was added for Tienanmen Square in 1989 (Courtois 1999).


USSR Flag Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
Body Count: 58,627,000

1922-1991 (69 years)The body count only covers the years 1923-1987 (Rummel 1996).


Russia Flag Russian Soviet Federated Socialist Republic
Body Count: 3,284,000

1918-1922 (4 years)This body count does not include the 6,210,000 killed in the civil war (Rummel 1996).


North Korea Flag Democratic People’s Republic of Korea
Body Count: 3,163,000

1948-Present (58+ years and counting)1,663,000 is attributed between 1948-1987 excluding the Korean War (Rummel 1994). 2,500,000 is the mid-estimate for those who starved to death between 1995-1998 (U.S. Committee for Human Rights in North Korea 2006).


Cambodia Flag Cambodia
Body Count: 2,627,000

1975-1987 (12 years)The body count estimate is complete (Rummel 1994). The offical country name was Democratic Kampuchea during Pol Pot’s reign and then known as People’s Republic of Kampuchea afterwards.


Afghanistan Flag Democratic Republic of Afghanistan
Body Count: 1,750,000

1978-1992 (14 years)The body count estimate is complete (Courtois 1999).


Vietnam Flag Vietnam
Body Count: 1,670,000

1975-Present (30+ years and counting)The body count covers the years 1945-1987 for Vietnam/North Vietnam and excludes 1,062,000 from the Vietnam War (Rummel 1994).


Ethiopia Flag People’s Democratic Republic of Ethiopia
Body Count: 1,343,610

1974-1991 (17 years)The body count includes 10,000 political assasinations during 1977-1978, 1,000 children killed in 1977, 110 massacred in an Orthodox church in 1975, 80,000 during the civil war between 1978-1980, 250,000 that died in 1982 through Transit Camps, and 2,500 killed in a bombing raid (Courtois 1999). Another 1,000,000 is added for the famine during 1984-1985 (BBC News 2000).


Yugoslavia Flag Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia
Body Count: 1,072,000

1945-1992 (47 years)The body count only covers the years 1945-1992 excluding 100,000 from the Tito Partisans between 1941-1944 (Rummel 1994).


Chinese Soviet Republic Flag Chinese Soviet Republic
Body Count: 700,000

1931-1934 (3 years)The body count only includes the Jiangxi and Fujian provinces (Chang 2005). Although Mozambique has 700,000 to its name, the Chinese Soviet Republic produced more bodies in a shorter time period and the estimate is low.


Mozambique Flag People’s Republic of Mozambique
Body Count: 700,000

1975-1990 (15 years)100,000 civilians murdered between 1986 and mid-1988 (Young 1991) and 600,000 starved to death between 1975-1985 (Courtois 1999).


Romania Flag Socialist Republic of Romania
Body Count: 435,000

1947-1989 (42 years)The body count only covers the years 1947-1987 (Rummel 1997).


Bulgaria Flag People’s Republic of Bulgaria
Body Count: 222,000

1946-1990 (44 years)The body count only covers the years 1948-1987 (Rummel 1997).


Angola Flag People’s Republic of Angola
Body Count: 125,000

1975-1992 (17 years)The body count only covers the years 1975-1987 (Rummel 1997).


Mongolia Flag Mongolian People’s Republic
Body Count: 100,000

1924-1992 (68 years)The body count only covers the years 1924-1987 (Rummel 1997).


Albania Flag People’s Socialist Republic of Albania
Body Count: 100,000

1946-1991 (45 years)The body count only covers the years 1944-1987 (Rummel 1997).


Cuba Flag Republic of Cuba
Body Count: 73,000

1961-Present (45+ years and counting)The body count only covers the years 1959-1987 (Rummel 1997).


East Germany Flag German Democratic Republic
Body Count: 70,000

1949-1990 (41 years)The body count only covers the years 1948-1987 (Rummel 1997).


Czechoslovakia Flag Socialist Republic of Czechoslovakia
Body Count: 65,000

1948-1990 (42 years)The body count only covers the years 1948-1968 (Rummel 1997).


Laos Flag Lao People’s Democratic Republic
Body Count: 56,000

1975-Present (31+ years and counting)The body count only covers the years 1975-1987 excluding 47,000 war dead (Rummel 1997).


Hungary Flag Hungarian People’s Republic
Body Count: 27,000

1949-1989 (40 years)The body count only covers the years 1948-1987 (Rummel 1997).


Poland Flag People’s Republic of Poland
Body Count: 22,000

1948-1989 (41 years)The body count only covers the years 1948-1987 (Rummel 1997). Excludes 1,585,000 from ethnic cleansing between 1945-1950 (Rummel 1994).


Yemen Flag People’s Democratic Republic of Yemen
Body Count: 1,000

1969-1990 (21 years)The body count only covers the years 1969-1987 (Rummel 1997).

This is what the Occupy Chicago crowd was applauding.

  • Of course they welcomed the communists. The left has always had the attitude that just because it didn’t work somewhere else or resulted in tyranny doesn’t mean that when they do it the results would be the same. The incredible arrogance of progressives is truly on display when it comes to their policies. They genuinely believe that they are smarter and better than those who tried it and failed. Obviously, they will get it right despite the fact that it really cannot work.

  • From the very onset of this movement I have been worried becuase I heard the communist dogma that these people were spouting. I had thought that many of these people didn’t even realize that what they were calling for was a communist revolution but when I see videos like this I realize that many of them do understand what they are calling for and that makes it even more bothersome.

  • stephen ginn

    And people say theyre scared of the Militia movement! If this 99%to group spark a communist revolution and the government backs them then we need the militias! At least the militia movement is for freedom, the Constitution and for the people. We must stop this 99% group from destroying our republic.