Sunday Links: Another Old Cartoon Edition


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Sunday has arrived!  We’ve got  a lot of things going on: Obama’s recessless recess appointments, a jobs report that seems too good to be true, Christians being slaughtered in the aftermath of the “Arab Spring,” and even the NFL Playoffs.  I have to admit that I was disappointed with last night’s debate.  I heard nothing new, and was reminded of the last two decades, when so called “conservatives” would talk a good game on the campaign trail, bu were RINO’s once in DC.

At any rate, there are quite a few good links this week, so kindly visit them.  For the theme, I wanted something light after all of the outrages this week.  So, here are some classic cartoons.


The Daley Gator

*VIDEOS* A Musical Tribute To Saturday’s NFL Wildcard Losers


Proof Positive

Quote du jour


Soylent Green

Camouflage? Works For Me…


Nice Deb

NH Debate: Newt Blasts The Media For Anti-Christian Bigotry (Video)


Adrienne’s Corner

Cal Thomas: A very successful life…





Mitt Romney Got Arrested


Knuckledraggin my life away

Pandering to the illegals again


Infidel Bloggers Alliance

What Muslims Do When People Exercise Their Freedom of Conscience


Labor Union Report

Canadian Labor Federation Hints At Possible Violence In Caterpillar Dispute


Randy’s Roundtable

It May Already Be Too Late


Ace of Spades HQ

Overnight Open Thread


Da Tech Guy

Axis of Fedora update Manchester 8:15 p.m. NRO event


The Other McCain




Nigerian Sect Kills 15; Christians Vow Defense … *Graphic image*


Nuke Gingrich

Happy birthday Bowie



If Ron Paul Isn’t Electable, Then Who The Hell Is?


Hot Air

Santorum’s meet & greet in Hollis, NH

ARRA News Service

Occupy Movement has a new Target… Our Children


Frugal Cafe Blog Zone

Shocking Hot Air Balloon Disaster in NZ: Balloon Burst into Flames & Crashed, All 11 Passengers Confirmed Dead (video)


The TrogloPundit

Damn those Koch Brothers!


Atlas Shrugs

Muslims Attack Christian Group at Town Hall Meeting, Killing at least 20 Christians


The Camp of the Saints

There Will Be No Rule 5 Saturday This Week


America Speaks Ink

Cecilia String Quartet engagingly launches NU fest


An Ol’Broad’s Ramblings




Russian rocket engine factory pics


Lonely Conservative

A Thought Experiment


Liberty Works

Obama’s Fraudulent Unemployment Rate


Down Under on the Right Side

Happy new year

Left-Wing Institute for Civil Discourse

Video: Santorum Supporter To Occupy Hecklers – “Go Smoke Your Weed Somewhere Else”



I’m a winner! I’m a winner!


Verum Serum

Corey Feldman Intends to Identifiy Two Hollywood Pervs Who Abused Him


All American Blogger

Weekend Link Love: Jeff Beck Edition


The Scottcarp Dream

Real Job Creation vs. “Dream Job” Creation



Iranian Goddess: Shaghayegh Claudia Lynx – Rule 5


The Resistance

Gloom, Doom, and Optimism with Ali Landry


The Classic Liberal

Gloom, Doom, and Optimism with Ali Landry



Political Moderates Stand for Nothing


Texas Fred

Secretaries of Education and Labor Met With Illegal Aliens at Ed. Dept. HQ


Liberty At Stake

LAS 2011 Review & 2012 Preview (Part 3 of 4)

Nonsensible Shoes

Saturday Learning Series Extra – GB, UK, England explained


Zilla of the Resistance

Welcome to the First Annual Zilla Awards for Awesomeness in the Dextrosphere!


Freedom, By The Way

Losing Faith in Our President, Our Congress, Our Country. The Constitution is Tossed Aside, our Prez is Behaving like a Dictator & Congress Sits on their Hands.


Cmblake6’s Weblog

Fuck Jesse Ventura.


A Conservative Teacher

Unemployment Rate Drop Obscures Reality of US Employment?


Eye of Polyphemus

Full Metal Jacket Reach Around #132


Just a Conservative Girl

Quote of the Day – Judge Davis Edition


Caught Him With a Corndog

Logophiles Unite!

The republican Mother

If Paul is Unelectable, then who the HELL Is?


