Sunday Links: Strange Planes Edition


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It’s been another eventful week.  The President induced some more Cloward-Piven for the economy by axing the Keystone XL Pipeline guaranteeing us increased energy costs, per his stated desire.  ABC rolled out Newt Gingrich’s ex-wife to blast him.  Then, Gingrich turns that around into an attack on the media, which appears to have been quite successful.  Then, there was the win by Gingrich last night in the SC primary.  This blows a huge hole in the Romney inevitability that the MSM was pushing.  And, as usual, the blogs on the blogroll covered it all, and then some.  So, here is a selection of links.  Kindly give them a click.

As for the theme, I went with some strange, or at least little-known planes-because they are cool!

The TrogloPundit

Iran: “We’re drawing a line. Here! You don’t cross it! Okay, fine, we’ll draw another line. Here. You don’t cross this one! Okay, fine…”


The Daley Gator

DaleyGator DaleyBabe Random Ladies





Knuckledraggin my life away

Ah, domestic life…..


The Amusing Bunni’s Musings

I Need to RANT!


Republican Redefined

Charles Krauthammer: “Lazarus only had to rise once… Gingrich has now risen twice.”


Adrienne’s Corner

It appears Gingrich wins SC…


Atlas Shrugs

Newt Woooot



DIRTY HOLLYWOOD: The Hill: Consumer group accuses Hollywood of ‘threatening politicians’. “Consum…


The Camp of the Saints

The South Carolina Primary: Ruffin It

Strange Plane:  Vought XF5U “Flying Flapjack”

It looks strange, and it was.  It did show potential, and had a top speed of approximately 450-460 MPH.  However, the propeller age was over, and the project was canceled in 1947.

Verum Serum

Video: Occupy SF Turns Violent, 2 Police Officers Injured


Maggie’s Notebook

Rule 5 Saturday Night Cowgirls, Cowboys and a Couple of Six Packs

Note that Maggie recently had her 5 year Blogaversary.  Congratulations to Maggie, and keep up the great work!


To be Right

Comment on Mark Levin Does It Again by Harry


Political Clown Parade

“Where’s Mitt?”—The Fizzle In The Drizzle



SC Results CoveritLive!


An Ol’Broad’s Ramblings

Saturday Afternoon – Being Quite Lazy – Laundry Time



Newt Nukes Romney and The Republican Establishment


The RSS Ronald Reagan

Reagan in Jacksonville Over the Years


America Speaks Ink

Astronaut joins Space Foundation


Ace of Spades HQ

Gingrich Wins BigSouth Carolina Returns Thread


Nice Deb

State of AZ to Feds: We’re going to investigate Fast and Furious, too

Not So Well Known Plane:  North American XB 70 Bomber

Cool thing about this plane?  When it was tested at full speed, it blew it’s own paint off!  Not too many things can make that claim.  After one of the prototypes crashed, and the military decided to concentrate on ICBMs instead of new supersonic heavy bombers,  the project was cancelled in 1969.  It is rumored that the Soviets spent a lot of time and trouble developing the Mig 25 to counter it.

Cmblake6’s Weblog

I had to go wipe the tears from my eyes


Hot Air

Open thread: South Carolina; Update: Gingrich wins; Update: Full exit poll data added; Report: Jeb Bush to endorse Romney


Proof Positive

A Little Saturday Night Music


The Country Thinker

The Republican Party’s Irrational Loathing of Ron Paul


The republican Mother

Soros, Paul, and Defense – The Lowdown



What Freedom is and What It Isn’t


King Shamus

It’s Time To Play ‘Caption This Newt Gingrich Photo!’


All American Blogger

Weekend Link Love: Blink 182 Edition


Labor Union Report

Fallout On Obama’s Killing Of Keystone Jobs Continues As “Repulsed” Laborers’ Union Quits Alliance


The Other McCain

South Carolina Primary Day: Before My Saturday Afternoon Nap in Charleston

Not so Well Known Plane:  XB-35/XB-49 Flying Wing

Jack Northrop designed the post WW II Flying Wing design.  The XB 35 was a propeller driven craft, in a pusher setup.  Then, the Air Force wanted jet propulsion, so the XB 35s were all converted to jet propulsion, and re-designated the XB 49.  However, it was a bit to advanced for it’s time, had some technical problems, instability issues, and the destruction of two prototypes, ended the program.  However, the basic idea was sound, and when the technology finally caught up with the design concept, we got this, also from Northrop.

Zilla of the Resistance

Quick Resister Update


Randy’s Roundtable

Facts Don’t Matter


Reaganite Republican

Romney ‘Collapsing’ In National Polls


Lonely Conservative

SOPA and PIPA Stopped, at Least for Now


Frugal Cafe Blog Zone

Heigh Ho, Heigh Ho… Obama Shuts Down Disney World to Talk to 150 Special Invitees about Tourism


Da Tech Guy

Two thumbs up to Chuck Todd UPDATE thumbs down to ABC Bill Clinton? Never heard of him!



