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Decoding the Leftist Narrative: We’re not Successful Just by Ourselves


As we go into the election year, we’re going to see some familiar themes.   As usual, the statists will couch their ideas in kind sounding terms in an attempt to sugar coat their desire for power and control.  Since these little platitudes are going to be coming in torrents over the next few months, I thought it might be a good idea to parse them.  First up, the latest meme from the Democrats…

We’re not successful just by ourselves.

This one is designed to appeal to our more egalitarian nature.  After all, how do products get made without workers?  How do they get to the local store without truck drivers, and warehouse workers?  What about the It does seem to fit, but they leave out one important thing…there has to be someone who has a vision, and is willing to work tirelessly to make that vision a reality.  For example, without Steve Jobs, the truck drivers and warehouse workers that transport, handle, and sell I-pods, I-pads, and I-phones would be idle.  This thinking applies to the local pizza shop as well.  Can the person make the pizza without their workers?  Probably not.  But, without the person with the vision and drive to start the pizza shop, there would be no workers.

This thinking also display a disdain for freedom.  Yes, we all rely on each other to get things done.  But, in the private sector, this reliance are based on voluntary contracts.  If you are working for the local pizza shop, you can choose to work for another, go work in another area entirely, or even go off and start your own shop.  We choose to engage on mutually beneficial relationships with employers, and the employers do the same, both ends are based on choice.  Also, businesses, both large and small, try to keep costs low, and services high, in order to gain these voluntary contracts.  But again, these are voluntary systems, and in a real free market, “free” is the operative term.

The problem with the government’s intervention  in these areas is the denial of that choice.  Government dictates-it is force.  In a condition in which force is applied, there are no choices.  They intend on forcing the pizza shop owner, or the CEO of a large company, to part with more and more wealth to make things “fair.”  Then, to make up the losses, the business has a choice, which might include…

Raise prices

Lay off workers

Eliminate positions by attrition

Do not expand and avoid hiring more workers

Of course, in a high tax, high regulatory environment, others may be discouraged from even starting businesses, which, again, eliminates choices for consumers, employees, and employers. And, by reducing employment opportunities, it creates more dependency on the government, and therefore, more Democratic voters.  In the end, it does grant the government more power, and therefore, control.

And that, my friends, is the real objective.

  • Total agreement from me!

    Obama is all about destroying the very basis of capitalism.

    • There are will out there to be crushed, and Obama is there to get it done.

  • When you take the “bite” out of Capitalism you also defang its ability to regulate itself. Witness how Fannie/Freddie grew to be out of control.

    • Once Freddie and Fannie removed the fear of failure, the game was on. Combine that with the government threatening banks that didn’t make crappy mortgages, and there was no way that it wasn’t going to end in disaster.

  • Ema Nymton


    “Of course, in a high tax, high regulatory environment, others may be discouraged from even starting businesses, which, again, eliminates choices for consumers, employees, and employers.”

    High tax, high regulatory environment, may discourage others from starting businesses but regardless, some body else will. It is a question of risk/reward. The small pizza shop owner and the CEOs of Apple/Exxon are part of the same economic system. High taxes and high regulatory environment are simply a cost of doing business in a civilized nation and are passed onto consumers.

    Can you explain your line of reasoning where you see economics threatening one’s liberty or freedom?

    “You can do whatever the government tells you to do.”
    Do you live in USA? As long as one lives in the land of the free, home of the brave, one will never have to fear the government of ‘We The People’.

    Ema Nymton

  • Yes, the additional costs are put onto consumers, which impacts purchasing power, and disproportionally impacts the poor, who then can afford even less. And, we saw in the 80’s, when taxes were lower, and in the 90’s, when the capitol gains tax was lowered, millions upon millions of jobs were created by private businesses. Now, we hear many stories about how businesses are refusing to hire until they know that Obama is not going to create another regulation against them, or that ObamaCare will be repealed. We’ve also started to hear stories of how companies have laid people off to absorb the costs of ObamaCare.

    Taxes and regulations are part of doing business. However, the more those two factors increase, the less business actually occurs.

    Economics do not represent a threat to individual liberty, government intrusion does.

    Fear the government? The government is supposed to fear us, but based on it’s behavior, we’re hardly a consideration.

  • You nailed it Matt, there really isn’t anything else to say. The government wants more people dependent on them for survival so they can control the people, the problem is that with less people working there are less people to pay for government programs and more people on them. This is designed to bring down the system.

    • Thanks Steve, it’s massive Cloward-Piven.

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  • Ema Nymton


    “Fear the government? The government is supposed to fear us …”

    One finds it amazing that “some people” (usually Murdoch Media/Fox audiences) do not understand, in USA, ‘we the people’ are government. Our government is made up of us, the people. The person behind the government counter at the post office, drivers’ license office, park ranger, and police are our neighbors/family/us. We each carry government with us as a part of us. Government is not a foreign entity.

    Ema Nymton

    • “Government is not reason; it is not eloquent; it is force. Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.”
      George Washington

      “When governments fear the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.”
      Thomas Jefferson

      “Does the government fear us? Or do we fear the government? When the people fear the government, tyranny has found victory. The federal government is our servant, not our master!”
      Thomas Jefferson

      “A government of laws, and not of men.”
      John Adams

      Who does not understand the USA?

  • Ema Nymton


    “We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”
    Signed by a bunch of people.
    Supported by the people of USA.

    Ema Nymton

    • I find it ironic that you quote the preamble of the Constitution. I quoted the people that wrote it.

      It would also be wonderful if our government actually followed it.

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