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Occupy Oakland Evicted: Clash with Police in Attempt to Return


As we had covered recently, the Occupy Oakland encampment had become a rather dangerous place.  To refresh your memory, here are the videos that I ran.


As you can see, Occupy Oakland had become a ticking time bomb-to the point that the city and state threatened to evict them. When the group did not show any sign of cooperating, the city finally moved to end the occupation. Then, later last evening, the protesters decided to reoccupy the area.  Here is coverage from SFGate…

(10-25) 18:42 PDT OAKLAND — Supporters of Occupy Oakland clashed with police this evening while trying to retake an encampment outside City Hall that hundreds of police officers had cleared out 12 hours earlier.

There were some violent exchanges, although by 6:40 p.m. most of the protesters were simply marching.

Earlier, when officers in riot gear went to arrest one protester, about 50 more surrounded them shouting, “Let him go, let him go.”

Protesters threw turquoise and red paint at the riot police officers’ faces and helmets. Some led the crowd in chanting, “This is why we call you pigs.” Protesters trying to fight with police were clubbed and kicked in return.

The confrontation came hours after police swept through Occupy Oakland’s 15-day-old encampment outside City Hall and a second, smaller camp nearby, arresting 85 people who were protesting as part of a nationwide movement against economic inequality and corporate greed.

City officials said they had been forced to clear the encampments because of sanitary and public safety concerns.

As the two videos above showed, there were some legitimate concerns on the part of the city.  There was violence, and threats of more. Of course, the protesters will claim that they are the victims.  Allow me to translate their cries for you…

TRANSLATION:  WAAAAAAAAAAAAH, We want to continue to turn this place into an open sewer…

WAAAAAAAAH, we want to keep on threatening people and committing crimes…

Again, I have to ask, did anything like this ever happen at a Tea Party event?


  • There must be some mistake Matt, are you sure these weren’t Tea Partiers? OWS is a peacefull movement, it is the Tea Party you have to look out for. 🙂

    • I apologize, I can never keep the narrative straight. That reality stuff keeps interfering!

  • I’m afraid that this is only the first example of violent clashes with the OWS. This is exactly what people like Van Johnson and Lisa Fithian want to happen. I hope the police in our various communities can keep things under control.

    • I think they can, but if it get’s out of control, it’ll backfire on the occupods.

  • What on Earth ever gave the Democrats the idea it was a good idea to latch onto the Occupy movement?

    oh wait, it’s fascist at heart. Just like the Democratic agenda.

    • Stupidity, evil, radicalism, Communism…there’s a few reasons!

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