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Teaching and Brain-Dead Liberal Students


Of all the students in my class, the ones who are the least intelligent are the liberal ones. As Ronald Reagan once said, it isn’t that these students are ignorant- in a great many cases, these students earn A’s in all their classes and have a considerable wealth of knowledge on the issues and the subject matter. But what makes them just so darned unintelligent is that they know so much that isn’t so.

For example, one of my students every day talks about the right to occupy public places that the people in the Occupy Wall Street movements are exercising. He knows that individual citizens have the right to squat on public places and protest, regardless of time, place, and manner restrictions, and he knows this beyond a doubt in his little mind. But what he knows isn’t so- at no time has any court or legal scholar ever argued that people have an unlimited right to live on public lands without being molested- in fact, there are considerable and respected time, place, and manner restrictions on protesting on public property, and this includes not being able to sleep overnight in tents in public parks. My student isn’t ignorant of the laws and rules and regulations regarding the First Amendment; rather, it is that he knows things where aren’t so.

Another one of my students knows that under President George W. Bush and the Republicans, our nation was plunged into a severe recession that President Barack Obama has had to battle his entire time in office. She knows that the recession began under Republican control of Congress and the Presidency, and here in Michigan she knows that the recession can be blamed on a Republican Governor and state Congress. She is not ignorant- if I were to ask her when Congress was taken over by the Democrats, when President Obama took office, when the Great Recession started, or when Democrats lost control of the Michigan Congress or Governorship, she’d be able to tell me. It is just that when I ask her to put all this information together, she suddenly knows things that aren’t so, because the truth of the matter is that the Great Recession began in 2008 during the last year of Bush’s presidency, under a Democrat Congress, and in Michigan there was a Democratic Governor and Congress too. What she knew wasn’t so!

Another student last week knew that global warming was happening- that is, she knew that ever since the industrial age began, human activity has been causing a steady and progressively accelerating of the global temperatures. She knew this to be so, and she was a good student who every day would quote from the New York Timesor Barack Obama, so she wasn’t ignorant- it was just that what she knew wasn’t so. The temperature of the globe has not been steadily rising in temperatures since the industrial age, and to be honest, it is difficult to determine beyond a shadow of a doubt whether it is rising even now, what with data being manipulated by scientists, a lack in measuring stations, and an overall problem of putting thermometers near industrial and populated areas that naturally emit a lot of heat.

Just why exactly are the liberals and left-wing of our nation brain dead? In an article that appears in the Wall Street Journal called The Brain Dead Left, James Tarantohinted at the reason why this may be when he wrote:

…Obama has multiple degrees from Ivy League colleges and spent a good deal of his career as a part-time professor. At Columbia, Harvard and the University of Chicago, he absorbed the politically correct nostrums of the academic left. But he didn’t pick up much by way of critical thinking skills (although at least he doesn’t scream at banks).

He didn’t have to learn how to think, since he was thinking all the “right” thoughts anyway. So he came to office with lots of ideological preconceptions but no ability to adapt or innovate. As a result, he is simply in over his head intellectually–at the mercy of allies, opponents and events…

The reason that our liberal friends know so much that isn’t so may just be the fact that their movement is intellectually bankrupt, starved of critical analysis by supporters who have few thinking skills and are unable to question their own theories and views because of the rigidity of political correctness.

Although they are not ignorant people, they do know so much which isn’t so, and that is why as a teacher I have great job in teaching the students above what is really so- that the OWS people have no right to squat on public lands, that the blame for theGreat Recession is complicated and unclear, that the global warming theory as advanced by this student was incorrect, and that President Obama is a bad bad President.

UPDATE: Today another liberal student, who is a rather intelligent one and who knows a lot about a range of subjects, again demonstrated that the problem with liberals is not they they are not smart or ignorant, but rather it is that they know so much that isn’t true. This student sent me an email that said

“There are two difference between the Occupy Wall Street movement and all other movements in American history- the first is that they represent the views of all Americans, and the second is that the situation today, unlike at other times in the past, justifies any sorts of violent, anti-social, law-breaking behavior.”

The liberal student could tell you everything there is to know about other social movements, identifying the main people, years, influences, impact, and other details with these movements, and this liberal student scored very well on Advanced Placement tests in World History and US History and knows all about history.

And yet it isn’t what this student knows that is wrong, but what this student thinks they do know that is wrong.

First, OWS does not represent ‘the views of all Americans’- there hasn’t been a single credible poll that shows that it represents even the majority of Americans, and in fact a lot of polls show that the majority of Americans are against it. Second, there is nothing about the current political situation more so than others in the past that justifies the sort of violent, law-breaking activity that characterizes the Occupy Wall Street movement- today is no more or less unique than the past and the beauty of the law is that it is above the moments of the time and is blind to the passing of the ages. This liberal student’s problem is that the things that they think they know are in fact wrong, and so all actions and decisions based on these wrong things are wrong actions and decisions.

Original Post: A Conservative Teacher

  • Michigan? Dude, you’re surrounded by liberalism. I was raised in Kalamazoo, myself, but I lived out in “the sticks” of Alamo, and loved it.

    Your liberal students are lost. They are all examples of Stockholm Syndrome, really.

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  • Great post! And keep trying to teach these students that what they know isn’t so.

  • Tom

    I have some close family members that are teachers and liberal, and yes, in Michigan. Their knowledge cannot be shaken by facts.