Sunday Links: Vintage Toy Commericials Edition


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Wow!  It’s Christmas time again?  What happened to 2011?  I do have to say that perhaps the perceived disappearance of the year is a bit merciful, but that would be open to interpretation.   Temporal perception aside, this is a time for memories, particularly of childhood.  In deference to that fact, there are some vintage toy commercials with the links today.

A Conservative Teacher

Obama, Robert Frank, and Other Liberals are Wrong for Hating Black Friday


Aardvarks & Asshats: The Snarking

An Open Letter to the MSM


Ace of Spades HQ

Overnight Open Thread


Adrienne’s Corner

A Friday night feel-good moment…


All American Blogger

Weekend Link Love: The Steve Miller Band Edition


Always on Watch

Blog Break (With A Feel-Good Addendum)


America Speaks Ink

Moooove over, cows. The barn is now a lush, easy living space.


America’s Watchtower

Claire McCaskill calls for an investigation into the Obama regime’s decision to award Siga a no bid contract for an unneeded vaccine


American Perspective

Catch a swimsuit model in a net – Rule 5

An Ol’Broad’s Ramblings

Saturday Afternoon – Under The Weather – Laundry Time


ARRA News Service

Panetta’s Political Defense Cut Threat


Atlas Shrugs

Saturday Night Cinema: Alphaville (1965)


Be Sure You’re RIGHT, Then Go Ahead

Holiday Shopping


Blogs for Borders

Crime Makes A Family Pay And Videos



Obama won’t “redistribute” to his brother George


Campus Reform Blog

Bakersfield YAL Defends Free Speech on Campus


Capitol Commentary

President Obama Doesn’t Mention God on Thanksgiving (World Ends) Neither Does Newt Gingrich (World Continues)



Cafeteria Inerrancy – A Together Post by Kevin & Teresa

Caught Him With a Corndog

Get Ready Turkey Lovers


Cmblake6’s Weblog

Oh dear! Dearie dearie me!


Conservatives on Fire

A Personal Note


Da Tech Guy

Da Saturday Diners Mr. C.s Coffee & Sandwich Shop Summer St. Fitchburg


Don’t Tread on us

Newt Gingrich’s Reverend Wright


Down Under on the Right Side

Time for a break


Five Ft Three

The Difference Between the Tea Party and OWS


Freedom, By The Way

GOP Presidential Debate: Candidates Receive an “F” for Patriot Act Question. (Except Ron Paul)


Frugal Cafe Blog Zone

Grisly Murder: Pakistani Husband’s Body Parts Cooked by Wife, Said She Killed Him for Lusting after Their Daughter (video)


Full Metal Patriot

Happy Thanksgiving!


Fuzzy Logic

Happy Thanksgiving, Patriots!


Grizzly Groundswell

Grizzly Relic & Treasure-NQEXPLORERS MADE MY DAY


Gun Toting, Bible Thumping, Bitter Americans

The Return of Thursday Night Links!


H & B

Booze of the Week


Hot Air

Quotes of the day



Screwt Newt



THE NON-GREEN JOBS BOOM: “Forget ‘clean energy.’ Oil and gas are boosting U.S. employment. . . . T…


Just a Conservative Girl

A Special Day

King Shamus

Happy Thanksgiving 2011


Knuckledraggin my life away

Yes, I moved my blogroll around.


Labor Union Report

“Is Socialism possible in the United States?” Socialists, Unions & #OWS Think So


Left-Wing Institute for Civil Discourse

Occu-FAIL: Nashville Black Friday Flashmob Fails To Impress (Video)


Liberty At Stake

English-To-English (E2E) Translation, Numero Cinco


Liberty Works

The Wisdom of Newt’s Immigration Plan


Lonely Conservative

Where the Jobs Are


Maggie’s Notebook

Marizela Perez: Missing – Time Never Heals All Wounds


Manhattan Infidel

Occupy Plymouth Rock!


