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Occupy Portland Protester Charged with Pushing Cop in Front of Bus-Their Media Head Threatens More of the Same


And the Occupy acts of violence just keep on coming.  John Hayward, from Human Events, has the story.

The Occupy Portland crowd decided to stage a march in support of Scott Olsen on Wednesday night.  He’s the Iraq war veteran (and founder of the “I Hate the Marine Corps” web site) who was injured when police attempted to control the first Occupy Oakland riot.  That’s the one that erupted when the mob defied a lawful order to clean out the park in front of City Hall, not the one that shut down the Port of Oakland and cost law-abiding businesses a couple million dollars.

The Portland solidarity march went well, according to the local KATU news… assuming you’re prepared to ignore the way they shoved a cop in front of a moving bus:

The march, from Terry Schrunk Plaza, began at about 5:30 p.m. and continued for a little more than two hours. At one point it crossed a bridge into Southeast Portland before returning to the west side.

Police made one arrest during the march. They said 30-year-old David Anthony Burgess shoved a police sergeant into a TriMet bus while it was moving, then dashed back into the crowd.

The sergeant suffered minor injuries and did not require medical treatment, police said.

Police later found Burgess after the march and arrested him. He was booked into the Multnomah County Jail, accused of assaulting a police officer, interfering with police, second-degree disorderly conduct and harassment.

That’s incredibly serious, if not attempted murder.  Then again, it always seems that violence is the way of the left.  Also, as we have observed, and as Hayward points out in his article, the Occupods seen rather slippery when it comes to the violence in their movement, always blaming someone else.  However, the next following video would seem to indicate that pushing people in front of buses might be something in the Occupod playbook…

So, they say that they weren’t to blame for the cop being pushed in front of a bus, but their media relations guy makes a veiled threat to do it again?

They just keep on showing their true colors, don’t they?

H/T:  Big Journalism

  • Everytime violence breaks out at one of these protests the OWS people claim that it is by a small minority and not representative of the movment but at some point the media does have to tie the two together. These are not isolated events by a small portion of the protesters, they are planned attacks which might be carried out by a smaller portion but they are planned and supported by the whole movement.

  • Give me 5 minutes alone with these protesters.

    Obama owns this movement. The Dems own this movement. Wait until someone actually dies.

    And when they do decide to really revolt and bring violence: They don’t know what violence is. They don’t know what brutality is. They think YouTube is their protection. They think America will sympathize with them. They think Michael Moore will help them. They think the Dems will give them guidance. They are foolish children of Obama.

    Many of us are taking notes.

    The big cities will burn, unfortunately. The streets will become battlefields. The race-baiters and the class warfare pimps will be there, fomenting and spreading their gospels of hatred. But once their revolution makes it to small town America….well, it will be a different story, then. Let the two coasts collapse under liberal oppression. There is a reason the middle is called the “heartland of America”.

  • Don’t worry. It’s all about the narrative. The mainstream media will support OWS to the end. Or at least until it begins to hurt their man crush Obama’s chances of reelection.

  • Violence seems to be representative of a good portion of the occupy movement. These are not isolated incidents but a main tenet of the occupod philosophy. The good thing is that this movement is only going to consist of the fringe with this kind of violence going on and the majority of the American people are going to reject their use of these methods and thus reject the movement as a whole.

  • MK

    It really amazes me how long these vermin have been allowed to run amok by the authorities. If it had been a Tea Party occupation they’ve have turfed them out long ago.

    But because they’re of the left, raping, thieving, violence, it’s all good. Maybe when someone’s been killed the authorities will wake up and take this trash out.