Sunday Links: Let's Have Some More 80's Metal Edition UPDATED


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It’s almost Halloween.  I would do a related theme, but the Occupods have that covered.  So, I thought I’d go to what has been bouncing around my head lately, 80’s metal.

The Occupods have been dominating the headlines here at the CH 2.0, but I just can’t resist.  It isn’t all that often that the hard left goes out and exposes themselves so thoroughly, so I really can’t let that go.

There are so really good links this week, so enjoy the music, and click on the links.  It’s educational!

4 Walls and a View

He’s HOME!


A Conservative Teacher

Obama Official- We’re Gonna Redistribute Wealth Even Knowing We’re Not Allowed To


Aardvarks & Asshats: The Snarking

Where Can I Buy A “Rangers 2011 World Series Champs” Shirt?


Ace of Spades HQ

Des Moines Register Iowa Poll- Cain And Romney Basically Tied


Adrienne’s Corner

Heading outside…


All American Blogger

Cain Gets Testy, Then Wins Alabama Straw Poll – Updated w/ Video


Always on Watch

Weekend Humor (Or Not)


America Speaks Ink

Bret Michaels creates music room at Ariz. hospital


American Perspective

Soviet Emigre confronts Occupy Wall Street socialists


An Ol’Broad’s Ramblings

Rules and Choices


Another Black Conservative

Elizabeth Warren – There is nobody in this country who got rich on his own.


ARRA News Service

Democracy Denied; Republic Lost


Atlas Shrugs

Savage Saudi Prince Pledges $900,000 to Jihadi Who Kidnaps Israeli Soldier

Blogs for Borders

Do American Jobs Need Protection From Illegals?



A Country Boy Can Survive –


Campus Reform Blog

Free Webinar this Wednesday: Economic Prosperity in America



Giving The Vatican’s New Quasi-Marxist “White Paper” All The Deference And Respect It Deserves


Caught Him With a Corndog

HR: What Are They Good For?


Cmblake6’s Weblog

I am fucking baked on politics


Conservatives on Fire

“When Failure Becomes the Only Option” by Frankenstein Government


Da Tech Guy

Al Gore visits Fitchburg Oct 29th 2011…


Down Under on the Right Side

Time for a laugh


Eastern Right

Must-read rant of the day


Freedom, By The Way

Would You Like Fries with that Driver’s License?


Frugal Cafe Blog Zone

Bad Moon Rising: The “Worst Halloween Costumes Ever” Collection (video)


Fuzzy Logic

“All He Has To Do . . . “


Grizzly Groundswell


Yes, this is from 92!

H & B



Hot Air

Quotes of the day



Go outside and play



IS AL GORE IN TOWN? New Jersey Declares Snow Emergency….


Just a Conservative Girl

Occupy Wall Street Photo of the Day


Knuckledraggin my life away

Skinning Critters


Labor Union Report

#OccupyPathetic: Santa Rosa protesters plan to provoke arrests to get more support


Left-Wing Institute for Civil Discourse

#OccupyPhoenix Asks, “When Should You Shoot A Cop?”


Liberty At Stake

Newton’s Three Laws (Part 23)


Liberty Works

Obama’s Keynesian, Government Run Economy

Lonely Conservative

Sick: Bill Maher Encourages Putting Drugs in Halloween Candy


Manhattan Infidel

Burger King Negotiates as Rebels Advance; Throne in Jeopardy



An Email from my Friend George


My Tea Party Chronicle



Nice Deb

Saturday Movie Matinee – Starring Herman Cain, Peter Schiff, Cornel West, Bill Whittle…


No Sheeples Here

Look Out World: Here Comes The Conservatory



Homeschool Ramblings


Nonsensible Shoes

Saturday Learning Series – Enron: Business and Morality

Nuke Gingrich

Heston would love this


Political Clown Parade



Political Policy



Political Realities

Oklahoma State Question 755 – Sharia Law


Proud American Capitalist

Herman Cain Takes On Political Correctness


Practical Man

Herman Cain’s 9-9-9 plan presentation has a HUGE error


Randy’s Roundtable

More Proof Liberalism Is A Mental Disorder


Reaganite Republican

Ever-Nostalgic Kremlin Leadership Looking to Bring Back Soviet Era with 2012 ZiL Limo?



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#OWS Occupy London Stock Exchange not showing up on standard thermal scans.