Mind Numbed Robot

#OccupyWallStreet Thugs Encouraging Violence – Audio Compilations via Glenn Beck


Motor City Times

Adam Smith vs. Obama: Profits and Government Regulations



We Venture To Furthest Phoenix

Nebraska Energy Observer

Life, Liberty and Property


Nice Deb

Saturday Movie Matinee – Reconsider Sarah



We Are Here From The Federal Government


Nonsensible Shoes

The Scottcarp Dream: Stealing as Policy-From the Iron Curtain to Robert Byrd

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Nuke Gingrich

A Thanksgiving Video


Political Clown Parade

Thanksgiving: America Coming Home


Political Policy



Political Realities

The Principles of Ron Paul


Politics in Northeast Pennsylvania

Left-Wing Occupier Violence Against the Elderly


Practical Man

Newt Gingrich’s comments on immigration misquoted and Newt gets maligned


Proud American Capitalist

Comcast Hiding Atlas Shrugged


Randy’s Roundtable

Picture Of The Day


Reaganite Republican

KNOW YOUR ENEMY! ‘Miss Venezuela (and Miss World) 2011’ Ivian Sarcos


What is War Without Limbless Children?



Random Pic o’ the Day


Republican Redefined

Happy Turkey Day Folks


Right Klik

Is Mitt Romney Re-electable?



Did you pay into Social Security?


Sister Toldjah

Is it just me, or does #BlackFriday get worse every year?


Sitting on the Edge of the Sandbox, Biting my Tongue

On a Lighter Note


Soylent Green

I know, Let’s Build A Thermite-Powered Car. Oh, Wait…


Speak Up

Accommodation of Conscience: An American Tradition



The power of prayer


Start Thinking Right

In Obama’s God Damn America, Armed Illegals Stalk U.S. Border Patrol – With Weapons Supplied By Obama Administration


Tea Party America

Russian Paranoia



Interview With Judge Napolitano: Why Taxation is Theft, Abortion is Murder & Why It’s Dangerous To Be Right When The Government Is Wrong

Texas Fred

Along Mexican border, US ranchers say they live in fear


The Amusing Bunni’s Musings

Cats Say Thank YOU!





The Camp of the Saints

Today’s A Is A Lesson: Ladd Ehlinger Schools The Ignorant On The Left And The Right


The Classic Liberal

‘Conservative’ Newt’s New Deal


The Conservative Guild

Burn-out, setting priorities, facing the reality of our Nation’s future


The Conservative Lady

So Easy, A Game Show Host Can Do It


The Conservative Pup

Socialism Is For The People, Not The Socialists


The Country Thinker

At the End of the Tunnel—November 24, 2011


The Daley Gator

DaleyGator DaleyBabe Vanessa Mae


The Other McCain

He Should Have Shopped


The republican Mother

Newt Gingrich’s Reverend Wright


The Resistance

theCL Report (November 23, 2011)


The Scottcarp Dream

Stealing as Policy-From the Iron Curtain to Robert Byrd


The Sentry Journal

Friday Ramblings: Should we be trading our principles for electability?


The Silent Majority

Enough, Already, With The Debates

The TrogloPundit

Gone huntin’. Yes, again.


To be Right

Comment on How to Make a Million Dollars by Harry



Thanksgiving and “Thanks Gimmey


USA Partisan 2009

Newspaper Publisher Caves, Agrees Excerpts of Articles Do Not Infringe Copyright


Verum Serum

International Socialists Offer Support to Occupy UC Davis


Voting American

Is Obama’s Blame Game Class Warfare Campaign Working?


Wade’s Conservative World

TLC and All American Muslim – Guess Who Their Poster Boy is?


Washington Rebel

Degrees of Self-Delusion


Western Front America

The Republican Presidential Candidates and Anxiety

Western Hero

Weekend Wrap (Naked Women Riding Scooters)


What Would The Founders Think?

Happy Thanksgiving


Woman Honor Thyself




I Still Love Blondes OR Rule 5 Woodsterman Style


Zilla of the Resistance

New Death Threats from Islamic Supremacists and their Islamoblow Enablers Show How Much They CAIR

I hope the commercials took you back to some good memories.  I hope you all have a great Sunday, and check back in during the week for more great Conservative content.

  • Thanks for the link, Matt. I do appreciate it.

  • Thanks for the link Matt, you brought back some memories there. It is intersting that the Big Wheel as manufactured by a company called Marx, i didn’t know that.

  • Matt,
    Thanks for the linkage. I appreciate it!

  • I am honored to have my link by the Tyco race set.

    I am even more honored to be included in your link aggregation, Matt. Thanks, friend.

  • I had smash up derby cars. It was easier just to smash them into a wall than another car. Thanks for the link brother.

  • Hard to believe we survived with a dump truck and a pile of dirt when we were kids compared to today. Thanks Matt.

  • Lite Brite and the Smash-Up Derby Car: good memories. Thanks.

    And thanks for the link, Matt/

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  • Thanks for the double linky love, Matt. What a fantastic roundup! Have a great week!