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Occupy Berkeley: It Seems the Students Knew They Would Be Pepper Sprayed-Seen Laughing About it Afterward


Some video has emerged from the infamous and totally Tienanmen Square-like Occupy Berkeley Pepper Spray incident.  Take a look for yourself…

Can you say, “totally staged?”

And, you know, when you are totally tortured and traumatized, you just gotta laugh…

I think this all speaks for itself.


  • The Left sure does know how to use the media for their political gain. The protesters got what they asked for, and now their acting like poor persecuted people who got wrongly pepper sprayed. They deserved to be pepper sprayed.

  • These sanctimonious little punks. ALl we can hope for is that they keep it up. Every chant further galvanizes normal America. It also seems that unholy duo Obama/Pelosi are doubling down on their support of the leaches. Good.