Herman Cain “Suspends” Campaign: It Looks Like the End for the Hermanator Updated!


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In a speech today, Herman Cain announce that he was “suspending” his campaign for the Republican Presidential nomination.  R.S. McCain has a correct interpretation…

2:10 p.m. ET: My 12-year-old son Jefferson asked, ‘What does ‘suspending’ mean?” It means “quit.” Cain will still be on the ballot in several states. He could, if he chose, resume the campaign at some future point, but in general, “suspend = quit.”

The good news? J.D. Gordon is now unemployed.

More good news? My “sources close to the campaign” can now speak on the record about who was responsible for screwing up.

And finally, for those of my friends worried about my future diplomatic career, it’s still morning in Vanuatu. IYKWIMAITYD.

Get over to the Other McCain for all the coverage.

Update:  Here is Cain’s speech, via The Right Scoop…


  • Truly a pity.

  • It is sad to see it end this way. I was an earlier supporter of Cain, then I left him and came back only to leave him again when he introduced a 9% sales tax but I did not want to see him go out this way. If these allegations are true and Cain decided to run anyway I have to question his judgement, didn’t he understand that all of this would come to light?

  • CRay

    .. It’s a sad day for our country …

    I feel the same way as I would if my wife and I were just involved in a “driver-by shooting”, and the windows of our house were just blown-out by some unknown shooters..

    There’s nothing different here .. except now we’re talking about a full blown attack to assassinate a rival’s character.

    When John Edwards was running for president, it took over 100 days for that horror story to quietly and slowly leak out to the public, and they had bucket loads of papers, recordings, witneses, video, etc …. and even then, it was squashed every night by every liberal TV and paper reporter between Toledo and Tibet….

    But with Herman Cain, his news started at 8AM and was exploding by noon and sat with the 6PM news boys …. these are reporters and the low lifes at MSNBC who made it a point to **make** the news every night – not report it……. no facts, no figures, no copies, no pictures – just voices.

    When you have people like Martin Bashir spending 50 minutes on the air calling Herman Cain trash and scum last week, and punk boy Lawrence O’Donnell doing interviews and calling Herman Cain “the worst reflection in the black cess pool of life..” —– we are all in trouble when pundits like these two can make pathetic statements like that.

    Herman Cain has brought a whole new level to the American political landscape – he wasn’t a politician, just a guy from Atlanta … so for the very first time we, the voters, are now talking about issues that have laid hidden and buried for many years —- and after today, the rest of the field will only be debating the echo and the shadow of what Herman Cain has just brought to this new political landscape.

    The question is: what was everyone afraid of.?

  • what was everyone afraid of.?

    Of Cain actually rescinding everything Obama has done.

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