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Romney Campaign Slams Gingrich in Conference Call: Conservative Media Ignored


Just on the off chance that you needed another reason to avoid Romney like the one manned RINO Plague that he is, here is the lastest, from The Other McCain…

Mitt Romney’s campaign organized a media conference call Thursday on which two Romney surrogates — Missouri Sen. Jim Talent and New Hampshire Gov. John Sununu — took turns bashing Newt Gingrich.

Matt Lewis at Daily Caller points out that although they took questions from left-wing outfits like Talking Points Memo and Mother Jones, the Romneyites couldn’t find time for any conservative media.

UPDATE: Just to give you a small sample of the many mainstream media headlines that conference call generated:

Romney seeks high ground
as allies attack Gingrich

– Associated Press

Newt’s nastiness comes back to haunt him
– Washington Post

First Thoughts: Newt’s moment of truth

And I emphasize that this is a small sample — a teaspoon from the ocean — of anti-Gingrich coverage generated by that phone call, in which it seems a “No Conservatives Need Ask Questions” policy was enforced.

While I have zero love for Gingrich, there are ways to fight that are fair and honorable, and ways that are unfair and dishonorable. Team Romney did themselves no favors by their choice of weapons and tactics.

Think about it; Romney is trying to position himself as an actual Conservative, yet he manages to only invite liberal outlets to his “attack Newt” call?  There are three ways to interpret this, and all make the Romneyites look bad.  One is that they didn’t even think to invite Conservative sources, which means we don’t even rate as an afterthought.  Option two is that the snub was intentional, which would be, of course, a slap to the face of bloggers and talk radio.  The third option is that Conservative sources might have called Romney out for being  RINO himself.  Any way you slice it, it’s pretty clear that Romney does not take Conservatives seriously, as if that should be a surprise in the first place.

  • It has been his method of operation for a long time, even in 2008. He tries to say all the right things, but his actions speak louder than his words. It should come as a surprise to no one, Mitt Romney is no true conservative.

    • Very true Larry. People can say anything, but their true beliefs are reflected in their actions.

  • Former Gov. Sununu was head of the NHGOP and led the Republicans to major victories in this state in 2010. It is surprising to me that he has decided to endorse Romney who we all know is not a conservative.

    • When I saw that he was involved, I remembered that he’s been a RINO since time began. He’s a tool.

  • Sunnunu is the clown that prompted the Souter nomination to the Supreme Court. That says it all. Just what we need. A couple more progressives on the Court.

    • Yet even more evidence of his RINO/Tool status. Thanks for the reminder.