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Occupy Wall Street: Former Soviet Citizen Confronts Occupiers, They do not Believe Him


Regular readers here at the CH 2.0 know Yuri Bezmenov.  He was among the highest level KGB officials to have ever defected.  He explained the process of psychological warfare against the US, using a system referred to as “Active Measures.”  I’ve been showing video interviews featuring Bezmenov for a couple of years now, and they continue to show themselves as relevant today as they were in the 1980’s.  Essentially, our hard political left is the product of Soviet programming and propaganda.  It was guided, instructed, funded, and built with the help of the KGB.  It was designed to be self perpetuating, so even though the Soviet Union has been gone for nearly 20 years, their proxies in the US were still in place.  These proxies simply kept indoctrinating more and more useful idiots, keeping the ranks of the hard left populated.

To illustrate this point, kindly take a look at this excerpt from an interview with Bezmenov…

Now, let’s take a look at the following video, in which a former Soviet Citizen confronts some of the useful idiots at Occupy Wall Street.

As you can see,  Bezmenov was absolutely right.  These people accused the guy of being kicked out of the USSR?  They wouldn’t have kicked him out-they would have had him shot!   The Occupiers attacked him, said he was lying, and even accused him of being a racist.  When Bezmenov said that demoralized people are programmed to react in certain ways to certain stimuli, he nailed it.  The reactions of the Occupy crowd prove that point better than any argument that I could craft.  And, as Bezmenov points out, they are permanently “contaminated.”  They are permanently brainwashed, and we are stuck with them.  Since we are not a Communist state, we won’t kill them.  However, I would-suggest that we turn off their ability to “create” more replicants-by ripping out education departments, and suing universities until the stop punishing those that express reality.

Bezmonev gives us the solution.  We need to minimize the impact of the useful idiots, and raise more and more children that are going to be actual Americans-not useful idiots to a murderous cause.

  • Keep up the good work, Matt!

    • Thanks ‘bot!

  • Matt, that might be the best video you have posted on the OWS crowd! I couldn’t believe when the kid said he was probably thrown out of the USSR for not areeing with the government; we all know that is not what would have happened to this man if he had spoken up. These people are simply the useful idiots and even when someone who lived through communist Russia tries to explain it to them they attack him as the bad guy.

    • When I saw that video from OWS, it was the ultimate evidence that Bezmenov was 100% right. Those useful idiots were reacting exactly as he predicted.

  • Libertarian Advocate

    Didn’t have time to watch the embeddded video, but I’m well familiar with your integrity.

    This whole mess began decades ago when the schools stopped teaching geography and history in the lower grades.

    How many so-called “educated” Americans can today identify Italy, Greece, Viet Nam or Russia on a map of the world? Precious few I’d bet; If we’re lucky it is in the low double digits percentage wise.

    The abdication of raising educated children is ultimately the parents’ responsibility.

  • As long as our educational system’s only purpose is to indoctrinate youth into the socialist/leftist welfare state belief system there will be lots more useful idiots in the years to come.

    The Occupy Wall Street idiots are just the firs wave.

  • Excellent, Matt. Your proposed solution is the only solution. We must rip our education system out by the roots so no more useful idiots can be produced.

  • These people are clearly brainwashed. Wow. They will not listen or believe anything but their skewed version of reality.

  • petey

    One of the best video’s I’ve seen.This should be posted everywhere .I guess they never heard of the “holomodor”
    Frightful idiots!!!

  • When I was growing up in the Soviet Union in the 80s, we’d always see doctrinaire Western Communists on TV. But when I came to the US in the 90s, I rarely saw people like that. And now they are on TV again, with #Occupy. Is it some sort of an 80s phenomena that’s reemerging?