My Weekly Obama Jobs Report, the Pipeline Dreams Busted By Green Schemes edition


Nonsensible Shoes

Italian Cruise Ship Looks Like Some Euro Economies


Sister Toldjah

South Carolina GOP Primary – Open Thread


ARRA News Service

School Choice Week in Arkansas – Four Special Events


Grizzly Groundswell

Grizzly Relic & Treasure-Iron, Rust. Temerity


Soylent Green

We Got Snow…

Not so Well Know Plane:  Horten Flying Wing

Jack Northrop was not the only one thinking of flying wings.  The Horten brothers  were as well.  Their design, the HO 229, was a jet powered flying wing that not only out performed the other operational German jet fighter of the time, the ME 262, but would have had decreased visibility to the primitive radar used at that time, making it the very first stealth aircraft.  It had been ordered, but production was barely getting underway when the war ended.  One HO 229 remains in existence, at a Smithsonian restoration facility.  It is unknown as to whether or not it will be refurbished or displayed.

Voting American

American Juggernauts: A Newt Gingrich / Allen West Presidential Campaign



Ron Pauls Whistle Stop in Aiken


Always on Watch

Movie Heroes



Exercise ~ OR ~ Rule 5 Woodsterman Style


Eye of Polyphemus

Predictions for the South Carolina Primary


Capitol Commentary

ObamaNation: Cayman Island Edition


Just a Conservative Girl

Some Heartwarming News – Elizabeth Smart Engaged to be Married


Motor City Times

I’m sure the Germans really love buying electricity from France.

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Feed Your ADHD

Marc Lamont Hill: A Black Taskmaster for the Democratic Party


America’s Watchtower

Gunrunner: Arizona official to plead the fifth and will not testify in front of the Congress on Fast and Furious


Gun Toting, Bible Thumping, Bitter Americans

What Do They Mean by ‘Choice’?

Not so Well Known Plane: Heinkel HE 162 “Salamander”

With the war going badly for the Third Reich, and Allied planes flying with impunity over their territory, the Germans put out proposals for a Volksjäger, or “people’s fighter.”  This is the plane that won it.  The plane was built using as much wood for it’s construction as possible, and Hitler Youth were envisioned as pilots for the craft.  There were several hundred in various stages of completion when the war ended.  Thankfully for us, Hitler’s insanity brought on the end of the war.  A lack of fuel and pilots also prevented the “Salamander” from entering operational service.

Be Sure You’re RIGHT, Then Go Ahead

Wanted, Dead Or Alive: Democrat Voters


Sitting on the Edge of the Sandbox, Biting my Tongue

Who Has Ron Paul’s Ear on Foreign Policy?


Texas Fred

Obama rejects new oil pipeline, blames Congress


Left-Wing Institute for Civil Discourse

Video: Drug Legalization One of the Goals of Tripping Twosome at #OccupyCongress


Start Thinking Right

Why Newt Gingrich Is Right To Attack The Mainstream Media


Speak Up

Feds Force Insurance Coverage of Contraceptives and Abortifacients



I hate floodwater!!


The Augur’s Well

My Picks


Right Klik

Cuba Drilling off Key West; Keystone Pipeline’s Obama-Directed Demise


H & B

Served Cold, or Hot?


Left Coast Resistance

Japan Bombs Obama ~ Wild Bill

Strange Plane:  Bachem Ba 349

Basically, this was yet another desperate plan by the Nazis to save the Reich from Allied Bombers.  A “pilot” would climb into this thing, and be shot vertically into the air via a rocket engine.  The plane would be guided to incoming bombers, whereupon the pilot would fire either 19 or 28 unguided rockets at the bombers, and bail out once clear.  This only flew once, killed it’s pilot, and was killed off itself.

Full Metal Patriot

VIDEO: Gingrich nukes CNN’s John King


Political Realities

Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul – Video of GOP Debate in South Carolina


What Would The Founders Think?

Michigan – A Canadian State


Western Hero

Nutballs From Hell


Manhattan Infidel

My Exclusive Interview with Mark Wahlberg


The Sentry Journal

Newt Gingrich: Once again the left is trying to manipulate the right



Andrew Klavan Explains How Leftists Pave the Highway to Hell


Woman Honor Thyself




A Short Story for Engineers


Wade’s Conservative World

The Defence of Fort McHenry


The BoBo Files

And then there were three…

Not so Well Known Plane: Armstrong Whitworth AW.52

This is another flying wing design.  All that I can find is that one prototype was destroyed in an accident.  The program was cancelled by the British in the mid 1950’s.