Rick Perry in New Hampshire


Republican Redefined

Occupy Oakland Turns Ugly, Police Tear Gas Protesters


Resolute Con/Contra Con

Trick–or Treat?


Right Klik

George Will Pistol Whips Mitt Romney



Obama to Donors: Get Me Re-Elected or Face the Horror of Self-Reliance – Doug Powers via Michelle Malkin


Sister Toldjah

Your tax dollars at work: FEMA prepares for alien invasion!


Sitting on the Edge of the Sandbox, Biting my Tongue

#Occupy Oakland Eviction-Related Gossip


Solomon’s Conservative Wisdom

An Essay: Never Lie Too Me


Soylent Green

Oh Noes…10 Million Climate Refugees Already


Speak Up

Does the Law Require Catholic U to Build a Mosque?



21st Century Statecraft – a U.S. blueprint for civil unrest

Start Thinking Right

The Coulter Counterfactual: ‘If I Were A Liberal’


Stormin’s Morning Java

Asian babe of the week … 10/24/11


Tea Party America

Big Brother is Listening To Phone Calls And Reading Text Messages



On Foreign Policy, Ron Paul, and Missionaries


The Amusing Bunni’s Musings

Help, The Ghouls are Loose





The Augur’s Well

Not Like Us


The Camp of the Saints

Rule 5 Saturday


The Conservative Guild

Here’s your pro-choice movement in all its glory: Abortion workers confess to murdering live babies


The Conservative Lady

UPDATE: Highlights Provided – GBTV: The Truth About Occupy Wall Street – See The Entire Episode


The Country Thinker

At the End of the Tunnel—October 28, 2011


The Immoderate Blog

Trust in the Career Politician

The Other McCain

To the Reader Who Bought the $949.72 Acer Aspire Notebook Computer


The Political Commentator

26th October 2011: EFSF = TMOASP-CDO (European Financial Stability Fund = The Mother Of All Sub Prime CDOs)


The Resistance

Today’s News and Views …


The RIGHT Opinons

Herminator Rising…


The TrogloPundit

What if 250 Tea Partiers just went ahead and set up camp in a public park somewhere? We need to see what would happen.


The Silent Majority

“Big Brother is Listening To Phone Calls And Reading Text Messages”?


To be Right

Comment on Occupy Wall Street Arrest Tally 10/27 – 2750 by Harry



Imperialist Pigs, No Cheering Crowds


Verum Serum

Video: Protesters Clash with Police at OWS Denver


Voting American

Coming Soon…..Net Neutrality, Martial Law and The New World Order


Washington Rebel

The Gospel Of Liberty


Western Hero

College: It’s Not Just For Smart People!


What Would The Founders Think?

Loyal Opposition


Woman Honor Thyself

Political Correctness: Again.



Saturday Blonde ~ OR ~ Rule 5 Woodsterman Style

Zilla of the Resistance

They’re Heeeerrrrrreeeeee!!!!!!!

Have a good one.  Happy Sunday, and hopefully, everyone that lost electricity due to the global warming Big Lie, will get reconnected soon.

 UPDATE:  I was notified by John at the Sentry Journal that his links were not getting on the linkpost.  When I checked, I saw that a setting in a plugin that I’m using caused several blogs to be omitted.  Here are the omitted links, and my apologies.


Clifton, NJ protection racket puts the kibosh on popular Halloween display


WesternFront America

Christians Under Threat as Radical Islam Spreads in ‘New Middle East’


The Bitter Americans

Obama’s Student Loan Abomination



Friday Ramblings: Michael Moore is one clueless soul…and I do mean clueless


Republican Redefined

Occupy Oakland Turns Ugly, Police Tear Gas Protesters


Political Realities

The Truth About Wealth Inequality


My Blog

Obama’s Secrets


Mind-Numbed Robot

Constitutional Republic Under Siege: Progressives Plan to Abolish Electoral College!


Freedom, By The Way

Would You Like Fries with that Driver’s License?


Capitol Commentary’s Daily News

The Death of America’s B53… The 9 Megaton Nuclear Bomb



A Country Boy Can Survive –


America’s Watchtower

Eric Holder to change FOIA rules to protect Barack Obama


The Daley Gator

DaleyGator DaleyBabe Gong Li


The Classic Liberal

Economic Delusions, the Political Class, and Jennifer Lawrence

And, if there are more links, there needs to be another video…

If I have missed anyone else, let me know.