Start Thinking Right

Obama Hell: When Bush Left Office Average Length Of Unemployment Was 19.8 Weeks; NOW IT’S 40.8 WEEKS


H & B

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Proud American Capitalist

Election Day Motivation


Voting American

Don’t Give Up HOPE America… CHANGE Is Coming: NOVEMBER, 2012



Neck Pain Cure ~ OR ~ Rule 5 Woodsterman Style


Reaganite Republican

Why is Newt SO ANGRY?


Capitol Commentary

ObamaNation: Iowa Caucus Edition


The RSS Ronald Reagan

Why Your Dog Doesn’t Own Your Entire House, and the Government Doesn’t, Either


Be Sure You’re RIGHT, Then Go Ahead

Obama: From Guns And Butter To Popguns And Margarine


Right Klik


Motor City Times

Note from Thaddeus: America’s ‘underemployed’ rate equates to a staggering 15.2%



Epiphany: God Became Manifest in Sending Jesus to Save All


Fuzzy Logic

Glenn on “Chairman Obama”


Sister Toldjah

OPEN THREAD: Taking the night off


America’s Watchtower

Latest New Hampshire Republican primary poll (01/06/12)


Speak Up

ADF Joins Coalition Calling on U.S. Department of Education to Protect Speech on Campus


Maggie’s Notebook

Obama Signing Statement: Can Use Omnibus Funding for Gun Control Ads



Most embarrassing moment and other various and sundry stuff



The Slanders Against Santorum Clarify the Real Conflict – David French, NRO


Always on Watch

The Present Constitutional Crisis

Campus Reform Blog

Crony Capitalism Week


The Country Thinker

At the End of the Tunnel—January 6, 2012


Political Realities

Ron Paul – On to New Hampshire and Beyond



Random Pic o’ the Day


Western Hero

When Liberalism Stood for Something


Political Clown Parade

Right Jabs For January 6, 2012


Manhattan Infidel

Pillsbury Doughboy Cooked for 15 Minutes at 350 Degrees


Tea Party America

Obama And Romney Tied


Five Ft Three

Rick Santorum


Wade’s Conservative World

Treason in Desperation


Woman Honor Thyself

Muzlim Anti-Semitism: AGAIN


Grizzly Groundswell

Grizzly Backyard-Michelle’s in Boston


Blogs for Borders

H-1B Visas a Symptom of Special-Interest Influence in D.C.

Gun Toting, Bible Thumping, Bitter Americans

Thursday Night Links


Washington Rebel

Pearls of expression – XXVII.


Closet Conservatives

Matt Picks Mitt


Political Policy



The Sentry Journal

Judge Napolitano: No difference between Mitt Romney and President Obama


4 Walls and a View

My 12 Changes to Living Better with ME: Part 2 of 2


American Perspective

Obama is not “Bad Like Bush”


The Conservative Lady

UPDATE 1/6: Are You Willing To Share The Blame?


Full Metal Patriot

Obama: Bypassing Congress is his ‘obligation’


Mind Numbed Robot

Why I Love Texans


What Would The Founders Think?

Addendum to Confronting Terror


Western Front America

Americans Continue to Arm Themselves In Record Numbers


The Augur’s Well

Quick Hits



The Perfectionist’s Guide to Christmas Trees

Nebraska Energy Observer

Happy New Year


Sitting on the Edge of the Sandbox, Biting my Tongue

Saving Libertarianism from Ron Paul


Republican Redefined

Russell Brand Files for Divorce from Katy Perry


USA Partisan 2009

Replacing A Smart Meter With A Safe Analog Meter



Reagan’s call to duty


The Amusing Bunni’s Musings

Let’s Review!

Well, there you have it.  I hope all of you have a great Sunday, and remember to root for the Steelers!


  • Thanks for the link Matt, it sure is getting exciting here in New Hampshire!

    • You’re welcome Steve. You guys are certainly in the spotlight.

  • Matt,
    Thanks for the linkage. I appreciate it.

    I do believe that the present Constitutional crisis is of supreme importance. Is America really paying attention?

    • No, I would have to guess that either most are not paying attention, and still others do not care.

      No prob on the linkage. Thanks for all that you do.

  • Thanks Matt. In response to AOW above, the answer is no, not nearly enough.

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  • Thanks for the link Matt. I very much appreciate it.

    • You’re welcome John,

  • Thanks so much for the linkage, Matt. Excellent roundup of links. Have a fantastic week.