The Resistance

Motorcitytimes: Stuff Liberals Say



The Smartest Things Liberals Say



Prayers for Dr. Scott Hahn’s Recovery



We take care of our own – Bruce Springsteen from new album Wrecking Ball


Liberty Works

Obama Kills Keystone, The Safest Pipeline in America


Nuke Gingrich

25-year-old Dominica Cermotan, Ship Captain’s “Mystery Woman”


Liberty At Stake

Hell Hath No Fury Like a Woman Scorned


Western Front America

Charles Manson energy


Tea Party America

GOP Counting On The “ABO” Vote


A Conservative Teacher

Obama’s Rejection of Keystone Demonstrates His Laziness- Still Had Over a Month but Unwilling To Do the Work


Aardvarks & Asshats: The Snarking


Not so Well Known Strange Plane:  North American F 82 Twin Mustang

Designed as a long-range escort fighter for the Pacific theater in WW II, the F-82 is basically two P-51 Mustangs joined at the wings.  It was eventually used in Korea, where it did earn a few combat victories.  As so many other planes developed late in WW II, it was quickly outmoded by jet fighters.

Closet Conservatives

One Good Thing


The Silent No More Majority

Meet Ron Paul…Anti-Semite and Racist Extraordinaire


American Perspective

Raising the Debt Limit-make this viral


The Classic Liberal

theCL Report (January 18, 2012)


Proud American Capitalist

Hands Off The Internet


Down Under on the Right Side

You know you’re governed by useless pustules when..


4 Walls and a View

Book Review: The Eagle Has Crashed by Ted Lacksonen


Nebraska Energy Observer

Internet Privacy and Freedom


USA Partisan 2009

Can Real Liberalism and the Democratic Party Be Saved from the Radical Takeover?


Washington Rebel

Not with a bang, but a rootkit


Blogs for Borders

Santorum Opposes Chain Migration & Visa Lottery — Earns ‘A-‘ Immigration Grade



New gun reporting rules appealed by industry


The Conservative Cloakroom

Obama throws temper tantrum, cancels Austere Challenge 12 with Israel.


Politics in Northeast Pennsylvania

The Real Margaret Thatcher



Moving the Blog!


The Conservative Lady

You Don’t Have To Be A Dog Owner to Enjoy This One

Well, there you have it.  Some great links, and some interesting planes.  Just remember that football season is almost over so get your fix tomorrow.

  • as always ya outdid yourself!!..have a great Sunday my friend!:-)

    • Thanks Angel, and same to you!

  • The MiG-25 was the intended counter to the XB-70. Typically, the Soviets continued to manufacture the Lead Sledski and even exported a few. It was extgremely fast but had a turn radius measured in socialist republics. The Soviets even made further exaggerated ‘record’ flights with it by burning out the engines on a single sortie.

    • Thanks for correcting me Richard. I will correct the post. I have the same understanding of the MIG 25. Fast as a bat out of you know where, as maneuverable as a brick wall.

      Was it also plane flown to a West German base, upon which it was found to have vacuum tubes in it’s radar?

  • This is some interesting information and pictures about these planes. I had not heard of some of them. Thanks for the link, Matt.

    • Among everything else, I love military aircraft. You’re welcome for the link!

  • Great pics and info Matt, thanks for the link!

    • You’re welcome Steve.

  • Thanks, Matt.

    Have a good Sunday.

    • You’re welcome, AOW, and same to you!

  • Thanks for the link, Matt.

    • You’re welcome Shane.

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  • Good grief Matt, that is every worthwhile link in the blogosphere I think. Thanks for including me. It is much appreciated,

    • No problem Randy. Keep up the good work!

  • Thanks Matt. Really interesting stuff. Love those concept planes and how much of the technology was eventually integrated into todays planes.

    • That did seem to be the case, at times. The technology of the period simply did not allow them the chance to develop the ideas fully or effectively. Come to think of it, I think the idea for cell phones was patented in the late 40’s, but the technology to make it happen in an economically viable way didn’t come until several decades later.

  • -Thanks, Matt, for the link.

    -And thanks for the fascinating streange plane info.

    -The original Flying Wing is perhaps most famous for it’s use in The War Of The Worlds. I’m told it’s appearence in it inspired some of the fellows who later worked on the Stealth.

    -How do you find the time to compile all these useful links?

    • It was so futuristic, I’m not surprised that they used it in that movie.

      As for time, I turn on the Conservative Hideout Temporal Distortion field. Or, I just stay up really late!

      • I’ve heard the Conservative Hideout is able to add 6 or 7 more hours to each day when it wants to. At least that’s the rumor I’ve heard.

        Seriously–thanks for the linkage, Matt. I appreciate the shout-out.

  • thx for the link, mate~

  • Thanks so much for the linkage, Matt. Magnificent link roundup! The different planes looked kinda cool.